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A Taste From my Home

I love Taste Of Home Magazine ; every issue I've read has been superb. It is a practical look into other cooks treasured recipe boxes. Taste of Home offers real recipes, with ingredients you probably already have at your house, or can use some other way after you've made this meal.Some of the recipes are a simple variation of something I already make. I like the profiles of the cooks, as well as the recipes that offer something different; party themes, substitutions, cooking for one or two, bulk recipes & cost of recipe. This is a magazine I take out years after it arrived!


MMM...MMM...MMM Home cooked meals!

I was first introduced to this magazine last year when I had broken my foot and was forced to stay home for a few weeks, my boss came to visit me and brought me stack of these magazines... I was in heaven!
I have always loved to cook and try new recipes and this magazine is perfect for me. Needless to say, I went right out and ordered a subscription immediately. Now every month I eagerly await the arrival of this awesome magazine that is jam packed with recipes from all over the United States!
One of the things I love most about this magazine is that all the recipes come from thousands of at home field editors, and anyone can become a field editor for their state... this approach gives it a flavor like no other! Oh and by the way, every recipe I have tried out of the magazine are beyond delicious. I love cooking for events because people are always coming up to me and commenting on how wonderful my food is...all thanks to Taste of Home. I think you will be delighted when you try this magazine!


I Love To Cook!

I have always loved to cook,but,even great chefs sometimes run out of new ideas and recipes to make. I first bought Taste of Home when it very first was published.WOW! Was I hooked. This wonderful magazine is filled chock full of delicious family pleasing recipes. There are very easy to fix items and more complicated (what I call challenging) items to try out on family and friends. The articles are written by everyday people from all over the country and they share nice family orientated stories.This magazine also has a fun contest every month where you have to search for a toothpick somewhere in the magazine and somebody wins a nice kitchen related prize.I highly recommend this periodical to anyone who likes to cook!


Recipes For Real People!

I stumbled across this magazine while visiting a friend. I have to say that upon my first viewing of this magazine, I knew it was one I had to have!

The thing I like most about it is that the recipes are for real people, by real people! They typically include food items that you have on hand or are easy to come by, not exotic things you have never heard of.

Every recipe I have tried from this magazine has become one of my favorites. They are made up on recipe cards which can be removed for saving in a recipe file. This feature makes it so convenient! They also have pictures, which for me is very important. I need to know what it is *supposed* to look like. :-)

I would highly recommend this magazine. It is one of my favorite finds in the mailbox!!


Great Homecooking

I buy this magazine because it gives many delicious recipes. I have used many of the dishes in this magazine for school carry-in parties. I was the room mother for my sons third grade class last year and this magazine combined with Quick Cooking magazine were life savers.

I have had, other magazines such as Betty Crocker monthly cookbooks but nothing has as useful information in it as this magazine.

The other two very good Magazines available out there are Quick cooking and Hometown cooking.

My mother has looked at the Taste of Home magazine and started her own subscription. She was really impressed with the content of this magazine as well as anyone I show it to. I have to watch my magazines because they disappear right off of my kitchen counter.


"Taste of Home" should be in yours!

I first heard of this delightful and practical magazine from my mother-in-law. She would give me her copy after she had finished with it, but often there were recipes cut out. I decided that I needed to have my very own Taste of Home magazine. This magazine has become the main source of meal ideas for my family. At least two-thirds of the recipes I use have come from Taste of Home. The recipes are consistently practical, hearty, inexpensive to make, and delicious! In addition, they contain every day ingredients - stuff you usually have on hand!Besides the great meal ideas, Taste of Home offers its readers insights into the lives of other readers across the country. There are great ideas about how to get children to participate in cooking, stories about people's favorite meals, and each issue has an article featuring a kitchen that a family has remodeled, and the story behind it.All in all, this magazine is well designed, useful, and just plain fun to read. I would recommend it to anyone who has a family to feed!


Tastes like home to me!

When I finish reading a magazine, I take it to work for others to enjoy--- but they never see my "Taste of Home" magazine!! I have hoarded these since the first issue, and I browse through them time after time. These are recipes by and for real cooks, tried and true, passed along with pride. I always try at least two new recipes from each issue, and am steadily filling my recipe box with new creations that my family loves. There's always a section on cooking for one or two, a section for healthy cooking, and even some funny mis-pronunciations by small folks. As with all the magazines from this publisher, there are no space-hogging ads, so it's all about the food!



I really love this magazine. I always find recipes that I want to try. TOH's recipes are more of a "down home cooking" taste and remind me a lot of the comfort foods my Mom made me as a child. I wish they'd do more issues a year.


The quality for the magazine is high. You want to save it because of the quality.The recipes are tried by cooks.

Taste Temptations

My first taste of Reiman Publications, the creator of an assortment of magazines with a country theme, was "Country". When I read "Country" for the first time, I was excited to find a magazine that truly was rooted in rural American culture. The majority of the articles and essays are written and sent in by the readers who share in the country lifestyle. The writers are genuine country people providing honest, informative and practical reading for other "Country" people. The writings share a quality of simplicity and sincerity that is the strength and spirit of America's "Country".

After enjoying "Country", I sampled a number of Reiman's magazines. Besides Country, Reiman Publications publishes Farm & Ranch, Reminisce, Country Woman, Birds & Blooms, Backyard Living, Simple & Delicious, Healthy Cooking, Cooking for 2 and TASTE OF HOME. Each of the magazines stresses a desire to remain simple and original in both content and style. I like Reiman's magazines and the main reason I like them so much is because their writers are capable of speaking to me in a natural, distinctive voice, a voice that I'm familiar with because I'm a "Country" woman. When I read one of Reiman's magazines, I don't feel like I'm reading a magazine. I feel like I'm reading a letter from a friend, someone I understand because they know me. Reiman's writers and readers actually do know each other, too. Not because they've ever met but because the stories they share within the pages of the magazines are expressions of their hearts and their hearts are country.

Taste of Home is my least preferred of Reiman's magazines. Not because it is lacking in enthusiasm, but more likely, because I am. Even though I'm devoted to remaining a country woman in every manner that might be expected, I am lacking in the aspiration of a cook. I've never pretended to enjoy playing Betty Crocker and I won't start now. God blessed me with many heartfelt desires. The desire to cook isn't among them.

Taste of Home is a cooking magazine that Reiman says is edited by a thousand country cooks. The magazine offers features on cooking with a miscellany of recipes included. The magazine shares a huge assortment of vivid photographs and charming culinary concepts. There are tips for creating tantalizing, tasty meals at a moment's notice and advice on how to keep your kitchen as lively and creative as the imagination of the cook. Casseroles, stews, soups and salads, desserts, drinks and everything related to the taste buds is touched upon within these pages. And, as is expected, the food focus is country.

While the magazine is light on pages, in the sixties range, it isn't light on instruction. There are valuable guidelines for constructing a range of delicious, "country" style meals. One of the best characteristics of Taste of Home and all of the Reiman magazines is the photography. The pages of the magazine and the articles themselves are more lively and interesting because of Reiman's eager blend of photos. While the page count might be considered meager I believe the magazine makes up for this in layout. Most cooking magazines are less effective than this one simply due to the large number of high quality photographs that are included with each turn of the page.

Taste of Home, edited by a thousand country cooks! And advertised to be the #1 Cooking Magazine in North America. The table of contents includes features that are comprised of miscellaneous specialties. One such article features "Casseroles" and consists of multiple casserole dishes with photos and recipes. Another might include a Contest on creative soup concepts or salads for summer. Still another feature section will stress the charms of a mother's best meal or the best desserts for Christmas. A combination of features will be covered inside each bi-monthly issue.

Recipes, Advice, Rural Relishing of Remembered Recipes. ..Taste of Home is a country cook's dream magazine. For me, Taste of Home is more like trying to wade through the pages of a boyfriend's Automotive magazine. If the desire isn't afire, you can bet there won't be a lot of eagerness, only interest in trying to uncover what someone else finds so interesting. If you enjoy cooking, though, I believe a Taste of Home will fulfill your taste bud's greatest expectations.

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