Reviews For Taste Of Home Magazine

A Slice of Americana

I first saw Taste of Home while visiting my Aunt who lives in the country. I commented to her how impressed I was with the magazine, and she was kind enough to have an introductory copy sent to me. I've been hooked ever since.
Taste of Home presents homey, comfort foods made with easy to find ingredients. Features include sections on cooking for large groups, inexpensive meals, low fat menus, theme dinners, etc. There is one feature that makes Taste of Home truly stand out; it has no advertising. The magazine may appear rather skimpy on first impression, but after realizing that it's packed with nothing but recipes and accompanying articles, you'll agree that it offers more value to family cooks that any other food or woman's magazine on the market.
Being from a large, Southern California city, I enjoy the middle America point of view the magazine provides. It seems like a world away to me. The magazines many contributing authors also seem like they are full time homemakers with lots of time to be creative and crafty, another point of view I would like to someday experience for myself.
That said, the only criticism I have of the magazine, is it's exclusively mid-west flavor. My family enjoys ethnic food as much as homey, American style favorites, and when the magazine features Mexican, Asian, or other ethnic food it's very bland or "Americanized". A touch of authenticity with regard to ethnic favorites would be a welcome addition.
Every other month, Taste of Home makes a nice addition to my recipe collection. I'll continue to recommend it to all my friends who enjoy cooking comfort foods.


Plenty of meal ideas in one place

I've been subscribing to Taste of Home for more than five years now, and some of my issues are beginning to fall apart from use. This cooking magazine appeals to me because I believe that it is important to sit down as a family and share dinner every day. Taste of Home supplies me with tons of recipes to try out on my family. There is something for every member of my brood (18, 16, 6, 3).

This isn't a gourmet cookbook. The recipes in it won't be found at the local french bistro or the Nouveau Cuisine, which is why it appeals to me. The recipes are easy to read and understand and use ingredients that can be found at the local grocery store(with the exception of the game recipes).

The biggest drawback of this cookbook magazine is that many of the recipes are loaded with fat and calories. In this day and age, I cannot fathom why this would be. Another criticism is that, with very few exceptions, the nutritional counts are not provided. As a diabetic, I can usually fit anything into my diet provided I know how to count it. The Taste of Home recipes don't allow for this freedom.

There is one section of the magazine that is devoted to "Food That's Good For You" which is also gives diabetic exchange information. I would prefer to know the counts of all of the recipes.

A handy feature of the magazine is featuring the all-time favorite meal of one chef. All the recipes for this particular meal are found on 3 x 5 index cards that you can cut out for your recipe file. There are also other featured recipes that are on the index cards in each issue.

A big positive with Taste of Home is that it is ad-free. It is all recipes, hints, stories and other helpful cooking information. There is even a section where you can write in asking for help finding a long-lost recipe.

It's well worth the price in spite of its few flaws.


Taste of home/Very good taste

I started getting Taste of Home after receiving a sample copy in the mail. It is a joy when each one arrives. I just love reading through it and planning which recipe I want to try. Most of the recipes call for ingredients I would normally have on hand, so I don't have to make any unschedualed trips to the grocery store. I haven't made anything from one of these magazines that my family hasn't liked.

The magazine itself is enough to make you want to eat. It has lots of full color photos of the foods you will make with the recipes, so you know what you are going to have before you make it yourself. I have tried things in the magazine just because they looked so good. Some of these things I might not have bothered with if I had just had a recipe to read. I haven't run into any problems with the food not coming out right either. Nothing is too complicated.

There are a couple of features I particularly like. One is a section where you can write to find lost recipes. You leave you address for people to get in touch with you directly if they have what you are looking for. I like this idea because it isn't like the usual thing where people send your lost recipe answers to the magazine. That way you can accidently miss them. This way they all come directly to you, and you get lots of options. There is also a section for you to write with your basic cooking questions. Those are answered in the magazine, and I have managed to learn a good bit from that in spite of the fact that I have been cooking for many years.

I work full time so I don't have as much time as I would like to experiment with all the recipes in the magazine, but I can be pretty sure that when I try a recipe from Taste of Home, it won't turn out to be a waste of my time.

I would reccommend this magazine to anyone who likes to cook and eat good down to earth food. This is not a gourmet magazine, but a magazine for the everyday cook with a family to raise. It also has recipes for cooking larger, and smaller amounts, for a crowd or just for two.

The only drawback for me about this magazine is the lack of nutritional information. Some recipes do have that, but most do not. I would much prefer to have that for all of them.


Tastes Great

Normally I would not have subscribed to a magazine such as Taste of Home. Personally, it is too "country" for me. However, the subscription is a gift from my mother-in-law. I have been receiving the magazine for almost three years now and I have to say that the recipes they give are great!

Each month Taste of Home has something of a theme. It could be raspberries, salads, desserts, etc. Then they give you a number of recipes in that theme. It is not the only recipes they give you though. There will be others in addition to those in the theme it's just that that particular issued will have more of that theme then others.

Most of the recipes presented in the magazine are printed in file card fashion so that you can clip and save them. Then there are some recipes that are submitted but are not given to you in that fashion but instead in an article form.

I have successfully clipped and saved every magazine until 2 months ago. That is when my MIL told me that she just keeps the magazines in their entirety together. She's trying to find a binder (which I told her I believe TOH sells). This way I can still get to the recipes that are given but are not in file card form.

Other features are before/after photos of subscribers kitchens, collectibles, a recipe "Wanted" section, Daily Prayers, and many other neat little issues. Like I said, it's very country but the recipes are great (aside from a few that I don't prefer like Venison, Rabbit, etc.) and it's a gift so I can't complain - and I'm very appreciative.


"Like Mom Used to Cook", My Kids Would Say

Raising our kids in the 60's and 70's meant being a stay-at-home mom, baking cookies for an after school snack and for packing lunches, having company for dinner which was more affordable than going out, making big dinners when the "folks" came for weekends, and generally making the food an important ingredient in our family and social lives. I was Mrs. Cleaver.

When I planned meals, I always decided what was for dessert first. We never had a lunch or dinner without it. There were whipped cream fruit salads, cheesecakes, creamed vegetables, lots of meats simmered in gravy, sides of beef in the freezer, and an ice cream treat or buttered popcorn every night while watching tv.

We belonged to or started gourmet clubs at least four times. We passed recipes along to each other of which I still have cookbooks full. I won a grand prize in a large paper's annual cookbook contest. So you see how important good food was to us. When Taste of Home Magazine came out, I ordered it and saw many recipes I had already had and many new ones, too.

Then I got older, started gaining some weight, and had a checkup. I discovered that I had high cholesterol and had to go on a strict diet. It has been quite a few years since I cooked recipes out of Taste of Home magazines, but I still love to page through them and find all my favorites that I enjoyed cooking. I keep all the old issues but alas, have stopped subscribing to it.

I did convince our library to order it, so now I just look at theirs when I get the urge to see some really yummy recipes that do not taste like cardboard. Luckily, my husband and grown children try to eat in a more healthful way, too, so we grill simple meats a lot, and I have chicken and fish more often than I care to. On Saturdays when my husband has his weekly steak (his cholesterol is perfect), I eat cereal and don't really mind it.

But for those of you who can still eat all the great food that is shown in Taste of Home, subscribe and enjoy all the foods "like mom used to make". I wish I could do the same.


You Too Can Cook!!

Just like Momma use to make, at least that's what I think. I love the recipes in this magazine. They remind me of Sunday dinners at my grandmother's house. The recipes and menus include the main entree and all the side dishes you could want, as well as desserts. Great for when you need inspiration for that family meal.

I used to 'borrow' my mother's until she started giving me a subscription for Christmas. Gotta' love them Moms!!

The instructions are easy to follow and the ingredients are mostly what we have around the house anyway. I've used some of the cake recipes for entries in the local fair and won ribbons. Can't get better than that!


Taste of Home is exactly What it is.

This is a great magazine for cooks every where. There are recipes for two, recipes for a crowd , healthy recipes , recipes for theme parties, snacks and desserts. Every issue is full of recipes for home cooked meals.
The recipes are easy to read and include ingredients that are easy to obtain. The center contains a large clip and save section.
Every issue also contains several fun contest like "Hey , Who hid the Fridge?" Where readers send in photos of the front of their uniquely decorated fridge.
Along with all the recipes and contest are helpful hints and humorous anecdotes from kitchens around the country.
Taste of home has the largest staff ever, 1,000 editors covering every region in the United States.In each issue they include a photo and background on a few of the editors.
Taste of Home is a great magazine for new homemakers , bachelors , and experienced cooks , actually it's great any one who likes to eat.


I have been a subscriber for a long time.

I first saw an ad for "Taste of Home" in an insert from "Country", another of Reimans publications, that my sister gave me a subscription to. Since I love to cook and try other foods, I subscribed and I have enjoyed the stories and interviews and most of all trying other peoples recipes for over eight years.Not only are there recipes from all parts of the country ,there are contests where you can win appliances , food items , and friends.The recipes in the stories are all collected on three by five recipe cards in the center section and can be cut or pulled out to add to your own collection. Humor too, is a part of this magazine, there are funny stories ,jokes and reminiscences from all of the field editors. You see this magazine ,as well as all the other Reiman publications ,is written by you the subscriber ,from your letters and suggestions and contest entries and there are no advertisements to get in your way. If you like down home country cooking this is the magazine for you.


Taste of Home

I love this magazine!

Every month when I go to the mailbox and find this magazine in the box, I'm so excited. I love looking and reading recipes. There are a variety of foods/meals and ideas one can make from this magazine loaded with good recipes. When I do get time and try one for a test, I'm never dissatisfied. All recipes are tasty and easy to make. The tidbit of ideas are very informational.

My biggest complaint is that I just don't have the time, patience, or bravery of attempting to explore new tastes of new meals. It's easy to get into a routine of the same meals. But, when I'm in the mood for a experiment or a new dinner treat, I resort to searching the Taste of Home magazine and it's previous issues to serve my family. I'm never disappointed and always have rave reviews.

I would definitely recommended this magazine to those who love to cook and experience with different recipes. This magazine gets recipes from viewers who post their tried and true recipes. You get the best from those who love to share from across the country.


Taste Bud Delicious

The Taste of Home is one of my favorite magazines. I look forward to each edition because it has good ideas not only for entertaining, but also for meals for two. Each time I have tried a recipe, I have gotten raves from my family and friends.

It is also a joy not to be inundated with lots of advertisements. It's also obvious that real people contribute and provide new ideas in the sometimes boring field of family everyday cooking.

The downside of this publication is the lack of help with planning for calorie restricted diets as well as diabetic exchanges. Such an addition would be quite welcome.