Reviews For Taste Of Home Magazine

A must have

A Taste of Home is a must for anyone. I love the different themes they come up with for holidays and just seasonal cooking. They have a few pages that you can cut out recipe cards and gives you detail on how to make it with pictures. I have gotten this magazine for a few years now and it still is fun to read with everything staying pretty new in there ( recipe wise)
They also keep you informed on who is writing these recipes and what their cooking experiences are. I love the articles and the whole magazine in General. I hope that if you decide to purchase this magazine you will enjoy it as much as I have!


taste of mom's cooking

this is a magazine that brings back the taste of being a child and having mom doing all the cooking. basic, down home recipes that are easy to follow. no gourmet ingredients that are either impossible find in your neighborhood supermarket or that are extremely expensive to buy in "gourmet" food stores. they have interesting articles about cooks from different parts of the country, a monthly "get to know" article about an herb, monthly recipe contests on a particular food item. i especially like the "clip and keep" recipe section, which is usually about six pages of four recipes on each with a picture that can be cut and saved in a file card box. there is in every issue a recipe section for those watching their sugar and or fat intake. there are cute or inspirational family oriented articles. there is a section where you can write in a search for a particular recipe or even something you vaguely remember your grandmother making and they will post it along with your name and address just in case some reader out there has the recipe or knows what you are looking for. they have 1,000 editors from around the country, so you get a good cross-section of regional home cooking. there is even this quirky contest "find ted's toothpick" and the winner usually gets an expensive and useful kitchen tool (kitchenaid mixer, hoffritz mandoline slicer, etc.).


Tastes Great !

I have been reading Taste of Home for 3 years. There are no
advertisements whatsoever. Nearly every page has easy to
prepare recipes. Most recipes use items common in pantries.
Each issue has clipable recipes which can easily be inserted
into recipe collections.

I especially use the recipes for holiday baking or special
occasions. Another bonus is the low fat recipes easily recognized
throughout the magazine.

Previously, I had purchased Womans Day and Family Circle, only
to be disappointed that the tempting cover pictures took
hours to prepare.

Although this magazine comes out every other month,
it is worth the wait.


A Great Magazine

I really enjoy this magazine. It has lots of pictures of the foods cooked. Most are not difficult to prepare. From the first time I flipped through this magazine I was hooked. The day I get the magazine I go all the way through. I can always find something to make and when I do make something they are not so difficult to make that I just throw my hands in the air and give up. I have subscribed for about 3 years and will continue.

They tell nutritional information for some of the recipes, but not very many. That is my one complaint, I wish they told nutritional information for all recipes. More people are trying to watch what they eat and I feel it would be helpful information.

They put in other neat things like contests, recipes for potlucks, and shortcuts. That is a neat little category. Readers send in tips for making things easier for you. Speaking of easier, they also have a sister magazine, called Quick Cooking, that is also very good. It uses a lot of prepared foods, but adds to them and they taste homemade. They alternate months of publishing these two magazines, so you can get one of these great magazines every month if you subscribe to both.


Taste of Home is De-lish!

If you're tired of cooking magazines with snobby food and obscure recipe
ingredients, then this is the magazine for you. This is good home cooking!
I found it more useful to me than a gourmet magazine because this is food I could actually serve my family or make for a party. They also have
sections like " How I got my family to eat...." which included a recipe for chocolate zucchini bread that was great! Recipes are included on easy to tear out recipe cards so you don't have to tear up the magazine or transfer the recipe to paper later. I found this magazine to be very down to earth, easy to read, easy to use, and super for recipe ideas from all over the country. Check it out!


A full-of-flavor magazine

Thousands of women in America subscribe to this magazine for its glossy pages full of flavorful,easy recipes.These recipes cater to those of us seeking simplicity and cooking like our moms always made.Also included are stories about featured readers and their country kitchens or country professions.There are plenty opportunities for readers to share useful cooking tips they have acquired as well as any other tips they may have to make the reader's day a little easier.

I find the column where readers share their most embarrasing/humorous experiences with country life very amusing and easy to relate to.I enjoy experimenting with different recipes and am particularly fond of how easy they are to follow.This magazine is one that even a novice cook will find useful.



Not the original Taste of Home by far. I subscribed for years with the 'old' format and loved it. The new format reminds me of a recipe section from a Womans Day or Family Circle type magazine. Recipes don't seem to be as 'usable' and good as they were under the old format. Not going to renew again after many years of subscribing. Just "OK" but nothing to recommend.

Where, or where . . .

I was one of the first subscribers to the magazine
receiving it as a Christmas gift the first year of
publication. This was more years ago than I'd like
to admit.
I did not renew as I was concered at that time there
was no representation of African American cooks,
Hispanic cooks or Asian cooks. While recently
pursing a recent copy of Taste of Home, I find
very little has changed in this regard. I wonder
Is there an explanation anyone at the magazine can
offer as to why our sisters/brothers of diversity
have been under represented in your publication.


It's A Great Luxury Mag.

I like to consider myself an amateur or maybe even a novice chef/cook. Although I haven't been "loading the pans" nor "decorating tables" as long as many cooks and homemakers have, I feel that I have a respectable reputation of cooking what people like.

I find Taste of Home magazine a very nice reading magazine with many brilliant, luscious pictures and good detail in the included recipes. However, it is very expensive to buy. A one year subscription costs about 18 dollars. I can't afford that especially since a year is only six issues. I am not a subscriber and whenever I choose to pick up a copy at the market it costs near five dollars after tax and everything, I think that is outrageous.

On the whole I think that Taste of Home is a great upper-class magazine but you can find cheaper mags with almost as high of quality--such as Chef's World, or Make It, Bake It, Shake It.


Looked good - but couldn't easily find healthy recipes.

I had gotten a free copy of the magazine. Being a young mom and wanting more dishes to cook for the family I purchased a year subscription. I loved the color pictures, the articles, that they had representation from every state was so interesting - and real people writing the recipes.
Then as I increased my education and was diagnosed with high blood pressure I found there were not many of the recipes I could use without altering them in some way or another. I was really disappointed that they were showing so many recipes with a lot of sugar, butter, salt and the parts of our American diet that helps promote bad eating habits.
I stuck it out since I had prepaid the year and the magazine was coming. I found it interesting that there were occasionally articles that included dishes I could make and take to gatherings.
Then I found the recipes getting "out of reach" for my lifestyle again. I found almost NO vegetarian recipes and then they had one magazine that was all about what "game" meats you had! Living in the suburbs we were not out hunting our food so that one was immediately put in the donation bin.
All in all as I learned more about healthy eating I found these recipes did not fit my wanting healthy alternatives to cook for my family.