Reviews For Taste Of Home Magazine

Newer but not better!

This magazine is definitely not the Taste of Home (TOH) it used to be. I had a subscription but did not renew because the recipes are not as good, the content has changed, there are more ads and it just isn't as enjoyable to read. It's OK but not what I expect from Taste of Home. From reading the other reviews Im not the only person who feels this way. If you are new to TOH and aren't comparing it to the older TOH you may not be as disappointed by the current publication.

TOH added ads....

and lacks recipes it used to have. I used to read every issue cover to cover and gladly pay the higher subscription cost. They reduced the cost of the subscription, added ads, cut the amount of pages and recipes in it and made it like other magazines. I loved this magazine to death before, now....I don't want to renew my subscription.