Reviews For Runners World Magazine

Best magazine!

This is by far the best running magazine! What I like most about this magazine is it helps you choose the best running apparel and shoes for you. PLus the stories are amazing! I reccommend this to anyone who loves running. It also makes a great gift for the holidays!

Written at "your" level, and ready to take you higher

Every month this magazine comes to my place now, and gets me excited and ready for another month of activity. Even though I slice, tear, and cut-up this magazine, reading and underlining, highlighting, etc., when I take it in to work to leave at my company's break room, people are still looking through the remains and taking out sections and article interesting to them. There is something for everyone.

This magazine will improve your spirits while you're improving your body. With more physical exercise you become that happier person you've wanted to be. It gets you doing things with others too, when you find that special person to walk, run, or jog with.

There are articles about old bodies, young bodies, and in-between bodies, and how we can all improve!

Recommended reading, every month, for a great price on a small budget.

Great magazine

I have been a subscriber to Runner's world for years...I enjoy the articles about running and nutritian mostly. There are inspirational articles as well as just interesting reading about injurie prevention and cure as well as diet.

Great articles

I bought this as Christmas present for my husband who is a runner and loves to books about runners. He loves the magazine. I am new to running, and I find the articles inspiring and interesting.

Running inspiration!

I can barely call myself a runner, but I do have high hopes for the future! If you are looking for inspiration, this magazine is for you. Tons of information about running, shoes, gear, clothing, nutrition, stretching, exercises, injuries, and upcoming races, as well as reviews of past races and profiles of runners, some superstars, some strugglers like me!

runners overseas

Very entertaining magazine, with lots of helpful tips, based on nutrition, training and full of experiences.
Can't wait to read the next issue

Begining runners review

I am a newby to the sport of running and I use this magazine as my inspiration. I read it from cover to cover as soon as I get it. I look forward to each and every issue, leaving them torn and tatered days later. I do not know if I will enjoy them the same way as seasoned runner, but I cant wait to see!

Almost As Important to Me As The Daily Run

I have been running for almost 40 years. For much of that time, my monthly copy of Runner's World has been as important to me as my daily run.

I look forward to the monthly training tips, injury prevention pointers, the apparel guides and the nutrition tips. My favorite monthly feature is the "Rave Run", a panoramic photograph of a spectatular running environment.

If you run, add to your pleasure: subscribe.

Dominant in its field...because it is fantastic.

If you run--and who doesn't--you must read this magazine. I've run since 86 consistently and have always read Runner's World. Over the years there has been a gradual shift from coverage of track and field to more information for every day runners. I love the changes.

If I could offer a suggestion it would be for RW to do more reporting on everyday runners and their training. Each and every one of "us" is an athlete and we can all benefit from learning about how each of us manages our training and how it has benefited our lives.

I loved the RW reports on President Bush, Will Ferrell, and Garth Brooks. I would enjoy getting more information on celebrity runners, but perhaps sending a journalist to train with the individual for a month or so to see their technique, cross-training habits and nutrition plan would be more informative.

In 04 (or 03), RW went to a higher quality paper and using better photos. I love the changes and the magazine.

Train Hard or go home!

A great magazine for runners

I have run for years on my treadmill, but over the past year I have started running outdoors and actually entered a race last fall. I wanted to know what I was doing so I subscribed to Runners World. This is a great magazine. Each issue is full of knowledge for beginners, everything from terminology to helpful ways to train and avoid injury. I can't tell you how excited I get when a new issue comes in the mailbox. I learn about advances in shoe technology, new apparel and everything in between. I can't say enough good things about this magazine. Subscribe, subscribe now...