Reviews For Runners World Magazine

Runner's World rocks my world!

Whether you are a newbie (like me) or a seasoned veteran to running, this magazine is for you. There is so much information you can obtain from reading the articles in this magazine. Even if you are thinking of taking up running, you should get this magazine.

Newbie runner

I can't rave enough about this magazine. It came two months sooner than what was originally quoted to me, and two months worth of magazines came on teh same day. I usually flip through my magazines, find the articles I am most interested in, read those, and am done in about 20 minutes. This magazine had great articles from beginning to end. It took me the rest of the day to finish one magazine (in bettwen taking care of kids, making dinner, etc). Love, love, LOVE IT! The articles give good insight to other runners, some who are advanced, elite runners, and those who have run for awhile but don't have the hard-core, MUST WIN attitude that a weekend runner like myself might have.

So far, it's the best magazine we have coming to the house out of 8 that we have subscriptions for. Can't wait for next month!

Great magazine for all levels!

This magazine is great and packed full of useful and inspiring information. I enjoyed it so much that I bought a subscription for a friend for Christmas this year. You won't be disappointed.

A great magazine

This is a very good magazine.I have run 26 marathons and many other races and I find with each issue that there is an article that gives some good advice or just gives me the incentive to get out there for that long cold Sunday morning run. A good read for any runner or for someone looking to get into the sport.

Love it!

Runner's World has something for everyone. I bought the magazine while I was training for a marathon and found the information very useful and inspiring. It is a must have for any runner!

Motivational Magazines

I bought this magazine for my boyfriend and I was expecting it to come begining the month of March and I already got it! It is an awsome magazine, and it is very motivating, especially the stories about people like Matt Long, who after having an awful accident, he es RUNNING! Wow, and it had a very good motivator, we are running again!

Perfect resource for runners

Runner's World is a terrific resource for anyone involved in long distance running. I have ran for years but just took up training for a marathon this year. This magazine has so many articles to help train correctly. In addition to informational write-ups (clothing, nutrition, etc.), it also has interesting stories on runner's lives, safety and the like.

Can't live without it!

I can't say enough good things about Runner's World. I will be a lifelong subscriber. I frequently give this magazine subscription as gifts, even for non-runners but health enthusiasts, because it is so informative, inspiring, and interesting.

Great practical running magazine

This is a great magazine for the typical runner who enjoys good tips and training guides. It is good for marathon runner or casual runner. Other mags spend too much time on these extreme runners or crazy things. This is practical.


Motivation in Print

This magazine is the best i have found. The subscription showed up earlier then expected so i had already bought the current months copy :)