Reviews For Runners World Magazine

great magazine for amateur and serious runners

well rounded and interesting magazine. full of tips and articles for serious runners, amateurs and even couch potatoes. definitely worth the read.

Runner's Magazine

I am receiving my magazine as ordered. Took about 4 weeks for first magazine to arrive. Very happy.

Keeps a runner motivated!

Great for all levels of runners. My favorite running magazine!

love runner's world

i love this magazine. lots of good training tips, shoes advice, and articles about runners.

Great Magazine

I like Runners World Magazine, it has a lot of helpful tips & encouraging articles.

Best Runner's Magazine

What can I say that has not been said? RW is THE magazine for us

Runner's World is great for everyone

Runner's World is unlike any other running magazine. It is great for new runners as well as the runner who has been running for many years. I have subscribed to this running magazine because I am an avid runner and enjoy the topics which are discussed in it. These topics include ways to eat smarter, ways to stay motivated, and ways to burn fat. This magazine is also very good for runners who are competitive and run marathons. If you are a marathon runner this magazine has true stories from other marathon runners as well as ways to train to run you best marathon ever. Though I believe that the best part of Runner's World are the articles concerning injuries. Runners are faced with an assortment of injuries and this magazine targets different injuries and tells you how to treat them properly. I like this magazine a lot and would recommend buying it if you are serious about running.


Runner's Best Friend

The best thing about Runner's World is that it is useful for all types of runners - whether novice or expert, sprinter or marathoner. The magazine is an excellent resource for anyone interested in running. As an intermediate runner, I especially enjoy its monthly listings of upcoming races and its reviews of past races. In addition, the magazine features a number of articles by "runner journalists" - basically, folks who describe the ups and downs of running regularly. These articles are as well-written as they are interesting, and it is comforting to know that the magazine is not targeted solely for those who run races to win.
If you are a runner of any level, then I'm fairly certain that you'll enjoy this magazine.

If you are from the New England area, you might also be interested in New England Runner. As a regional paper, it has a more inclusive list of local road races. While the scope of New England Runner is more limited than Runner's World, it is still a worthwhile purchase.


Worth the money

Lets face it, running is a really simple put one foot in front of the other and repeat. How then can this sport merit a magazine like Runner's World every month.

Runners World follows a pretty similar format every month. There will be a nutrition article, a training article, a woman's article, a bio of an interesting runner, some injury prevention tips,an equipment review and a funny story at the end by John "the Penguin" Bingham.

I normally skip over the nutrition stuff and only read the bios and fluff if I have nothing else to do, but I always seem to pick up something interesting in the training and racing articles which makes the subscription worth it.

Bingham can be very funny too...I highly recommend going to see him at a pre-race event (he does the pasta party circuit) if you can.


Runner's World: Tips To Let Your Feet Improve Your Heart

I have been running since I was 8 years old. My parents and Soccer coaches used to take us to the beach to train on the sand. Now if you want to practice your fast strides, beach training is the best way to go. I have found Runner's World very interesting in that it offers tips to improve our running ability.

This is the easiest sports discipline you can participate in. You only need to purchase a good pair of tennis shoes and just start running around your block if you are not a member of a fitness club. The magazine is full of tips about where to buy shoes, sites to train, running events etc.

Nothing and nobody can stop you from being like Michael Johnson. It is such a feast for the eyes to see him running and having fun with his opponents. He practices a lot to get to this level of comfort in his professional life. You may not want to reach his status and fame. However, you can perform miracles for your cardiac health. As I previously said, you can let your feet add a few more years to your heart longevity. And if you want to play some Soccer or touch Football with the guys, you won't find yourself on your knees after a few kicks or catches.

While running is not that popular here in the U.S., it is in Europe and the rest of the world. It is brute human strength, endurance and speed in action! I hope that after you read this review of this magazine, you will start running. Runner's World will give all the tips you need to get started. You can do this with your colleagues, your parents and family. Start at the pace you are comfortable...You will get there, I mean, your optimal shape soon. You may want this to be your Y2K resolution.