Reviews For Runners World Magazine

A Cheap Coach

If your interested in some serious training or just in the need for something to read about one of the greatest sports around, well you found it in this magazine. Runners World Magazine is chalked full of helpful hints, stories, and guides for runners. Being one of the few running magazines out there, it sure does cover lots of different aspects of the sport. Mostly it is for the long distance runner to a marathoner. So if your in need of a helping hand in your running and cannot afford a world class coach, just run on down to your local newsstand and pick up Runners World Magazine.


Great for novices and experts

I have had a subscription to Runner's World for several years and look forward to reading it each month. The editors mix motivational stories, nutritional ideas, information on injury prevention, and running news. It is a great source for upcoming races throughout the United States as well as internationally. Additionally, there are articles on great places to run and running gear. I was delighted when there was a running article about my area because it introduced me to new trails with which I was not familiar. For true runners or people who want to get into running, this is the runner's bible and is not to be missed.

Readers might enjoy Shape magazine as well.


What's wrong with running?

I think that anyone who gives their time to help others find comfort in exercise, and in him/herself, is a gift from God. I've searched the fitness and health books, and I've read "Running for Woman" but nothing answered my questions! I wanted something short, but interesting, and that is what I found in Runner's World. There are inspirational success stories of marathon runners and injured hopefuls. I found ads for new products, like Hornet Juice from Japan, that I never would have thought to try. I just wish there was a column in every issue about new scientific information about vitamins and keeping my body from going weak while running, and about my safety as a woman using certain products. I'm glad that I found something that I can keep up with, and will keep me running at my best!


Good but not Great

Runner's World is a great magazine that is definitly worth subscribing too. It doesn't matter if your just starting out as a jogger or if you are a pro. The mag provides a vast amount of information on what to do to make your legs feel better, what shoes are right for you, and just what kind of weight training runners should do, if any at all. This type of information is the kind of stuff we runners find interesting. The only drawback is that it's hard to think of things to write about when your on a topic such as running. You can cover nutrition, training, and shoes but eventually your gonna say practically all there is to say. Since this is true, issues from 3 years ago are just about as helpful as the one on your newstand today. This is of course not the fault of runner's world and the magazine is definitly fun to read.


Monthly Motivation

Runner's world is a very traditional magazine with geared towards mostly a middle-aged audience. The authors manage to give the same advice every month and make it sound different. That may be one of the things that makes this magazine so motivational. I keep reading about people who have run every day for the last fifty years or who run in 30 below weather, and I wonder what's keeping me off the roads.

The Rave Run two page spread photographs are lovely. They each show a runner in a really cool environment with a quote. I have some of them hanging on my wall. I get especially motivated by the one of a man running through the woods when the trees are coated with ice and the ground blanketed with snow. It looks so beautiful, who wouldn't want to go out and run. The ask the expert or Q&A section has the most diverse and informative information from month to month mostly because the questions come from readers and the answers come for a variety of experts. The nutrition section isn't particularly useful. The science seems simplified to the point that it isn't exactly true, and the suggested menu for one of the carbohydrate dinners starts out with 1 cup broiled swordfish along with five or six other things; not really practical in my opinion.

Runner's World has a nice coverage of racing events past (results) and future (racing calendars), and my hometown of Boulder, CO is mentioned somewhere at least once per issue :). Runner's World encourages everyone to be a winner even if he or she doesn't finish first. It is full of tips for beginners just staring to run and more advance information about training for seasoned amateurs. Some of the information is useful and some is not, but there is enough useful information to make reading worthwhile.

Best running magazine by default

I have subscribed to RW for about 5 years. I am a Marine and I run lots of miles every week and about one race per month. This magazine offers good nutrition and training advice, and it also provides quality shoe reviews each season. The race guide leaves a lot to be desired, but then again, you can only devote so mnay pages to that subject. (The website has a better and more detailed guide.) The primary problem with RW is that it is very repetitive. My most recent issue had a picture of a female runner on the cover doing abdominal work. I scratched my head and pulled out my issues from last year and found a different girl doing the same thing on the cover of the same month in 2002. In any event, this overall is a good periodical for the money and trounces the competition in the running magazine category.

Best magazine out there for runners.

Runners World covers everything about running from which shoes and why to race preparation to nutrition and technique. There is no magazine better for runners.

the magazine is extraordinary useful

Why this magazine is so useful:
1. Always balances tech info, real personal histories and commercial info.
2. It has tips for improving running performance.
3. It has nutritional tips for runners.
4. It has event's list info.
5. It has a shoes' guide (the most important runner's stuff)

pretty interesting

This one is won't be interesting for a pro's runners and serios athlets, for beginners it might be ok....

Motivation for the new runner

Runners World contains useful articles on equipment and gear to benefit the new runner. It also includes information that is motivational and should be helpful in keeping us active in the sport.