Reviews For Runners World Magazine

Excellent magazine

Being an infrequent runner and trying to get back into shape for the Baltimore marathon this year, Runner's World is indispensible. A number of the articles are encouraging and help me with training, diet, etc. The equipment reviews make me salivate (I wish I could afford one of the Garmin training watches), but in all it's a great magazine. I highly recommend it!

10 star best

We subscribe to 2 running magazines and Runners World is tops. We like it simply because we buy a lot of running and walking shoes and like reading about all the shoes in the market and which ones are suited to what type runner. They have a section just for women and our needs and problems and an excellent section on nutrition and recipes, as well as excellent advise on how to get and even more importantly stay motivated, especially in horrid weather. When in the summer being in a cool room or in winter in a warm one seems more pleasurable than going outside. But when you do and start running you get energized. I have enjoyed and taken the advise given over the years about keeping a journal and even regular photographs of how one evolves and get fit and healthy via running.

The data on shoes is the best we have found and the photographs look like the real item when you go to check the shoe out and hold it in your hand and then lace it up on your foot! It is a truth in advertising publication.

Great runner's guidence

I started getting Runner's World a couple of years back when I was trying to get back into shape. This is a great magazine for the beginner all the way up to the best. Always evolving and learning new things, runner's is always on top of the latest and best ways to improve your running. I am not a marathoner nor a sprinter really. I buy runners for tips on form and also to find new routines to keep my runs fresh and improve my running. Every issue has tips and routines you can use to better yourself or just change up an old routine. If you want to get into exercising and don't know where to start, pick up a copy of Runner's World and get out there and start running.

Invaluable source of information and motivation

I have subscribed to Runners World only about 6 months or so, but must say that I have already grown VERY attached to it. I read and re-read every issue with great pleasure and enthusiasm.
The magazine is full of both very serious articles that outlines research findings and theory as well as lighter stuff with fun stories of races, equipment, people, nutrition and so forth.
It is a magazine written by runners for runners and those who would like to become runners.
I look forward to the next issue dropping in!!

A Must-Have Subscription for Runners of All Skill Levels!

I cannot say enough good things about Runners World. It is a wonderful magazine, the staff of which works hard to make this magazine accessible to all runners - regardless of the level. While many hobbiest or sport magazines first appear intimidating to a novice in the field, this magazine strives to include even beginners in the audience of its articles. Another nice characterstic of this magazine is the race calendar in every issue that highlights some of the larger road races across the country. The feature stories are also wonderful.

As one who has run for a very long time, I can attest to the value of this subscription. I will certainly be renewing this subscription for a very long time.

Great magazine for man or woman

Love all the covers. The information is informative for even beginner runners like myself. And especially with all the info they have on injuries and how to "get around them". Having had knee surgery at a young age I often experience pain when it is cold or I put a lot of strain on it. They offered really good advice as far as ice bathes and diffrent salves that would help.. and the DID!!

very useful

i've been a runner for many years and have already found the magazine contains very useful information.

Nothing Short of Amazing

There's no better word to describe this magazine other than amazing. It contains articles for new and seasoned runners, and tips for both. If you are looking to run a 5k, Half-Marathon, Marathon, or just want to get started running this is the perfect magazine. There are articles on new equipment, new races, and even tips from pros. Most of the issues contain diet tips and exercise tips from award winning runners. If nothing else, the magazine serves as a great motivator to get out there and run!

Great Running Magazine!

I am a fairly new runner and have really enjoyed this magazine. A friend of mine found out I was running, and gave me her collection of older magazines. I stashed them somewhere for awhile, then happened to pull one out in a moment of boredom. I have not been able to put them down sense, and decided to get my own subscription so I wouldn't have to depend on my friend. This magazine provides great technical information, inspirational stories, good reviews for products I have needed, and funny stories as well. If you run, you'll love this magazine. If you don't run, it may turn you into a runner! :) Hope this helps!

I certainly recommend this magazine for all those runners or future runners.

Great magazine which helps keep me informed on all the latest running tips, techniques and nutrition recommendations. You can't beat it for the low price.