Reviews For National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic

This was a gift to my Son-in-law. He enjoys it very much.
I have given it to him for Christmas for several years.

as good as I remembered

there is no other magazines that shows the world to us more then National Geographic. I loved it when I was a kid, and I love it even more now.


National Geographic is both beautiful and informative..It should be in every household, especially where there are children.

Love it

I love how the articles are informative and have visual aids. Great magazine truly worth the price if you want to read interesting and captivating articles about science and things that are happening today. 5/5

National Geo

National Geographics is an amazing magazine for the money. You get great art every time and interesting articles from places in the world you never even heard of. I cannot live without it. I also cannot bear to throw it away and end up rereading them often.

A gorgeaus magazine

One of the best magazines out there for sure. Started recieving it years ago. It takes you all over the world, and gives you such amazing articles and pictures. You really feel like you are traveling through it. I find this magazine broadens my spectrum on the world. It is so easy to forget about all the other places, people and cultures out there. This is an amazing reminder about all the amazing people in our world and the places they live. A great education.

Still The Gold Standard

I have loved National Geographic since my uncle (a teacher) thought is would make a good birthday gift when I was younger. He started me on a lifetime of finding magazines like National Geographic.

Though I have other magazines, National Geographic remains my favorite and the standard of magazines. Though it has changed somewhat through the years, the one thing that always remains is the imagery.

The photographs range from breathtaking, inspirational, educational and heartbreaking and are often more than that. The efforts photographers undertake are incredible. (The special issue of 100 Best Photographs is amazing) and seeing the images in print is the best way to see these. Though you may see the images on the web, they are not quite the same.

Dinosaurs, space, astronomy, history and so much more. Special and worth having as you will find yourself going back to revisit stories and riveting images.

Still fantastic.

I've learned so much from this magazine. It takes you into cultures from all over the world and teaches you about them. Every month you're looking at pictures of events and people sometimes in places that you have never even heard of. Really educational and top notch.

Must have in any home library

I have always had a copy of National Geographic available to me. As a kid I glanced at my Dad's copy (just for the pictures- I had a subscription to Ranger Rick that was more my style until I was 8). As an adult I read it cover to cover every month and its the first magazine I look for on the newsstands. Simple the best magazine that is published.

One of the finest magazines still available

I grew up reading National Geographic, cherishing its splendid photography and exceptional journalism. Indeed, it has gotten better over time, offering cutting-edge stories ranging from genetics to global warming. To its everlasting credit, National Geographic has never lost sight of the "human element" in its stories, providing its readership with balanced reporting covering all sides of an issue, often taking the pulse of those affected. It was - and still remains - an exciting armchair "explorer", taking readers to distant locales across the globe. But now, you are as likely to read about disposing nuclear waste in the former Soviet Union as well as the people of a newly independent country in the South Pacific. One of National Geographic's strongest strengths has been its photography, and its current staff includes some of today's finest documentary photographers and photojournalists, whose work often rivals that from independent photo agencies such as Black Star and Magnum Photos. Without question, this remains one of the finest magazines published now.