Reviews For National Geographic Magazine

national geographic

i really got this for my kids. The photography is fenomenal and intrigues my children into learning and reading.

National Geographic

National Geo. was a family favorite growing up. My parents got us the subscription so we could have great references for projects with great pictures. Now, all grown up I purchased this for my brother for his birthday as a staple magazine for his new family.

SOP - Excellence

What can anyone add - same ole, same ole. Absolutely Great!

The Best Magazine!

This is an amazing magazine that explores interests all over the world with no boundries and lots of honesty. Definently a must for the curious or just anybody with interests other than fashion and quizzes.


National Geographic magazine is the only magazine I like(I usually read only news and books). Other scientific/geography magazine still can't surpass the fabulus articles, pictures, and maps. If you like geography, enviroment, and wildlife articles(and pictures),than subscribe now! The articles are in depth and accurate. Don't just stand there people!! Subscribe this magazine for your friends or family(as gift) or to yourself. You won't regret it(unless you don't like geography magazine)

The best magazine you can read

Its quite simple National Geographic is THE magazine. No other publication can deliver the articles, the photos, the research proyects, the maps and the overal quality. This a magazines for those with the constant "itch" to go further and to learn more about the world and the universe.

Still a shining Star, Great Gift...Expensive, But Worth it!!

After all these years, Nobody does it better than National Geographic! Expensive? Well, if I am buying it for myself, yes. Giving it as a gift, WHAT A GREAT GIFT!! Please, somebody, give this to me as a gift!! The color, the photography, the subject matter, the everything.... Maybe I am wrong, maybe they still are doing it just as good, or even better after all these years. Gradually perfecting the art of exploration. I recommend this magazine to anyone and 'Explorer' to any and all children.

My favorite magazine of all time

National Geographic is a truly great magazine. Fascinating articles, and of course, the most beautiful photos of people and places. Very interesting and educational from cover to cover. I think this should be required reading for all Americans.

Timeless reading

I grew up on reading National Geographic. The photographs in the magazine have always been nothing short of spectacular. I also been a big fan of its tv specials and now the cable channel. My favorite issues of the magazine have always involved animals, especially marine life. Their concern for the environment is obvious but the magazine also covers people who have to live off the land like the indigenous people in the Artic. There is always two sides to every story. I also enjoy reading about other cultures from around the world, like Japan and China. After reading this magazine for over two decades, I find myself still entertained by National Geographic. The photographs and articles are consistent and interesting. It is a timeless treasure to be enjoyed for generations to come and should teach everyone to respect each other and this planet.

Beautiful and worth every dollar!

The reviews on this website attest to the value and beauty of this magazine. I recently subscribed to NG and regret that I did not do so earlier.