Reviews For National Geographic Magazine

Travel the world from your couch

I've got 30 years of "National Geographic" on CD-Rom, new issues, and
back issues from my grandparents.

There is no more complete magazine about the world. Whether it's
anthropology, geology, geography, entomology, etymology, paleontology,
astrology, zoology, oceanography -- this magazine has touched base
there and will return. The magazine's contributing photographers
include all the best nature photographers in the world (like David
Doubilet, example ISBN: 0714838284) and award winning photographers of
many other styles.

The magazine isn't of hard science but this is to its credit. The
subjects are covered in a way that is always educational to laymen and
eminently interesting to professionals. It's the best way to know
what's going on now and has gone on in the natural world.

I cannot think of another magazine that is so consistently pleasing
and positive on so many levels; visually, intellectually, in its dept!h
of subject. Even small children can enjoy it simply because of the
beautiful, colorful pictures.

If you've never read it (!), pick up a copy to see. If you like it as
much as half the world does, subscribe.

Best nature and history magazine I've ever read

The articles are written by top class writers and researchers. The photography is perfect and gives you a true feeling of the surroundings. A must for any nature or history lover.

Renewal of magaize subscription

Some how the order got entered as a new order, not as a renewal. I followed the directions and put the address information exactly like the current subscription. National Geographic was happy to fix the problem.

Love it.

I ordered this for my husband who was reading it in a doctor's office. Had forgotten what an interesting magazine it is.

interesting, informative magazine

This is a great, informative and interesting magazine. It takes you all over the world and beyond. Great price too.

Great Gift for My Friend

Bought this as a gift for my friend. He enjoys them as I always have.

best price, great mag

loved how much I saved on this mag, enjoy expanding my knowledge and this mag helps me do that, love to learn

The smartest journalism available

This classic magazine has a world view and a venue for communicating it like nothing else. Reading this magazine keeps me current on timely topics as well as topics of special interest. The articles are superbly written and the photography is timeless. I come away informed in technacolor.

Wonderful Magazine

First, let me say that I think NG is a wonderful magazine, made for those that read articles that make them think. My only complaint is that, upon signing up for a subscription, the NG Society fulfilled the first 3 issues of my subscription by sending me back issues. While there were articles of interest in these issues, I expect to be treated as a valued customer, not as a source for disposing of excess inventory taking up space in a warehouse.

Resulting grades:
Content - A+
Subscription tactics - F

A wonderful resource

Take everything that has already been said about the beauty of this magazine and insert it here. Then add to it the following:

As an artist I hoard Natinal Geographic magazines like Pirate's treasre. For inspiration and reference material, they're simply invaluable. Our basement was full of maginzes that I'd read again and again and again. The journalism is wonderful, the photographs remarkable, and the scope of subject matter is staggering. Such a lovely publication. I really look forward to buying a home so I can have the space to get a regular subscription.