Reviews For National Geographic Magazine

Tour the World from Your Living Room

I learned to dream in from of the pages of this magazine. Every month I am transported to foreign lands. The stories are interesting, the photography unparalleled.

AGAIN! National Geographic take a break! Put your feet up!

WOW! National Geographic AGAIN they do a terrific job on something! They do great, professional, and BREATHTAKING jobs on everything they do but this is the best of everything. I suscribed to this about two months ago and was very happy about their progress. I'm sure thousands agree with me that this is perefection and I'm surprised anybody or anything can do this much. Put your feet up National Geographic! You've done enough for thirty years!!!

Jeffrey Alan Cote'


Still the best, but..

not quite as good as it used to be.
What I mean is that if you compare current issues with those from 20-30 years ago you will see for yourself. Todays NG still takes you to the far corners of the world in the comfort of your recliner, but these days you get far too many advertisements (like any magazine) and attempts to cover current events. Nothing wrong with trying to stay relevent to the times...but many people like NG for the "escape" it provides.

Great Magazine

National Geographic is a great resource. The photography is top shelf, and there is a good balance of natural science, archaeology and history in every issue. The articles themselves can range from riveting to mildly interesting - and the writing isn't as good (generally) as some of the other available magazines out there.

Having said that, it is a staple of learning, and I can say it first opened me up to a broader world 30 years ago as a kid - largely due to the pictures. Worth a subscription. You should, however, look at going direct to National Geographic - may get a better deal on the rate.

Still a great educational tool

National Geographic continues to be an exceptional magazine--fun to look at and read as well as educational on many levels.

Great pictures, forgettable text

I love the pictures in this magazine. However, sometimes the articles are forgettable. I'd recommend the magazine if you really like to appreciate photography. (Also, frankly, most of the articles and pictures are available for free online.)

National geographic mag.

Always the standard for photos and content, National Geographic makes a great gift to anyone that enjoys this planet and its beauty.

Excellent, Learning Happens Between the Covers

I always learn something new from this magazine. And if I don't learn something, my son does, my husband does or my daughter does. This is full of gorgeous pictures, interesting articles and lots of information.

I think it is a bit overpriced and sometimes the articles are a bit dull and dry. That is why I ranked this a high four/low five stars.

Overall, if I could only get one magazine; this would be one of the top contenders. Well worth the money.

nat geo magazine

I get this every year for my son at christmas.

He is 29 and loves the magazine.


National Geographic, a glossy, first class publication, takes the reader on a tour around the world to new or far away places. It is broad in scope with well written, matter of fact articles on diverse subjects that are sure to appeal to armchair explorers everywhere. These articles are lavishly illustrated by beautiful photographs that augment the articles in a meaningful way. It is also a wonderful reference magazine for school children and the incessant projects that they must complete. This informative, though somewhat staid, magazine will appeal to those who are interested in history, animals, geography, science, other cultures, and exploration. It is not a magazine written with an eye towards adventure. For that one should look to Outside magazine.