Reviews For National Geographic Magazine

Good mag, fantastic price

Who doesn't like National Geographic? Well written articles, and the most amazing photos. The selling point was the great subscription price!

Wonderful Deal! Great Read!!!

Beautiful pictures and great information on lovely vistas we may never see, otherwise! A fabulous family orienated magazine!! Very educational and yet an engrossing read without being dry or boring in the least. LOVE IT!!

Classic Magazine

NG is appreciated by my wife. I like it, but she loves it and raves about the great photography.

one of my favorite magazines

natl geographic never disappoints. i usually read it all the way through. the only complaint is i wish it had more articles!

For this price I should buy one for everyone on my christmas list

You can't beat this price.

I feel guilty because I love National Geographic and certainly get my money's worth, but I still love getting my subscription on sale.

This is the only magazine we buy and KEEP. It comes in handy for school assignments and for sunday school lessons.


i am fully satisfied with this product. It is very informative, interesting and full of knowledge and obove all best in the class nothing come close to this magazine.
Photos are very colorful and stunning. A great deal of hardwork has been put to create a magazine like this. I am a great fan of it.

The perfect Gift

This was my Mothers Day present to myself. Despite the month long processing before my first issue arrived, I was impressed by the price and continued quality of the publication. I will keep this subscription as long as I can afford too, and look forward to keeping them for projects my daughter may be assigned in the future.

I love National Geographic

The pictures are amazing in National Geographic. I get to go visit places this way that I will never make it to in person. The stories are a great insight into life in other parts of this big world, both human and animal. I've been a fan of this magazine for many years.

fantastic photography

This is a great coffee table magazine. The photography is excellent. The articles are great, but it's the photography which really makes everything happen. If you've ever looked at an issue of this, you know what you're getting. A lot of work goes into each issue and you can tell. This magazine is as great now as it ever was.

Great Magazine!

Great Magazine, always full of varied and interestring topics mostly under a "scientific" or "nature" theme. Awesome photos. Educational and interesting reads. Highly recomend it to everyone!