Reviews For National Geographic Magazine

One of the Best magazine

The National Geographic Magazine is one of the best magazines I have ever read. It tells us difficult information each months. The imformation that it tells us include a great varity. For example, 'Russia : ten years after', 'Hippos : an african spring comes alive', 'pyramids : who built them' etc. Theis magazine tells about history, countries, animals etc. So I think this is a good magazine for our spare times.

Excellent Choice for Magazine Gift Giving

National Geographic Magazine is prime reading, particularly when you are far from home. I sent a subscription to my Army son who can now follow NGM no matter where he is stationed.

Love it!

I hadn't subscribed to National Geographic since I was in HS and I remembered not having enjoyed it that much back then. My guess is that it's because of the format - it's a little bit too rigid/heavy - and because my English was quite poor back then. In any case, I got a subscription last year when it was on sale and love the magazine. I love the diversity of the articles, the fact that they are well written/researched and don't mind being (a little bit) controversial, and that they cover things I wouldn't hear about otherwise. It's really a window on the world. The pictures don't hurt, either :) Now I just need to manage to re-subscribe when it's super cheap again.

Constant Companion

I cannot remember a time that this magazine hasn't been in my life. My grandmother send a subscription to my dad every year; and when I moved away from home he sent it to me. Now that my parents have passed away I buy it for myself. Growing up I probably compiled at least a dozen school reports from the many articles I have read. When it comes in the mail I stop everything and read it cover to cover. My only possible negative critique would be that the magazine has become more political over the years; and I enjoy the true science of exploration and can get the politics elsewhere.

Great price

If you are a fan of National Geographic and are looking for a great subscription price, you cannot beat this price to get this great publication for one year. Less than half the price through National Geographic...

National Geographic is still wonderful

As a person with no artistic skills whatsoever, I really appreciate seeing the other side. I like ot collect Natinal Geographic magazines and really treasure them. I get tired of looking on the internet and an old fashion magazine is a nice break. For varied interestes and reference material, they're invaluable. Our living room is was full of maginzes that I'd read over and over. The writing is wonderful, the photographs remarkable, and the varieyty of subject matter is staggering. Such a nice publication. I really look forward to buying a home so I can have the space to get a regular subscription.

NGM Never Disappoints

I remember flipping through the pages of the National Geographic Magazine as a young girl. I was always fascinated with the impressive photographs of the magazine. Even now, the magazine never fails to enlighten/shock/surprise me with its contents & visuals.

an amazing magazine

National Geographic continues to amaze me each and every month. The pictures and in depth articles are second to none. Simply, there is no equivalent to this monthly dose of adventure, environment and exploration.

Kenneth Haft

National Geographic

The name speaks fir itself. National Geographic has always been a great source for people from all walks of life to learn and explore.

Great magazine

My husband loves this magazine and reads it cover to cover then is sent to my son who does the same