Reviews For Muse Magazine

Awesome Mag

Blends science, math technology, humor, news, and really cool facts and info. I can't wait to get Muse every month. It took me a while to figure it all out, but once I got it, it makes it even better. The muses are all awesome, exspecially Kokopelli!

Awesome Magazine! In fact, the best!!!!!

Muse rocks! It blends science, math, technology, humor, news, and really cool facts & info. I can't wait to get Muse every month. I've loved it since the first issue i got. It took me a while to figure some of it out, becuse it is so clever, on so many levels, but once I figured it all out, I loved it even more. The muses are all awesome, exspecially Kokopelli!

How wonderfully delightful!

This magazine ROCKS! It's funny, interesting, and (slightly) educational! This magazine, the sacred Muse, deserves an extra 5 stars. Maybe even more. Really, there should be more magazines in the world like this.

Best Magazine Ever!!!!!

Muse is the best magazine ever! I plan on renewing again and again. It has facts put in a way that they're fun to read about.
I absolutly love this magazine. It is the best ever. Parents who have kids that don't like to read should get this magazine for their kids. Ihave been getting Muse for two years and when I'm bored I read my Muse magazines over again. Truly the best magazine ever.

better than the best

Funny, edicational, great. I always look foward to the next issue. After reading it for awhile I started asking questions about the world.Muse answered them.

Fun fuel for the child who loves life around them

This is an excellent magazine that will add intelligence fuel to your child's brain. Not a fluff mag. with the latest pop star, or dating hints, this is fun, interesting brain food that you won't have to worry about whether your child will like or not like it. They will pick it up, sit down and devour. Try it you will enjoy!

Muse Magazine

Muse magazine is the ideal magazine for kids ages 9-14. With informative and capturing articles, funny remarks, and pictures, this magazine has been mine and many of my friends favorite for a long time. I highly reccommend this magazine to kids who would like a worthwile read.

Nothing better

I've been suscribing to Muse for over 2 years, and I have never been able to put it down, even when the article is on something I am not interested in. If you love absorbing information and funny comics (Kokopelli is the best!), then Muse is for you!

The Magazine that has it all

Muse runs articles on art, history, science, math and occasionally literature. It's like one of those "full year of curriculum" CD Roms only much more educational, less repetitious and way more fun. I've been a subscriber since 1998 and I haven't grown out of it yet.
Muse is an infinite source of odd factoids to impress your friends with, as well as explanations for phenomenons you've always wondered about, or used to take for granted. The range of articles is sure to broaden your interests.
On the fun side, the comic strip cast of "muses" keep things light and appealing to all ages. I highly recommend Muse, especially to home scholars, as a truly entertaining and educational magazine in a world where both terms are used to lightly.
I give Muse two thumbs up, five stars, and my undying loyalty.

Muse Rocks

Muse is a magazine for children 9 and up. This educational mag will show kids scientific wonders and keep it in easy to understand format. Plus it includes fun articles that kids will laugh over even when they grow old, and even puts in fun characters and comics. This mag rocks!