Reviews For Muse Magazine

The everything mag!!

Muse is a really great science magazine that has articles on interesting topics. Some of them are mazes, dinosaurs, garbage, hoaxes, and space travel. It is a magazine full of comedy, science, history, and fun. I wait for Muse constantly after I finish the last issue. This magazine was specially designed for kids so there are no long words to look up in the dictionary. There are fun contests, pictures, and activities. If you like science or trivia, this magazine is for you! The only con is that it is too short. The cast of characters that host this magazine are absolutely loveable. Each "muse" as they are called, is in charge of some part of science or history. There is a jokester named Kokopelli who is from the U.S. Urania is from Greece. Chad is from Africa. etc.


Imformative yet funny

I have been subscribing to MUSE for two and a half years. IT IS THE GREATEST MAGAZINE IN THE WORLD!!!! It is a science related magazine, with a cast of 8 funny characters, each with a distinct personality. They pop up throughout the a\magazine, saying and doing funny things. It's like reading a comic book during science class! There are spoof articles and a comic strip in every magazine, along with all the science stuff. My favorite part is the table of contents. The editors pull the most outrageous parts of the article and put them next to the name and page number. In the Muse Mail, the characters respond in funny ways to some of the letters.
Readers of MUSE should also check out MAD magazine. It has that same funny quality, but in a completely different way.


My son reads it cover to cover!

Muse is an exceptional magazine. Though it is aimed at "tweens", gifted readers from about age 7 up can appreciate it. Parents may wish to pre-read or discuss controversial pieces with their children. There are plenty of interesting articles on a variety of topics. Recent issues have covered stone disks in the Yap islands, gamers making real money from selling virtual goods, racial prejudice, genetics, and snowflakes.

Muse magazine does not contain any advertising, other than subscription offers from the publisher. It's quite refreshing. Some of my family's other magazines (Sports Illustrated Kids, for example) are filled with ads for junk food and toys.

A full page in Muse is always devoted to Larry Gonick's "Kokopelli & Company", a cartoon featuring the magazine's quirky cartoon mascots. These tiny creatures also cavort on pages throughout the magazine. Bo's Page is another regular feature. Here, readers may learn about a scientific experiment to discover how ants find their way home, or why gorillas eat wood, and vote as to whether humans will survive to the year 2100. The Q & A section has answers to queries submitted by readers. Examples questions are "would time travel actually be possible?" and "what happens when you blow a (soap) bubble in winter?" . Robert Coontz and Rosanne Spector provide clear, and often humorous, answers. Ivars Peterson is the Muse math guru. His "Math Page" offers suduko challenges and other math puzzles as well as articles such as "The Simpsons and Math". Every issue of Muse offers a contest of some sort, tucked into the corner of a two page spread honoring winners of the previous issue's contest. Kids are invited to become living art in a tableau vivant, or to design imaginary money.

I highly recommend Muse for both boys and girls.

Sophisticated stuff, interesting for kids

If I listed the topics Muse covers, you'd never imagine
that anyone would be excited about it. It's just
so well done, though. My kids read it instantly,
cover to cover, and they even push it to their friend's

Even more oddly, most of it is good for adults, too.
At least, for adults who haven't had all the curiosity
and silliness beaten out of them. And, it's even right!
(I used an article in a University course I teach.)

It has a little of the flavour of Buckaroo Banzai,
of Dark Star (the Movie), of Larry Gonick's Cartoon Guides,
a touch of (but only a touch) of Horrible Histories...
There isn't anything quite like it. I hope they can
keep it up.

A World to Escape to

I am just turning 11 years old, and have already found out more than literacy, arithmacy, and spelling. I have learned about Goldberg machines, swords, moon hoaxes (?), ancient mummies, cats, dogs, and why we get hiccups. I have learned how directors create movie monsters, how some beleive the world will someday come to an end, and about the theories of "Snowball Earth." And these are only 10 of the literely 100's of things I've learned. This is all thanks to Muse Magazine. It is Muse that teaches hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of things to children all over the world. Things from the possibility of having the same birthday as another kid in an average 25 student class, to how the modern fork made it's way to the table. And through all this learning, the reader may laugh at the crazy antics of the 9 Muse characters. They don't even think about the learning going on, and if they did compare it to their history class, taught by the monotone voice of unenthusiastic Mr. Boring, then they'd refuse to go to school, and demand a new Muse every day. This is a world to escape to for them, a place for learning and laughs, things very important to loving parents.

Get This Mag!!!!!!!!!

Where to start? Muse always has great articles about science or sometimes an interesting story from history. One of the main things about them that stands out to me, is that they don't go down to the level of just plain pop-culture. They also don't take themselves too seriously, and this results in the magazine being very fresh, and incredibly funny!!!!! The arrival of Muse in my house always makes my week, and I promise, YOU WANT THIS MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely the Best Magazine in the Whole Printing Press

I've gotten Muse for a fair few years now and I've been hooked ever since my first issue. Muse rules! If you are sick and tired of corny (ahem, ahem) fashion and celebrity magazines and love science, history, art, language arts, culture, jokes, pies, and everything else that makes life worth living, you absolutely have to give Muse a try. Muse was the beginning point of an epiphany in my life. I will never, ever get tired of Muse. Take my word for it! Give Muse a try!

Highly Recommended

I purchased a subscription for my 7-year old niece who loves it! She actually shares and reads each issue to her younger brothers.

pwt pwns

Muse magazine is in a class by itself. It has NO advertisements, no articles about how to make yourself prettier or any other boring stuff that shallow teens care about. We musers love the focus on science and math, and they've replaced the original mythological muses with 9 of their own. These little cartoons litter the margins with their witty comments, making the rare tedious article funny. Receiving this magazine is your ticket into the close-knit community of Musers, kids who have openness and learning at the heart of all their doings.
Get muse!

Muse is Great!

Muse is a wonderful magazine for kids. It teaches children about things like science, math, literature, and people while being fun and comical enough to keep kids interested. The different parts of it include: a random facts page, Muse Mail, and a comic strip. It's a great way for kids to learn!