Reviews For Muse Magazine

Hot Pink Bunnies Perk Up Muses

Muse is truly a great magazine. It's for those of us whose interests stretch slightly beyond normality, or further into weirdness derived from tenrecs, overweight rhinos, black holes, hor pink rabbits and terrific bore-surfing. The nine Muses, including Kokopelli, Mimi, Urania, Pwt, Aeiou, Crraw, Feather, Chad, and Bo, regularly dance through the margins joking. Ten issues a year are full of math, science, humor and art. Ivars Peterson's page is math in weird places (bikes with irregular wheels, dogs who do calculus, etc. The Q+A column blooms with inquiries on the subjects of watermelons, feline/canine health, llamas and pools of gelatin large enough to swim in (or something like it). Overall, Muse's larger-than-life doses of science, art, literature and weirdness.

awesomeness times 2 million.

This magazine is the greatest thing that happen to the world since... maybe... sliced bread! It's about everything neat, everything wierd and scientific, yet it's not hard to understand. Even if you hate science, i still recommend this magazine to you. It's about the odd and awesome things in life. Some times it has unheard of awesome history in it, some times it doesn't. I've been getting it since i was maybe ten?and it's now like 4 years later, this is not just a childrens magazine, it's for everyone! You can learn so much important stuff in one magazine, then flip the page and it's all cool little trivial facts. I definatly recommend this to everyone that breathes. (Even maybe if they don't breathe)


Muse deserves the title above. For one, it can be for any ages, except for nine year olds, or younger. Adults can read it for fun, when they don't feel like having to figure out what catatophonia means, and kids can read it whenever. It has to be the best mag in the world. Plus, it's fun. The editors, and everyone else who works on the mag are ingenious, making the entire thing funny. There are different sections to the mag, each with it's own theme. EX: math, facts, Q and A, Contests, and Randomness, and Randomness. And for the contest, there's always a fun project to work on, with a chance to get it printed in the worlds most popular mag, your's truly, MUSE!
My names not Alice, I'm her son.

Very A-Musing (you're wrong "Midwest Educator" :P)

I LOOOVE it. This magazine is worth sharing with my parents, friends, everyone! It's wonderful, confronts lots of important issues, and makes me muse about other topics. That "Midwest Educator" is totally wrong. It's cause she's a grown-up. :D

This mag deserves a sixth star!!!

I have been getting this magazine for over six years now and just love it more every issue I get! Though it's listed for kids ages 9-14, the readers love it so much they've been known to take it to college! Full of understandable explanations for relatively complex topics (take the recent article on epigenetics) and a unique brand of silly fun, I highly recommend this mag for any adolescent who loves science and has a creative and inquisitive mind.


Muse is a great magazine for anyone who loves science. Even if you don't like science, you should subcribe to Muse because it is very informative without being boring. Muse also has humor that makes it fun to read. There are a lot of really cool articles, for example there has been a cat issue, a Neanderthal issue, and a Black Plague issue. Muse is a good magazine that everyone should get. Also, if you want to see some examples of Muse, go to ...

Best Magazine Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I could, I would have rated it ten stars. Fun facts. Fun to read. I love this magazine. It's awesome. I plan to renew and renew over and over again.
MUSE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A short review, because I'm short on time

To make things short, this is a fantastic magazine. When I first found it it, my dad suggested it. I had a pretty strong objection (mostly because the cover was puke green that time, I'm so materialistic), but we got it anyway. That was two years ago, to be frank. I'm twelve at the time, and all that time I've pretty much been addicted to muse, especially Kokopelli. To be honest, I'm kind of the Kokopelli Priestess at my school. And yes, their are other muse readers, and Koko fans. Man I love that guy. Well, I jus t know I'll have to go home any second now, so that about wraps it up. Oh yeah... parent people guys? Get this for your kids, they'll WORSHIP YOU if they have any taste. If not... well, you've got pretty much a standard teen on your hands. No worries, they'll stop reading Teen People eventually...

Muse Rocks!

Muse is really cool. This magizine is great because the articles they put in it are so diverse. Some great ex. are bug splats, tenrecs(rodents from Madagascar), glass art, chess, L.O.T.R., and
hoxes. There are charecters that wander around in the margins.
Also there are contests and a mail page. I would've given this magizine a 1,000,000,000,000 star rating, but the computer wont let me. This is a very interesting magizine that I have learned
alot from.

MUSE tops, no, busts my magazine-o-meter.

This magazine, MUSE, it absolutley the best, well written magazine I have ever read. The topics are always interesting, and the best part is, there are no makeup adds with girls to beautiful to be real, AND it is VERY VERY funny.