Reviews For Muse Magazine

Great Gift Idea for the Kids!

This is a great magazine! I have read this magazine for several years, and every year it continues to get better. It's a great magazine for kids who don't go for the traditional Teen or Sports Mag. I would recommend it to anyone over the age of 14 as a light read when you don't feel like reading heavy literature.

Excellent choice for boys or girls!

My almost-eight-year-old son loves this magazine! He reads it from cover to cover each month.


MUSE is a publication for children/adolescents that covers a variety of topics in every issue, from science, history and everything in between.
Several articles are published in each issue and are fun and entertaining with humour commonly encountered. The subjects are different every issue, from forks to feet.
There are 9 cartoon muses, each with their own distinct personality and traits. They portray comic accompaniments to the articles in the margins, and are the spotlight of the MUSE mail section, where the readers write to and dispute with the characters. They also have their own cartoon pages and columns.
A strategy page, `Did you Know?' fact page, parody page and competitions are included in every issue.
Whenever you finish a MUSE magazine for the first time, you always await the next one eagerly, and MUSE can be read over and over again, you will giggle at the humour for ages.
9 issues are published each year, monthly except for May-June, July-August and November-December.
MUSE is the rebel of magazines for children 9-14, not focusing on fashion or glamour. Many confronting ideas are brought up in each issue and I recommend it to anyone, you are bound to take an interest in it.


This magazine fosters inquisitive minds. It contains a healthy mix of absorbing and relevant articles, mind bogglingly weird truths, and some off-the-wall silliness. Speaking as a long-time reader and subscriber, I am willing to assert that it has helped me with my schoolwork and acted as an intellectually stimulating stress breaker when I was feeling lugubrious. With friendly, imaginative cartoon characters and "learn more" references in the margins, I always feel as though I am opening a gift when it arrives in the mail. This is one of the few magazines suitable for my age group that I can read without feeling as though I should be doing something more constructive. Cricket Magazine group has hit upon a classic!

I love Muse

Muse is an excellent science magazine. It provides fun facts about the everyday world that the average adult wouldn't know. From tapeworms to molten lava to fingerprints, Muse presents out-of-the-ordinary information in an extraordinary way. Humorous illustrations line every article, and there is full page color comic in the beginning of every magazine, usually concerning the topic that the magazine is on (each issue has a theme). There are also contents every month, mystery quotes, gags and more. Usualy there is one joke article thrown in that talks about the theme in a very funny way. I enjoy Muse immensely.


Muse is AWESOME !!!! Subscribe right NOW
It has information on tons of different
topics like movies, Self Esteem and tons
of other stuff. Plus The Muses ROCK

A Really Flamablamablous Wonderful Magazine

I've been getting Muse for a few years now, and I love every issue of it. It has wonderful articals on diverse and interesting and wacko topics, contests, factoids, spoofs, and, of course, THE MUSES [not the ones in Greek mythology, except for Urania, in case you're wondering] as drawn by the impeccable Larry Gonick. The topics covered by Muse range from various hoaxes to mummies to tenrecs to Horatio Hornblower and more. The magazine to subscribe to.

Best Science MagazIien Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muse hase shone a new light on science for me. It gives facts in a fun way!!!!
It has cool comics, fun facts, go Muse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muse is the best!!!

Muse is a great magazine. It's ideal for kids ages 10-14, I think. Anyway, I love it because it doesn't focus on just one subject, but gives readers a wide variety of cool stuff to read and think about, from math to science to elvish poems. Plus, everything is written in a way that a kid can understand, and of course, in a spirit of comedy and regular strangeness. Muse is the best!!!

My nephew loves it

My nephew really enjoys Muse. He is now 11 and in the gifted program at his school. He saves the magazines to re-read.