Reviews For Muse Magazine

Muse rocks!

Most magazines for children are about little cutesy creatures that teach lessons. Not Muse. The nine Muses are little mischievious, personable characters to illustrate the drawings. Larry Gonick's wonderful drawings help to illustrate science and the arts. Zany topics add to the fun. Kids will learn things like math, science and art without even realizing it. A true gem.

Informative AND Entertaining

Muse is one of my all-time favorite magazines. I'm 15 (which is above the recommended age) and I STILL enjoy it. One of my favorite activities is learning and my other favorite is reading. With Muse I can do both at once. What more could I ask?

I don't know what that Midwest Educator is on, but I recommend you stay away from it, kids. It can't be good for you if it turns you against Muse.


I love Muse. it's funny and has cool factoids. the Lord of the Rings issue was awesome! Koko is rrreeeaaalllyyy funny. best magazine ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Muse is simply the best magazine ever written for kids. Unless you prefer sports and fashion to science and genral weirdness,get this magazine!

Muse Rocks

I wish to anounce that I, Nobodydude, think that these people who give Muse a single star should be destroyed.

Muse is the best!

I subsribe to Muse and think that it is an amazing magazine. I love to get new issues and I read them with glee. Muse is a wonderful magazine for those of you with good imaginations and a thirst for semi-random things. I highly reccomend Muse for anyone who has a good sense of humor.


I've been getting Muse for about two years,and it ROCKS! It's educational, but it's funny too.

LBK's Review

I really enjoy this magazine. I think it's not only for tweens, but for people of all ages who love life, the universe, and pie-throwing. I think what makes Muse so popular is that is has a random "First Page," pertaining to the magazine's topic, and a "Last Page," which could be about anything at all. This magazine deserves 5 stars, "Midwest Educator"!!!!!!

Muse is the best!

I would recommend Muse to ANYONE who has a creative mind and enjoys learning about a wide variety of interesting subjects. I started reading the magazine back when it was new in 1997, and read every issue until I went away to college. It is not an exaggeration to describe Muse as my favorite magazine in existence. I wish I had kids so that I could justify the expense of subscribing to it again. There are plenty of magazines out there that are informative, and many that are fun, but none comes close to the perfect combination of those two elements that is achieved with Muse.

The Real Dirt on the Rainforest

I love your mag Muse I love you so much I love The Real Dirt on the Rainforest(march 2004) I love this mag so much! I love the part of (The case of The Monkeys) so much I don't know why! My fav muse is Kokopelli! KOKOPELLI YOU ROCK YOUR THE BEST MUSE EVER! sory other muses but you don't stink!

Love your biggest fan:Brittani L Rhodes