Reviews For More Magazine

Best magazine for truely adult women

No young twigs here - the models and the featured people are all over 40 and look realisitically fantastic. They even have articles on "regular" women who have done etraordinary things. This is about having our best life at this age, not trying to be 20 again.

Great Magazine

MORE is an excellent publication. I sent a subscription to my best friend for her birthday. This magazine reaches the issues that are important to women over 40 and especially over 50 as my friend and I are over 50. Keep it up MORE! This magazine surpasses O.

For Adventurous Midlife Women

I've been reading a lot of books about women finding new purpose at midlife. Then I stumbled upon a magazine that fits right in with that reading. MORE is for the mature woman with article titles like "Reinvent Yourself After 40" or "Update Your Style."
It acknowledges that readers are in different stages of their lives, with articles about career changes, stay-at-home parenting, working with a life coach, five women talk about their real estate decisions, body image, and what to do with your ex-wedding ring.
Sprinkle in a few celebrity interviews, some book reviews, some fashion, health, and make up. The result is an upbeat, inspiring sampler for women of a certain age.

More magazine is fabulous.

More magazine is excellent. I have alot of reading material in it which means less advertisements. One of the best women's magazines on the market. I have sent many subscriptions to friends as gifts and they love the magazine too!


Thankfully, this magazine isn't loaded with advertisments that squash the content. This one actually has something to say, to read, to contribute. It makes me feel great and proud of whom I am and of our generation. And we have a lot MORE to offer the world with grace, dignity, and wisdom! Thank you for reminding our culture that we are worth so much more than just being looked at as aging women. We are gorgeous, sexy, happy, full of life, & this magazine gives the reader this information without making us look ridiculous. We're elegant, intelligent, and damn awesome! Thank you to the publishers of More!!!

Love this magazine!

As a 39 year old looking ahead to 40, I thought I would check this out. Love it! Great concise articles. Inspirational. Realistic. Practical advice.

My friend loves it!

I ordered this magazine for a friend of mine who is in her 40's and she has told me, more than twice that she loves it! She reads each single page and enjoys it all. The articles are all oriented to mature women, very interesting, practical, usefull. It's a 10!

Best Magazine on the market

I have been reading the More magazine since it first became published. I look forward to every issue. It always has good articles, product reviews, and interesting interviews. I learn something new from each issue.

Highly Recommend..

Bought this as a gift for a woman in her 50's and she loves it! She also reads Oprah's magazine, but finds that this one is much better, the articles are really good, and there are far fewer ad's. She said she would pick this magazine over Oprah's which surprised me.. Great gift!

More Please!

I love this magazine and tend to read it cover to cover. There's no "tween" stuff in it, just things that I can actually use and articles on topics that I actually care about. I've passed this magazine along to my friends but started buying them their own subscriptions so I can keep my copies.