Reviews For More Magazine


I found MORE to be thin, advertising-laden fluff. Many of the ads and articles concentrate on maintaining a youthful appearance and attitude. The fashion features use young models instead of fit, healthy women 45 and older. If you find encouragement and inspiration from 45+ female celebrities and want to know what clothes and makeup might make you look 24-years-old, then this is the magazine for you.

too much botox

Love the idea of a women's magazine targeted at over 40 y/o. But with the number of articles and advertisements for botox and aging creams and plastic surgery and how to look and act younger; it just doesn't feel good, or like a magazine for intelligent, accomplished women - at least not ones who aren't struggling to look younger and spend yet more money on invasive procedures while subscribing to society's view of older women not counting....

More major disappointment

The magazine came with a great price and a free year for a friend. That is the only positive I can give. More leans grossly to the left to the gag point. Over priced clothing, makeup, cleansers and moisturizers are not the norm and More uses them as their majority advertising products. Guess what? We are in difficult economic times and saving money while getting a great look would be something I would prefer to read. Articles with poor editing are another issue. February 2010 issues article More}attitude states, "the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) is a guide to all the maladies to which we humans are vulnerable." WRONG and dumb to think we consumers will buy that BS. It is a guide to drugs the physicians prescribe and many diseases are mentioned as why that drug is prescribed but it is not for the purpose of "maladies." Duh!!! Plus the PDR is not used today in our electronic medical environment. So it is not "In every doctor's office." Save your money and never believe everything you read.
Rebecca RN,BSN