Reviews For More Magazine

More for Me (and I'm under 40)

As the undisputed magazine queen of New York City (seriously,
I buy a lot of magazines), I'm always on the lookout for
intelligent, appealing mags to add to my train-time collection.
So when More appeared on the newsstand, I immediately grabbed
a copy, only to recoil when I saw its focus was on women over

Too old for me, I thought, I still read Mademoiselle and Glamour.
I still try those positions they recommend in Cosmo. However, I
had to admit that lately (like for the past few years), I'd
been increasingly bored with the younger magazines, and was
tired of all the articles on how to look like a crazed and
wanton wench for my man, complete with photos of teenagers
modeling the suggested garb. All in size 2, of course, and
even that was probably taken in.

So, I bought the premiere issue of More. I figured that at 36,
I was on the cusp of being old enough to understand. What
a positive decision--More is one of the most intelligent,
witty, and well-written women's magazines on the market.
Issues are presented from a variety of perspectives, fashions
are gorgeous and realistic (and shown on a variety of bodies),
and the articles manage to treat sex with a lusty and
dignified attitude.

Developed by the publishers of Ladies Home Journal, More
has the advantage of starting up with strong advertising
and editorial support. That's crucial and I hope it will
continue to succeed. Lately I've been buying copies for
my almost-40 friends, and for the women in my life who
are well-past 40. They're all impressed.


An excellent magazine!

I subscribed to this magazine right after I read the first issue. If you are over 40, MORE will totally thrill you. In this youth-oriented culture that we live in, it's wonderful to read articles and stories about women like me (over 40 and fine with it!) Several months ago, the issue featuring Cheryl Tiegs was on my desk at work. A male friend of mine walked by and could NOT take his eyes off of her! He had an idea of how old she was and was totally fascinated by the fact that she looked so good. True, most women over 40 are never going to look as good as Cheryl or Rene Russo or Cybill Shepherd. But just to know that you COULD if you really wanted to is inspiration enough!

If you're approaching 40 or you are any age over that, go out and buy this magazine today. You will NOT be sorry!


enjoying "more" & "more"

i have found "more" to be not only informative but direct & to the point. unlike many other publications "more" says things quickly & simply.

one of the "columns" i enjoy is "four women one outfit." it is interesting & informative to see how 4 women of different age & different backgrounds wear & perceive the same clothing. i am a 55 year old woman. i have worked for 38 years & in the fashion industry. it has been a challenge being "young of heart & attitude" while the body has a different mind-set. this particular "column" really offers a lot of ideas.

"more" has something in it for women of all decades. i have given my copy to a dear friend in her late 30s & another in her 70s! what more can 1 say.

i never really enjoyed "ladies home journal" as i always found it geared to married women/home-makers even if they worked. i fine "more" has an attitude that is non-specific!

i have just retired & will be on a "fixed" income so i will be most selective with magazines. i have been a subscriber to "allure" since it was 1st published. also "in-style." i will only renew "more" when the time comes! in my opinion that says it all.


Finally a magazine for ME

When I was a teen, I read 16 and SEVENTEEN magazines. In my 20s, I read Glamour; Mademoiselle was my magazine of choice in my early 30s and Cosmopolitan did it for me as I approached late 30s. Once I got to my mid-40s, none of the aforementioned magazines seemed to speak to me anymore. At 49, I'm way past the "do's and don'ts" of fashion and "how to drive your man wild" kinds of articles. :-) I wanted to know how other women were dealing with middle age and everything that comes with it --weight gain, crows feet, menopause -- as well as the usual beauty stuff! There are articles in this magazine dealing with taking care of aging parents, grown-up kids who won't leave the nest, making your way in the corporate world, and lots of other things that are relevant to women my age and their lifestyles. Also, I love the cover models! I'm never going to be as thin or well put together as Susan Sarandon, Cybill Shepherd or Glenn Close, but it's nice to see so many women MY age on the cover of a magazine I love!

More About MORE

MORE debuted as a fairly lightweight magazine that targeted the mid-life woman. I was a skeptic, but since then it has grown up and matured with its demanding audience. When I saw Jamie Lee Curtis's brave expose of her unmade-up face and 40-something body in a feature that smashed the myth of her "perfect" image and seriously addressed women's age issues and the youth cult, I knew that MORE had finally arrived.

One can now read serious and timely articles on subjects of concern to women old enough to experience menopause and have AARP memberships; get fashion and beauty tips that are helpful and appropriate to older women (and see them on models who are actually 40+); and be inspired by features about women who have done exciting things with their lives and/or are still works in progress. My only complaint is that the clothes are beyond the means of all but the very well-heeled, but on the whole that's a small thing. After all, real women know where and how to shop for bargains.

The young girls have Glamour, Jane, Cosmo and In Style; mature women who know about life and love in realistic terms now have MORE. I have a subscription and look forward to its monthly arrival in my mailbox.

Almost 50

For years I have read Cosmo but would find that reading that magazine was for the much younger woman and I would find my self esteem very low. I am forty-nine and approaching the age of fifty was something I didn't want to think about. I was working out one day and came across "More" Magazine and starting reading it while walking on the treadmill. Just reading this magazine made me realize how special Fifty can be. The articles are geared towards women approaching Fifty or older. It's great. I now give my Cosmopolitan Magazine to my daughter.


I don't know how long I have been trying to find a magazine that fits my age group. Now! At long last, I found it. No ultra young skinny models. Women my age, with my problems.

Great stuff - let's get going, ladies!

From professional to personal...

This is an excellent magazine for women...of any age. "More" shows a respect for all aspects of women, intellectual and active, mothering and grandmothering, sexy and natural. I appreciate a periodical that shows all of the "flaws" and realities of being a woman in such a complex world. I ordered if for myself and for my mother. It was great being in my 20's and 30's, but "More" examines and appreciates women in the process of enjoying who they have become and exploring their next adventures to see where they are going next.

More Magazine

This is an actual real life magazine for women in mid-life, officially over 40, but not necessarily ready for AARP. It contains some of everything that a woman's magazine could be expected to showcase, with a cover feature of a women who is aging gracefully, happily, & not afraid to talk about it. Many features to enjoy, I actually enjoy the whole magazine. I'm in the lower end of the appointed age spectrum, but it's fun to read about things from an older point of view also, to have some idea of what's coming. I also got a subscription for my slightly younger sister-in-law for Christmas, & she stated that she is enjoying it. She & I are at very different places in life, but this magazine has something for every woman. It's more mature than the "normal" women's magazine, by that, I mean in it's outlook, it's writing, which is quite good, & even in it's lighter aspects. A very good read & highly recommended.

Magazine Junkie

I love magazines. Always have. It was the one thing my mom allowed herself as an extra, even though she was very frugal in everything else. I read a lot of magazines, but have never felt like actually reviewing one until MORE. If you are over 40, or even close, you'll love this magazine. It not only features but celebrates the beauty in women as they grow older and wiser. The articles are inspiring, the pictures of the models are real, and it never fails to surprise me in each issue with some article about women who rise above their circumstances with grace. Take the issue about women who survived breast cancer. Not unusual for an article, you say. But how many magazines actually show these beautiful women post-mastectomy nude from the waist up and gorgeous and not ashamed of their body. I loved the woman who tatooed the scar and made something beautiful out of it. If you want a magazine you'll read, read again, and hate to throw away, this is it. I love it. It's better than O!