Reviews For Marie Claire Magazine

Readable Magazine Marie Claire !

This is a great magazine if you are sick and tired of picking up magazines that have items YOU personally would NEVER buy -
Also there is NOT a ton of Advertisements that raises the cost of the magazine so much it is out of your price range even to buy the magazine !!!
It also does not REEK of every dang perfume sold these days.

I love this magazine because it is a realistic view of women of all ages and sizes from 20 - 60. The articles are usually very fun and informative and give REAL women's opinions on certain things.

In this magazine there is a splurge and steal section which I LOVE ---- basically it shows you 2 Identical items - one that is expensive and one a cheaper imitation.
This magazine gives all the brands and usually a price written there as well.

Some of the articles are soooooo right on.
Some of my favorites are the ones in which 3 women usually have a challenge to do something they have never done before or they are asked to wear articles of cothing out of their closet and men rate them on it.
This is not your HOW TO HAVE GREAT sex in 10 minutes type of magazine -
The articles in this magazine are more like - SEX - what women will and won't do - and it actually has the woman's photograph and a quote right there !!!
This allows you to measure up yourself to other women.

Compared to Cosmo I would buy this magazine anyday - compares to Redbook or Women's Day - but with more pages
Lots of fashion listed in this magazine -


Marie Claire - the only fashion magazine you'll need

I love Marie Claire because every month there are articles on real issues, like women in prison, or politics in Afghanistan. There are also interviews with women from all around the world. Marie Claire still includes lots of fun articles on sex, fashion and relationships. One of my favorite articles was a diary of the new Charlie Angles on a "Survivor" trip. My husband loves this magazine too, in fact he often reads it before I can.

I'm not a big fan of make-up, so the beauty articles are lost on me. I'm not sure why fashion magazines insist on showing you how to apply eye shadow every single issue.

The fashion pages are very cool because they show clothes in many price ranges and in many sizes and shapes. Very few fashion magazines believe that women over a size 8 exist, so it is refreshing to see Marie Claire use plus size models.

This has been my very favorite fashion magazine for a long time.


Practical Fashion

Marie-Claire provides its readers with a no non-sense approach to fashion. Care is taken to bring the readers the latest fashion trends, but also shows how you can spend as much, or as little, on an outfit to get the same looks. Articles carefully explain the best way to apply make-up step by step so that even the fashion novice will have no problem transforming herself into a fashion maven. Bravo to Marie-Claire! Keep up the good work!


Magazine with brains and beauty

I've been a Mari Clare subscriber for two years. I've been throught the magazine bout starting with bob and teen beat when I was a little girl and moved through seventeen to vogue/mademosielle/allure in high school. At last I finally stumble across a magazine that suites me. I love the whole fashion/womans lifestyle part of this magazine but even more I love that it's a magazine you can really read. It's not stuffed with shallow topics such as how to seduce your boss or what scents will attract Mr. right.

The investigative reporting of womens issusues makes this a MS. magazine meet's Vogue. Beauty and Brains it what women in the year 2000 want. Articles such as the explotation of the Padaung women in thailand, war crimes against women in europe, and women with HIV in africa are all food for thought that extends our thoughts beyond the newest fashion designer and moves it to global awareness.

I recommend this magazine to all my friends and find myself keeping back issues for report references and projects. More of the high maintnence chicks should broaden their awareness to more important issues and this magazine is a good way to do this.

Thank you Marie Claire...... (especially for April's cover girl Genen Garafalo)


A favorite...

This magazine has really grown on me of late, for a lot of reasons. Glamour and Cosmo don't appeal to me as much, partly due the the drop in their quality, and partly just due to the fact that I'm not in their target age group. Marie Claire has far more articles that are in line with my interests. They attempt to cover real issues that have an impact on women's lives. They are able to write stories about the status of women in the world (i.e. their Taliban articles) in a way that makes the information accessible without treating the reader like you are stupid and totally oversimplifying. I also like that not all the models look anorexic, and they don't inundate the reader with diet advice, or articles on sex and how to find/get/keep a man. This is still a light beach read compared to a hard new magazine, but it's far better than most other magazines in this genre.

Substance as well as style

For my money, "Marie Claire" is the best of the women's fashion magazines. Other reviewers have compared it to "Cosmo," but "Marie Claire" has got a lot more depth to it. Yeah, the fashion spreads and fun articles are there, but this magazine goes beyond the usual fashion mag drivel to actually talk about real issues that affect women all over the world--things like forced arranged marriages, the international trade in sex slaves, how caste affects women in India, etc. etc. Even the fluff pieces are written with a certain amount of insight. The bottom line is that "Marie Claire" actually treats its readers as intelligent beings rather than just consumers of trendy fashion items.

A Fashion Mag with Class

I have just recently begun to read Marie Claire regularly, and I must say that it is refreshing compared to most other magazines. In the past I had to buy several magazines to cover what I wanted to know, but MC covers fashion (including both high priced items as well as items that a poor college kid can afford-a big plus since this is a large market for beauty mags) and it also covers important issues from around the world. Although I wish it had a little more on fitness and health it still keeps me coming back to the newsstand every month.

Just what I was looking for!

Finally a magazine that combines thought provoking articles with fashion. I have been on the hunt for just such a magazine. I just got my first issue and if the rest live up to this one I will be a very satisfied customer. Last year I tried In Style and Lucky. This year Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar. So far so good!

A Good Read...And Great Content

This is a great magazine, I love the content, the features, the stories, the reviews etc. I like the mix between reading the stories and the fashion sense that the magazine covers. Awesome read and a big thumbs up!

Good fashion magazine

I have read pretty much all of the fashion magazines, and I find Marie Claire to be one of the best. The articles are interesting and the magazine aims for an older than early 20's reader. Also,if you are a Project Runway fan, they usually have an article pertaining to the show monthly.