Reviews For Marie Claire Magazine

Loved it... then...

I have been a subscriber to Marie Claire for a while now. I used to love getting it in the mail to read the new articles about real women and to peruse the beauty and fashion advice. Now, since the new editors, the fashion has gone from affordable items to "price available upon request." I find it frustrating and irritating that at least a couple items on every spread have this "price tag." Especially for a magazine that is written in a city full of H&Ms, etc. And a tag line of "27 new hairstyles, trends, products" is no where near 27 new hairstyles, trends and products. I believe it was 5.

I hope one day Marie Claire will come back down to planet middle income, but until then, I am moving on...

Marie Claire Had Better Days

I used to be an avid fan of Marie Claire magazine, but over the last few years its gotten thinner and poorer in quality content. What used to be in-depth articles about real women, now they have wise-guy(or er girl) "essays" with minimal to zero relevance to the topic. Even their fashion and beauty sections lost quality. They used to give you a lot of useful fashion information for every woman, like figure flattery tips, splurge vrs steal. But now its just a mish-mash of clothes that aren't even stylish. Sure they have a few articles about women around the world, but most of the content in the magazine could be forgotten. I would recommend this magazine for those looking for pure entertainment, but not for those looking for relevant information.

Marie Claire

It's a good magazine, but would be a whole lot better with less advertisements and more written material. It seems as if both Marie Claire and Cosmo care more about making money off publishing advertisements than making the magazine about written articles, like it was intended to be when they first started out. All the advertisements are an eyesore and a dissapointment.

Too Young For Me

I ordered this magazine as a way to inspire me to lose weight. However it was the wrong thing. It is way too young - geared for no one older than 30 and that may be pushing things. Lots of ads, lots of skinny young blondes, teeny bopper stuff. I share this magazine with younger coworkers at my job.

Um, I bought THIS, and got ELLE

For some reason I have been getting Elle magazine instead of Marie Claire... So the company clearly fails at this, but I still read the Elle that gets sent. However, it isn't what I wanted obviously.

The Magazine Diva Says........

I enjoy Marie Claire but they could "step it up" a bit. Splurge vs. Steal probably sells their magazine for them. Often I notice repeat information, or feature products that appear in 4 other fashion magazines. More originality would be helpful. And it really pissed me off that the fengshui article was such a limited target market. (I'll still read next month's addition. I have to find out the best "steal"!)

Magazine took a while to get here

Not much you can say for a magazine. Order on 6/19/2010 did not get the magazine until 8-1-2010.
In the end it came. Just beware that it takes 4-10 weeks before you get your magazine.

Marie Claire Let's You Dream of Being a Model

Sexy fashions, new make overs, and finding out just how to please your man ... aren't these what all the women's magazines boast these days? Let's see if we can change who YOU are!

I tend to pick up the Marie Claire magazine once or twice a year. Usually it is when I'm considering a new hair style or want to get some ideas for the holiday fashions. But other than that, I tend to pass right on by this magazine at the store.

But the unfortunate thing about the fashions are that most of them are things that wouldn't be worn by the "average" woman, whether to work or to go out for a night on the town. Most of them are rather risque and would only look good on someone that is a size 5 or below.

But isn't it nice to dream every once in a while?

There are a lot of beauty tips within the magazine, whether it be how to apply you eyeshadow to make your eyes stand out more or which new types of makeup are better for reflecting UV rays! Yes, every once in a while, you can actually learn something new.

As for the articles ... well, can they really focus on sex, men and "women's" issues (i.e. time of the month) in every single issue? It seems they have found a way. Because no matter which issue I pick up that seems to be the focus.

Other than those items, the rest of the magazine is made up of advertisements. Expensive clothing, stinky perfumes (lots of samples), and lots of beauty supplies. I haven't counted, but in the 260 page magazine that I'm referring back to, I'd be willing to take a bet that half of the pages have advertising on them (most are full pages).

Overall, I just have to be thankful that I only pick up Marie Claire once in a blue moon (and hopefully it was already bought by someone else). It is fun to day dream and wish I was one of these skinny little models that can afford all the clothing they wear. And I have also found quite a few hairstyles that I definitely ruled out before getting my own hair cut. :-)

Personally, I wouldn't really recommend this magazine to anyone. But if you want to look at pretty people, pretty clothes, and a lot of advertising, have at it.


waste of money

This magazine is priced twice as much as it should ever be worth!
Marie Claire is full with boring air-brushed advertisment, with an occasional half hearted attempt of a story, not to mention the unrelistic fashion and the price tags to go with them!
This magazine is purely marketed at females whole occasionally like to think they are a class above the normal soap opera and gossip magazines!
I do not like this magazine in particular as it promotes low-self esteem to the reader, by having unrelistic model sizes and totally air-brushed images, such as face complexion and blemishes.
I strongly recommend a boy-cot of this magazine.


Not what it once was

Marie Claire claims to be written for "Women of the World," but the changes that the magazine has undergone since the new editor entered have taken this publication far from their self-proclaimed audience.
The stories have become increasing vapid and sensationalized. Worse, the quality of the writing has greatly decreased overall. How sad that the editors think that a mainstream Women's magazine has to be written on the level of Seventeen Magazine!
Hopefully the magazine will get through their current growing pains and become an informative and fun fashion magazine again.