Reviews For Marie Claire Magazine

Fast Shipping, Great Magazine!

The magazine arrive in less than 4 weeks, and I very pleased with the content. I'm in my 30's so still like to be updated with the fashion statement but not with the Cosmopolitan dating stuff. Also like to read about the woman roles in the social topics. So I made an excellent choice and the price is great too, need to say more?

I love this magazine!

This is not your trashy beauty magazine. It has insightful articles, book recommendations, simple interviews, and of course beauty and style all in one. It also covers such things as politics but in a clear and concise manner. I really like this magazine. And i'm not embarassed to read it on the Subway because it doesn't have trashy or tacky sex articles like some other magazines. Marie Claire is a very mature and insightful magazine that provides good reading, nice pictures, and different opinions.

Wonderful, fast service!

Placed my order and got my first mag in about 4 wks, so it's even earlier than expected!! Got my May subscription about a week after that, so I am overall VERY VERY satisfied w/placing my mag order, and will definitely order other mags here in the future.

Good service

I am really happy with my magazine, it is what I was looking for.

Great women's magazine!!!

This is a wonderful magazine covering women's issues all over the world. Ir is one that I look forward to reading every month.

Fashion and Compassion

I have purchased this magazine for some years now. Not only does the magazine include wearable fashions, monthly it enlightens me to a serious problem regarding women and/or children in our world today. The most recent, an article about how counterfeit handbags and designer goods are made by children who suffer under the hands of slave labor to women in Somalia who still endure female mutilation. If you have an eye for fashion and compassion for people around our planet, this magazine is a must read!

My Favorite Magazine!

I love Marie Claire magazine! I have been a subscriber for over 5 years and I hope they never change this magazine. It has ton of great make-up, fashion and beauty articles but it also has lots of intelligent articles. It keeps readers looking good but also keeps readers informed about the U.S, world problems, and womens rights issues around the world. Unlike other fashion magazines, Marie Claire is not self absorbed or full of snooty articles or ugly clothing that costs as much as my house. It is a really good, interesting magazine at a great price!!

great for women's studies majors

this magazine is great if you are interested in social issure concerning women. I am a women's studies major, and i always use the special report section of this magazine for sources for my research

Such a Deal

I love magazines, but I hate buying them for four dollars a shot at a store or gas station. But this was just amazing, I only paid eight dollars, only eight dollars and I'm completely satisfied. I mean its just so much easier and the magazine itself is so great. I'm defiantly buying this for my friends and family. It makes a great gift and lasts a whole year and only for eight dollars. Such a deal.

A Good Airport Read

I am not a regular Marie Claire reader, nor have I ever really picked one up to read until my three-hour layover in the Cincinnati airport. What would we do without airport newsstands?!

Marie Claire?s August 2001 issue with Catherine Zeta Jones on the cover is one fine piece of work. I must say?I was extremely impressed.

Looking through the magazine now, I can tell you one of the publication?s strongest aspects:


There are some magazines that go out of their way to create a page design that is innovative, catchy, and reader friendly. TIME magazine is a great example, with (in my opinion) the finest staff of magazine designers on this good planet.

Marie Claire, like any fashion magazine is colorful, extremely picture-oriented, and has large popping headlines. It never looks overdone though (like Entertainment Weekly). Some of Entertainment Weekly?s spreads have way too many things going on at once. Readers usually become frustrated when information is presented all at once, and will most likely read past it.

Marie Claire?s information has been broken down very nicely, which causes the issue to be a little bit thicker. The thickness is definitely worth the awesome layout though. Trust me.

One other note about the design is that they aren?t afraid to use bright loud colors like dark pinks, orange, and teals. The coloring isn?t too crazy, but it works really well with the publication.


The photos are plentiful?but lets be honest. This isn?t National Geographic. The photos are mostly people-oriented, but of course they all look really cool :) So yeah, maybe there?s not too much to say about the photos?but this is only a fashion magazine though. Don?t worry. Seriously?don?t freak out. Please!


As you might have guessed, Marie Claire is a women?s magazine. It?s hard to narrow down to just style, news or weight loss though. It has a great variety of coverage. The August 2001 issue for example includes:

136 Best Beauty Buys & easy how-tos

Your looks, your body: What do men think?

SEX from good to great---what?s the secret?

Take control?less stress, more time

Tone your body in two days

10 tips for flawless skin

Know the signs?What?s your body telling you?

Where miniskirts are banned

New: 1093 fashion, hair, & makeup looks for you

Catherine Zeta Jones interview

Personally, I found the ?Your looks, your body: What do men think?? article thing was really interesting. They took six women, all different ages and backgrounds, and showed three different men a photograph of them. Each one had to determine age, status, occupation, number of sexual partners, typical Saturday night, is she sexy, would you ask her out? I thought it was pretty interesting getting some guy?s thoughts on what they think when they see things like leopard-print skirts or knee-length ones.

Overall, I found Marie Claire to have many interesting stories, a great variety of photos and colors, and an amazing design. It will without doubt keep you occupied for at least a good hour I would say. It got me through a little more than 1/3 of my wait at the airport! I?d say that?s pretty good!