Reviews For Marie Claire Magazine

If you subscribe to ONE "women's magazine" this should be it

I've subscribed to every women's magazine out there from Vogue to Jane over the years and Marie Claire presents the best mix of issues and fashion. Marie Claire is ideal for the woman who not only wants to know about serious issues concerning women (sex slaves in foreign countries; abortion, etc.,) BUT also wants to know what clothes/makeup are "in" this year. The "splurge" and "steal" section (featured monthly) highlights the hot picks for the month (from lipstick to purses) and gives you the HIGH end version and the more affordable version -- plus who makes it. LOVE this magazine.

Marie Claire

One of the few magazines that I have to read from cover to cover. I highly recommend this publication. Also, it was an amazing price! Well worth it.

Great Magazine at a great price

I have been a fan of Marie Claire for years, but always thought that the subscription price was too much. Now I have a magazine I love at a more than reasonable price!

for 30 somethings and younger

This is a great magazine for fashion and trends if you are in highschool, college, or 20s and 30s. After 40, no way.

looking for great articles ???

If your undecided whether this magazine is worth it, take my word for is.What I love about this magazine is their articles, every month they have intriguing article for you to read.Their are some celebrity articles, but their main attracting articles are those that come from all around the world and the ones that deal with current social issues.And without fail they have great monthly recommendations on music,books, movies. My subscriptions is almost up and I'll definitely be renewing.

A Serious Woman's Magazine

This magazine is perfect. Fashion and Make Up of course but no other magazien will give you reports on women around the world, In depth articles on celebrities and what they are doing to make the world a better place, Opportunities to donate to fantastic organizations, Relationship not just sex advice, and a true look at what concerns woman.

Me and my best friend Marie Claire

Every issue is like a night out for drinks with the girls! It covers everything we talk about from men and sex to fashion and beauty, even health tips, and especially what's going on in the world today! Everything that effects a woman in today's society.
It's honest, earnest and fun to read.

Marie Claire is my best friend and my best friend's best friend. Keep up the good work.

Nearly Perfect

I got this subscription because of its shockingly low price and because I wanted to simply have something that gave me ideas for my wardrobe and gave me new insights. This completely fullfilled what I wanted. While the fashions displayed are a above my price range the magazine puts good ideas together and has interesting stories and interviews. I just wished it was longer or that they published bi-monthly.

nice magazine delivered as said

I ordered Marie Claire 11/26/2010 and I got my first issue on 12/23/2010 so exactly as stated (4 to 6 weeks). Nice magazine.

best women's magazine ever!

I've had a subscription to Marie Claire for about a year. I've tried out tons of different women's magazines over the past 10 years but this is the first one that I've really loved. It is the perfect balance between beauty, fashion, and enlightening articles. I don't feel like the stories are just trash that has been rehashed year after year like most other young women's magazines. And the topics it covers are really interesting and full of "girl power". They also feature female stars that are respectable rather than the ones that make me totally disappointed in my generation. I've been so impressed by Marie Claire that I've acutally bought subscriptions for my friends. The low subscription price is totally worth it!