Reviews For Lucky Magazine

I look forward to every issue!

If you are always looking for new beauty products and want to know about the hottest fashions, this magazine is for you! I have found out about some great products by reading Lucky that I probably wouldn't have learned about otherwise.

It definitely falls in the category of "light reading"! Great for bringing with you on an airplane, and kind of like looking through a catalog, only more informative and with products from lots of different stores and companies.

I love the "Yes!" and "Maybe" stickers that come with each issue. Helps you keep track of all those items you want to consider purchasing later on.

My only complaint is that many of the clothes are REALLY expensive. Would be nice to see more reasonbly priced items.


Ok, first of all, to settle the skinny-model debate, truth is that fashions spreads are shot way before they appear in the magazine so only samples of the clothes are available then. Fashion samples come exclusively in sizes 5 to 7 (or used to last time I checked) so it takes a model that is a 5 to 7 to model them. Also, in Lucky's defense I have to say that A LOT of their fashion pictures feature only the clothes laid out with no one wearing them, but anyway...

As far as the magazine goes, I enjoy it. Since it devotes itself entirely to shopping, it gives great advice on fashion, beauty, and home decorating. To be honest with you, I'd become disillusioned with other magazines as far as fashion went (No Cosmo, sadly I don't wear green satin gym short shorts with stilettos to the office) and the fashion Lucky presents seems far more real. True, I still find the occasional "I'd never wear that" item but mostly I find great tips for dressing either up or down, office or weekend. It's great. More than anything, it works amazingly well as a shopping companion what with some more affordable stores are coming out with great items, Lucky along with its "Yes" and "Maybe?" tags is great to take along and copy a few looks for a lot less. Some people have given some very negative reviews but they should realize that this magazine works as a guide, not a rulebook.

The Beauty section is good but not great and certainly not that different from Beauty sections found in any other magazine of this type. I'm not gonna remark so much on it except I enjoy the previews of new products.

The home decorating part I really enjoy. For the most part, the looks they propose are neutral and pretty Still, they find a few looks that are more daring and I'm certain a lot of people are eager to try. No matter the looks you choose, decorating in this manner is way easy to emulate at home.

With so many areas where to glean useful advice, this is agreat all-around magazine. Obviously if you don't enjoy shopping, this is not the maagzine for you but still fun to look at. Whether you enjoy following its advice or taking it shopping with you or not, Lucky makes for a well-rounded shopping chica!

Lucky is a star

A magazine about shopping ... Does it get any better? It's like a whole issue of "What's Hot Now". If you like handbags, shoes, and clothes this one's for you. Info on cosmetics and skincare as well as hair too! It helps keep you posted on the latest styles in every price range. Recommends items from Target to 5th Ave. Some issues are better than others. I love the "sticky tabs" they provide for "tabbing" pages when you see somthing you like.

Fun to look at but will send you to poor house

Lucky is a great magazine to look at and then look at again. It usually takes me a couple of hours to look at all the fashions. I have discovered some great fashion websites because of the magazine but other than that I can't say I can actually go out and buy anything they feature. Even the up and coming designers are out of my price range. They used to feature affordable fashions but now they seem to have fallen in love with the name brand or boutique stuff. Plus, can we please have these New York magazines stop talking about H & M. There is no H & M stores where I live. So stop toying with me.

better than a catalog

I love catalogs. I could spend hours paging through urban outfitters and jcrew, dogearing pages and assembling imaginary outfits. I know it's sick. But what else do I really have to do. It's like window shopping from the comfort of the couch. And that is exactly what Lucky is.

There really is no content other than ads for clothes and other girly products, whether they are magazine features or honest-to-god ads. All the better, I say. It just means there aren't any so-called "articles" on 50 ways to please your man to flip past. I want to please me, and those Steve Madden pumps are just the way to do it. This sounds really sad, I know, and somewhere deep in my brain my eighteen-year-old, politically-aware, punk-listening self is screaming in agony. But the twenty-eight-year-old self rules and I admit that I care how I look now. A lot. Ok, so I'm shallow. Whatever.

I disagree with those who say that Lucky shows only expensive clothes. They regularly show a selection of similar styles ranging from Marc Jacobs on down to the Gap and Ann Taylor Loft. I'm pretty sure I've seen some stuff from Target in there too. I haven't renewed my subscription yet, but I'm sure I will.

Truly great eye candy for fashionistas!

I love leafing through the issues, looking at all the latest styles and colors! It's definitely not mentally stimulating in any way, just great fashion and accesories to mull over buying!

Caution: No advice for the lovelorn within

Finally, a women's magazine that sticks to what it knows. No articles about how to keep your man, your boss, your friends, your mom, your cat, etc. happy.

Just easy-to-follow, practical advice for working the latest fashions into your wardrobe.

I agree that the cover is a weak spot--but you won't be disappointed by the contents.

Not a replacement for typical women's mags - and that's why I like it.

I've subscribed to this magazine since 2001. To help you avoid all misconceptions, there are no stories - it's not a "women's" magazine in that sense. The magazine focuses on the latest styles and fashions and, in my opinion, does not insist on designer name brands to meet these styles but will rather focus on a particular "look" that can be replicated. Many of the items in the actual magazine are costly designer items, but what I've always used the magazine as was to provide a blue print to copy a certain look and as a guide for fantastic shopping all over the world.

This is much more like a shopping survivor's handbook - there's no frilly nonsense, just down to business fashion ideas.

I give it 4 stars because in the time I've had the magazine, I've seen it go from almost all content to almost all advertising - there is a lot of advertising - but that's the problem with fashion magazines as they get to be more successful.

I thought I'd do without it

I thought, eh, Lucky magazine, i don't really need this anymore... so I broke it off. (I am a college student, so, I'm a little bit poor. Lol.)

I was wrong. I love Lucky. I know fashion and trends are kind of an "air head" market, but I'm going to subscribe again because:

A.) I am a design student, and fashion and trends are chock full of design elements

B.) I subscribe to Newsweek and I watch the news all the time. It is depressing, Lucky is not.

C.)After coming home from a long day of classes and work, it's not so bad to want to read something with lots of pretty pictures, is it? (The answer is no, that is not bad.)

Lucky rocks. Seriously. If you want something that's fun to read and fun to look at it's great. I don't recommend it for people who are in deep credit card debt becasue they just HAD to have the latest designer handbag, becuase this will get you into trouble. FOr everyone else, who just wants to look hip... or just plain sytled. Lucky is a great magazine.

Always looking to buy more? Get this magazine.

Lucky is not exactly a fashion magazine, it is discribed as a shopping guide type of magazine by the publishing company. If you are like me, always hunting for new places to shop around, don't really do much budget control(even I do want to), make couple of impulse buy per month, or just like to know what's hanging on the shelves this season, Lucky is for you. Some reviewer mentioned that this is practically a catalog or nothing but ads, well as a shopping guide it does serve the purpose right. Don't subscribe if you are expecting some deep and insightful fashion articles or makeover tutorials!