Reviews For Lucky Magazine

Not for the Girl Next Door

This magazine is definitely not geared toward the girl next door. The products featured are typically very pricey. Also, it is all about fashion, so if you're not a fashionista, look for another magazine.

Not for the average woman!

This magazine offers many different outfits but not for the average shopper, at least I hope not. The price of most of the pieces is over ... Which after buying 4 or 5 pieces to make up a complete outfit (... and up) is a little pricey for an outfit to wear out on a Saturday night. This magazine can help you find cute clothes ideas and then it's up to you to try to find something similar in your budget. My advice is to not waste your money on this magazine and find outfits you like from other magazines with more substance.

Virtually Nothing but Ads

I'm glad my subscription is expiring. I found nothing of use in 12 issues of this magazine. Even the articles seemed suspect like the authors were given a list of products to promote.

why do I have old issues!?

I like the magazine, but its pretty ridiculous that when I started my subscription they sent me last months issue, I got Septembers issues a couple weeks later, and the now there is an issue on stands that I don't have. I'm sorry but people who have a regular subscription to a magazine should get it BEFORE it hits news stands!!!

Not even worth a glace

Every once in a while I will pick up Lucky magazine and everytime I feel ripped off. The clothing isn't crazy expensive like in Elle or Harper's Bazaar but what they pick for clothing is just not even trendy, its just ugly. I'm all for having an individual clothing style but their items are just not wearable in daily life. And their "real life" models have these extravagant jobs that allow them to spend high amounts on clothing and wear tacky shirts. And each one seems to have that faux bowlegged stance when showing off their clothes...I have to admit, their section on shoes and accessories is very good, lots of unique pieces to add to any wardrobe that won't break the bank.

Trendy, but not realistic

It had been awhile since I had read a Lucky Magazine, but I thought surely it must be full of the latest fashions and how to incorporate those elements in a sensible (yet trendy) way. Needless to say, I was not impressed. The mag is more advertising than content. The editors do not address different body types very much. The mag shows very little cultural diversity. Overall I was not pleased. I would flip through this mag if I did not have reading material at the gym, but I would not spend hard-earned money buying it. You would get better style advice by finding a catalog that dressed their models in a style you enjoyed.

Deceptive Subscription Practices

Not only did I find the magazine nothing more than a junky catalog...but you should watch out when you subscribe to Lucky Magazine or any other Conde Nast owned magazine. They will automatically renew your subscription after the first year (I DID NOT sign up for auto renewal) and will continue to send bills. I asked for and paid for one year only!


I got a free subscription to LUCKY.Its a good thing because I would have been very not happy if I had paid for one.Every time I look through the pages of Lucky I wince at what I am seeing.The clothes are that UGLY!It almost scares me to think that there are women that would dress like this(young girls -MAYBE).I am 27 and LOVE clothes,shoes and make-up-But NOT anything in this magazine.
Trendy and very quirky to put it kindly.Not a magazine for the stylish,classy and chic sort of woman out there.
You will find "new" ways to wear an UGLY gold lame top.Or ugly brown cords with an athletic tank and granny shoes or maybe an ugly knee length skirt with an argyl sweater updated from 1982....or how to wear a grey hooded sweatshirt 4 different ways-one stupider than the next.
Or maybe you are planning a trip to Hong Kong-good!becasue they are going to show a map of HONG KONG(!??)
This magazine is truly horrible.Don't waste your money unless you LIKE what I have described.

Worst magazine ever!

This magazine is a complete waste. I am somehow receiving a free subsciption or I would never even look at this piece of junk. It takes me less than 5 minutes to "read" the whole thing. There is no content other than a bunch of pictures of clothes and shoes that most people can't afford to buy. Do not waste your time on this magazine!!

Why would you pay money for this magazine????

Why would you pay money for this magazine???? It's just a bunch of advertisements with NO useful information what so ever. Would you buy tickets to the movie theater to watch nothing but commercials?