Reviews For Lucky Magazine

Fahion and shopping, without the silly articles...

If you are looking for a magazine full of insightful articles on global affairs, this is not it. Thankfully, I was looking for a magazine full of pictures illustrating what's in fashion at this moment, where to buy it, and how to wear it. "Lucky" did the trick. I do not have a natural talent/eye for fashion. Yet, with the help and inspiration I find in "Lucky", I feel I am able to sustain a reputation as a well dressed person (at the same time staving off that frumpy look that so many women tend to adopt with the onset of middle age...). Two thumbs up and many thanks to the editors!
(Four stars only, as I would like to see more fashions specifically for the 30's/40's set)

The perfect magazine for shoppers

Lucky is exactly what it says: the magazine all about shopping. It's perfect for finding fashion, beauty, and decorating items of all sorts, and includes guides on shopping for other interesting things each months (Sake, or bicycles, for example). The magazine is well laid-out and fun to look at, and most of the content is well worth reading. Don't expect anything outide the realm of shopping, however. Unlike other women's magazines, you wont find any dumbed-down articles on relationships, health, or sex here. Lucky has generally done a good job of providing items for all budgets in the past. It seems that lately things have gotten slightly more pricey, but there are still more than enough bargain finds to make it more than worth-while for those on a small budget.

One of the better US fashion mags

I've been a Lucky subscriber for years. What appealed to me in the beginning still holds true today: Fashion trends translated into wearable looks, a focus on emerging designers and lesser known labels, a range of items presented in terms of affordability, and an appealing page layout that maximizes content. You won't find page after page of ads in Lucky. The articles fashion focused - no delving in personal matters or politics, it's just fashion. It's also a great resource for new online retailers and promo codes. Highly recommend Lucky. I hope it's always this spot on when it comes being what a shopper wants.

A fun and useful escape mag

Lucky is a really handy way to shop. Far more useful than Vogue, it features clothes you can actually get, without the limitations of a catalog. It also skips the 'how to trap a man' fodder of other women's magazines and is fun to flip through.

Great way to get new ideas

This is a great magazine to use when you want to change your wardrobe or just update it. It is fun, informative and always has ways to save money and get the most out of your wardrobe. The only problem I have had is that the outfits they make are overdone. There are to many items put together or there are to many colors, patterens in one outfit, but it gives you an idea of what is possible and gives you the freedom to adjust looks to your own personal style.

Lucky is great for younger women

Got this 1 yr. subscription for free with another order. I enjoy looking at it however, it is very much geared for younger women.

Fun magazine

This is a fun magazine to read. I have a subscription. They really stay on top of the current trends and have some really good discounts for readers as well.

lucky magazine

This magazine has the unique aspect of being presented in the voice of the editors for each section. The highlighting of different products is helpful due to the insights given.

If you love to shop

If you love to shop you will love this magazine. It has tons of up to date fashion tips and showcases products that range from affordable to something that is more of a splurge. It also has coupon codes for things that are shown in the magazine. Great great articles as well :)

Great magazine well worth the price

I was initially turned off by Lucky because I figured the last thing I needed was a "magazine about shopping," which is how it bills itself. When I finally picked up a copy, though, I was pleasantly shocked to discover that this is NOT just another "you must have this item" magazine -- it's a magazine on how to DRESS, not so much how to shop. It gives great, wearable, classy ideas on different ways to wear each item, including many items you already own. It has earned me its subscription price many times over just by showing me new ways to wear items I was ready to give up on. While specific items are featured, it's easy to pick up on what the general desired style is so you can find a more reasonably priced equivalent. I find that the featured items also offer a nice blend of pricey and reasonable. All in all, an excellent magazine.