Reviews For Lucky Magazine

Like a good deal.

Do you like a good deal or want to know what's new-this is the magazine for you.

perfect for the fashionista

lucky is a great, quick read. the stickers make it easy to tag and remember great looks, fab stores and products/websites to check out.

I love looking at glossy pictures of clothes

... and getting ideas based on the latest styles. Yes, it's basically a cataloge of girls playing dress up, but it is almost as fun looking at the outfits as it was playing dress up as a kid.


This is the best shopping and style magazine EVER! PERIOD! I'm serious, the pages are completely FILLED with tips on how to wear type s of clothes or patterns, how to find something that flatters you, places to go to find designer items for 1/4 of the cost. Few ads, lots of editorial reviews and suggestions, I love getting this magazine.

Great Magazine!

I subscribe and love this magazine. It has affordable items and not so affordable items. Worth the time to flip through this!

More than shopping

I subscribe to Lucky because it doesn't have articles on topics like relationships. Somewhere along the way, I lost touch with what is fashionable and I like that Lucky shows you how to put outfits together. It shows you how to "Dress Around" an article of clothing, or how to make a week's worth of outfits from a few pieces. I've become a fashion klutz so Lucky is a BIG help.

The Magazine Diva says.......

Even if this magazine is a mag-a-log, what would we do without it? September issue rocks with Eva Mendes on the cover and some juicy fall finds inside. The biggest news? Lucky has found a way to shop with your cell while stuck in traffic. It's about time technology got up with our lifestyle!

Best shopping Magazine

Forget about shop etc... Lucky is the best shopping mag by far. I got alot of coupons for full size products an, samples inside of Lucky magazine. I love me some free samples! I am from NYC and you have to know what's wearing and all, so this mag let me know a whole lot about fashion, makeup, hair produts, house wares etc.

An Absolute Must

Lucky gives you all you want:
the current trends, fashion 101s, pages of nothing but shoes or bags. Pick it up and see how great it is!

For the hard core shopper!!!

Don't even think about this magazine unless you are into shopping!!! I thought I had everything I needed until I peeked into Lucky one day.

The magazine scours the globe to find great items from clothing and accessories to cosmetics to housewares and so forth. They even listed sites for locating old-fashioned sweets and soda (great gift for a parent or grandparent)!

Each month features a different city in the world and the great shops recommended. Addresses and websites are also included in case you fall in love with something pictured.

One of my favorite features of Lucky is the page with all of the stickers. They are divided into Yes! and Maybe?. You simply peel them off and attach them to the page you are drooling over. This prevents messy "dog-eared" and lost pages.

One last feature I like is that they offer a toll-free number to call if you are having any difficulty locating items in the magazine. I know I have encountered more than a few headaches in the past trying to locate an item found in a magazine.