Reviews For Lucky Magazine

Feeling Lucky?

I would just like to say that you should not listen to the people who rated this great magazine so low. Lucky does an awesome job of showing us what is hot for the current season.
1) It DOES NOT just show skinny models in the in-style clothes, they have plenty of sections that are products only.
2) For those who criticise the price of the items they show, you can also use Lucky as a guide when you go shopping so you can see the styles in cheaper brands.
3) For those of you who want articles and something to read, then obviously a magazine called "the magazine all about shopping" is not for you, so it is not right to rate the magazine so low.

Great Reading!

My addiction is shopping for clothes, make-up, and anything interesting or quirky, and Lucky showcases it all and tells you where to buy it. In every issue they dissect different looks and show you how to build them yourself, which doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on name brands.
Since I travel a lot, I LOVE the shopping guides for different cities. Many times you don't have the time to find the best shopping (I'm usually horribly disappointed by the mainstream shops that are easy to find) and this takes all the guesswork out of shopping in a strange city.

worth ure while

I love shopping but like most people i am not in the entertainment industry to have all that stash to spend!!
lucky is a great magazine because it does tell you the new styles though it is a bit pricey at times.i basically look at the stuff and try and find a cheaper alternative when i go shopping.basically if ure looking to find the latest styles in clothes and makeup and r notinterested in reading any articles about life and sex, go pick it up!!

Don't go shopping without Lucky!

Lucky Magazine teaches women how to shop better by explaining how to wear different articles of clothing, shows what to look for (and avoid) in investment pieces, and how to utilize clothing for more than one season. The Yes and Maybe stickers are wonderful! Lucky provides guidance to help develop a workable wardrobe not just a closet filled with fleeting clothing trends.

The "It" magazine for those who love to shop.

I look forward to getting this delivered to me every month. If you are into clothes, handbags, accessories, shoes, fragrances, or beauty products then you will love Lucky. Right down to the little stickers that are available for you to place on your "YES/Maybe" items.

Lucky gives your trendy, classic, chic, preppy - whatever your taste may be. I like to see what's hot and then try to find copy-cats of the designer duds b/c who really can afford to spend(...) on a pair of Manolo shoes??

THE ONLY fashion magazine you need

LUCKY leaves out snobby reviews and goings-on of the wealthy and
focuses on the average American woman with the average American bank account. Instead of seeing outrageous runway fashions you'll never be able to afford or have an occasion to wear, you see pages and pages of beautiful clothes that you can actually afford and tells you where to find them. The best ideas are here for reviving your old wardrobe with the best choices of today's fashions. This is a must buy!

all shopping, all the time

Lucky magazine has it right. All shopping, all the time. No silly pretending-to-be-intellectual editorials, self-help columns, or dumb career advice. Just shopping. I subscribe to several fashion, home decor and art magazines, and this is the one I flip through most. Great suggestions on how to wear the latest trends, features on shoes/purses/jackets/etc., profiles of shopping in different cities, cool items for your home, beauty products galore, and of course, where to buy! It is like all the best boutiques and catalogs wrapped into one.

Great style ideas. No dumb, repetitive articles.

This is the only women's fashion magazine I find worth paying for. Every magazine has the same articles over and over again that I'm sick of looking at (how to please your man, how to cover up a zit in an emergency, etc). I think the clothing ideas in the magazine are a great jumping off point, and I love how they show you different ways of wearing things that you already own and haven't thought about wearing a certain way. Sometimes the clothes are kind of pricey, but the pictures give you great ideas of what to look for when you're out shopping in the stores you feel more comfortable in.

Fun magazine, great for shopping

This magazine is pretty cool. In the beginning of the magazine is a page full of stickers that you can place on pages that interest you. I find this to be a pretty unique feature. The magazine is full of quick little articles on every product of interest to women: clothes, styles, hair products, skin care products, etc. For someone who is interested in what is new or popular out there right now, this magazine will give you lots of new things to check out. I have had lots of magazine subcriptions to popular women's magazines... and this is one that I have renewed!

Lucky To Find Lucky!

I really love this magazine because it not only shows great new products, it also reminds you of old faves. Lucky keeps you up on the trends but also gives you tips for the classics. I've gotten this subscription for my shoppin' loving girlfriends. Makes a great, "indulgent" gift that keeps giving all year long.