Reviews For Lucky Magazine


All women's magazines are about shopping, but Lucky wears its commerce on its sleeve ('the magazine about shopping',) -- the honesty is refreshing. Lucky's editorial board goes against the "vicarious consumerist" grain of most bourgeoisie rags and instead focuses its efforts on merchandise both the proletariat and the marginalized middle-class can afford. It's essential, for women who want to buy stuff.


I love this magazine. If you love shopping you will also love it!!!!! The prices range from 20 some to thousands. YOu can find clothing that you want at different stores for diff. prices. They also include post it notes in the magazine so you can place them on the items that you like.

How much do you love shopping?

This is not the kind of magazine you read, at least not cover to cover. This is for serious shopping, or shopping ideas. Feel a whole in your wardrobe? Lucky can tell you what to put in it for a variety of price ranges. That is one of the reasons I really like this magazine it shows different price ranges of a style so you can decide how much you want to spend on the perfect look. It also gives great website types, which is very helpful when your stuck out in the middle of the continent. The "everyday girl" advice on mixing and maxing is often lacking, but the magazine makes up for it with pages of clothing, shoes, etc. Devoted to shopping, pick this up.

Focuses on exactly what I want to know

When I want commentary or stories, I'll turn to other magazines. But Lucky focuses on exactly what I need - what's hot, what's in style, how to pair different pieces together for either work or going out, and what accessories to wear with what. When you don't work in a big city, you can get a little out of touch with style, and this magazines shows you how to keep in style for a budget. Excellent.

I love Lucky!

I have never been a big fan of the magazines aimed at women. They only contained a few things I was interested in and never enough about the things I wanted to read. The few shopping articles were generally devoted to high dollar merchandise that I could not even dream of being able to purchase. Enter Lucky - a shopping magazine for REAL women. Sure, there are some big ticket items, but they have no fear of recommending a shoe from Jimmy Choo right beside one you can buy from Target. They show you how to get the look for less and have more articles about the things I want to know. And at this price, it is not a big risk to give it a try. You never know, you might end up hooked like me!

"Lucky" the shoppers magazine

We first discovered this publication traveling in Canada. My daughters are avid shoppers and "lucky" doesn't waste a single page. Cover to cover it's full of valuable information if you like fashion/shopping. Each issue includes a page of removable tabs for the reader to mark pages, particular items, information you might want to refer to later. FUN, FUN, FUN if your Paris Hilton or my daughters!

lucky nagazine

I just love all the information the magazine as to offer.The best in the back of it It'll have what's new in your area.

Nice magazine

This is a great shopping magazine. It's got all the newest trendy stuff in it like most women's magazines but it's less heavy on stories and other stuff which is good for people who are looking for new fashion ideas.

My favorite magazine

Lucky is definitely for the shopaholic. I love that it shows a wide range of clothes from really expensive to really affordable. I'm always excited to get my new magazine in the mail. It gives you ideas on great to places to shop - especially on the internet. The fashion and makeup tips are always helpful. But if you're looking for a magazine about celebrity styles or more storylines, you might do better with InStyle instead. This one is mainly dedicated to shopping, shopping, shopping. But that's what it says on the cover.

Great magazine!

I love this magazine. I love to shop and it is up to date with all new styles. They have a special section that takes one town such as Las Vegas and lists all the good shopping places. I cannot wait to go to Las Vegas and check them out. Every month a new town is featured. If you like to shop, you will love this magazine.