Reviews For Fitness Magazine

Inspiring & Motivating Magazine!

In the past year, Fitness has quickly become my favorite magazine. It affords me the opportunity to read realistic, inspiring stories about women like myself (20-something professional) who want to maintain a healthy and active lifestle. Every month I find useful suggestions to update my workout, make new recipes, and even style and beauty advice- Every page of the magazine is packed with information- even the advertisements have proven to be informative! This magazine is a one-stop-shop for any woman who leads an active lifestyle or is looking to become healthier.

very nice

very interesting magazine about women healthe

The title is misleading, but this is a good magazine

I bought my very first copy of fitness, intrigued by the contraddicting viewpoints. Personally, I like it. It's rare for me to find a magazine that has it all, most women magazines are either too shallow (only fashion and makeup) or too "homey" (cooking, house decorating, Martha Stewart style). I am 25, so I like fashion news and makeup suggestions, but because I am also married and have a child, I am interested in recipes and health. Additionally, I like to keep in shape so I like to keep informed on the latest great fitness videos and workouts. And to keep in shape, you always need some motivation, and the success stories featured in the mag are of great help. This magazine has it all. And that's why "Fitness" is probably not the peftect title, but more like "Women's Best" or something, unless there is already a magazine with this title!

But afterall, who cares? The title doesn't really matter, what matters is the content, and this magazine's content is good.

Too much pressure

The magazine is full of useful tips for fitness and beauty. It has great recipes and exercise techniques, and even has some information on the latest health news. The part I don't like about it is that the models are those women who have probably been thin their whole life and many of the cover models don't really look all that fit, just thin. I sometimes feel like too much pressure is set on me (and perhaps other readers as well.)

For Those Who Are Health Conscience Or Who Want To Be!!!

Folks, honestly I don't have a subscription to the magazine, but, I have read a number of copies, and it's clear that this magazine is made for those who are either in shape, or who want to be. I have a neighbor who gets these every month, and folks, they have helped her take off POUNDS!!! Lots of great health conscience recipes, tips on beauty(if you think about it, beauty is a part of being fit since most people who work out also want to be more attractive), and great exercise routines can be found in this magazine, In fact, that's what the magazine mostly consists of, exercises. It's not one of those publications where you find yourself looking at articles not even remotely related to the main topic of the magazine. So if you are someone who wants to tone your body, lose some pounds or learn other ways to make your life more healthier(did I spell that right?), it's hard to beat Fitness!!!

Fitness mag very helpful.

I have read Fitness for several years. I find it is quite motivational - it keeps me on track with exercising and diet. While I agree with some of the other reviewers on this site that Fitness sometimes touts extremes of diet and exercise, I think for the most part the articles give a reasonable regimen for the average person. I have been pleasantly suprised to see a change, lately, in the weight and body shapes of the fitness models. The last couple of issues have included some models with a more realistic shape. In addition, the editor's note at the beginning of the last issue put out a call for 40 and over women to send in their success stories. Most 40 and overs, like myself, have a harder time getting big results - I would like to hear from some of these women who have succeeded.
I understand that all women's bodies do not react to diet in the same way. Therefore, one diet plan will not work for all - however, I did find a diet plan that was great for me several years back in Fitness. I lost part of the printouts and Fitness was kind enough to send me a copy of the article last month!!!! Yes!!! I have my whole diet plan back!!!!


When the publishers of my all-time favorite women's fitness magazine (Muscle & Fitness Hers) decided to stop producing it, I had to find a suitable alternative. While it's not as "meaty" as Muscle & Fitness Hers, it's a good, inspiring read. It devotes too much space to fluffy stuff like clothing and makeup (and ug, even a few celebrities), but overall I would recommend least until something better comes along!

On your way to the top!

If you are currently on a diet/exercise program or are thinking about starting one, this magazine provides information and motivating articles that will help you along. There are success stories, easy to follow exercise tips and other helpful articles pertaining to the subject of looking and feeling better about yourself. There are also helpful monthly reviews of widely advertised exercise equipment.

The models are a bit too "thin" or this magazine would get 5 stars.

fitness within reach

Having many components of healthy living in one magazine is why I buy Fitness. I love to cook and try to make diet and nutrition a priority in my life- and Fitness makes it easier with healthy recipe & snack ideas. At the same time I can fine tune my fitness routine with the variety of workout ideas they provide each month. There are a lot of magazines on stands that deliver the same types of articles, but I agree with previous reviews that Fitness represents more REAL women. Its not intimidating or out of reach. As long as I want to stay motivated to be my healthiest- I'll be reading.

Keep 'em moving

This is a good thing. Anything that can keep the folks moving in the right direction is great. I like the idea of seeing people at the top end of the fitness ladder but also want to see those who are doing the best with what they have. A decent magazine is in a perfect place to make it happen because of the on-going exposure.