Reviews For Fitness Magazine

Not for the semi-serious fitness buff

I read this on the elliptical at the gym sometimes, and mainly find myself skimming over the weight-loss articles and snickering at the strength-training advice. There's an interesting article here and there, but (like most magazines of its type) Fitness is targeted toward women who *want* to get into shape, not to women who *are* in half-decent shape and want to improve their performance. If you're happy with your weight, there's not much to interest you here. If you're serious about building strength, you'll find Fitness buys into the "toning" myth, and a lot of the articles give the impression they even believe in spot-reducing. An overweight beginner would probably find useful information and motivation here (so long as she keeps it in mind that crunches won't do a thing to make her waist smaller), which is why I'll give it two stars, but for me reading Fitness only marginally beats setting down the magazine and looking up at Fox News.

Mediocre at best

I would like to give this somewhere between 2.5 and 2.8, as it's not quite a 3, but oh well.

Like other reviewers have said, there are a lot of fluff pieces in this magazine. There are some decent fitness and nutrition articles, but I always feel like I'm hearing the same-old, same-old every time I read this. Newbies to fitness and nutrition/health probably would benefit most from this magazine, but if you are a serious fitness buff everything probably will all seem like old news to you. A lot of the issues are very similar to each other month to month, also, and within a year's subscription there's not much deviation in stories. After finishing an issue, I usually end up feeling like there could have been so much more offered to the readers, and it's almost always very mediocre.

No Women of Color on the Magazine Covers

Occasionally when I go to the grocery store I pick up a magazine by the check out counter. So I bought an issue of Fitness magazine and then decided to get a subscription. I don't know what the heck I was thinking. Each time I got the issue I noticed there was always some skinny blond chick on the cover wearing a bikini. There were NEVER any women of color on the cover. So when I was sent a letter, asking if I'd like to renew my subscription, I said he11 no. I'm not wasting my money on a so-called fitness magazine that doesn't feature women of color on its cover. There's just no way. I thought fitness was for everybody, not just for skinny blondes who wear bikinis. And just because your skinny doesn't make you `fit' either. Skip this if possible.

Waste of Time

I subscribed to this magazine for a year and found it a waste of money. Every issue has a girl in a bikini on the front (can't a woman look sexy in anything but?) And every issue claims to have "the best ever exercise for...." ok..what about the last 10 issues that claimed to have the same thing..those exercises are no longer "best ever?" I didn't like the fashion sections, and I also don't like how there really aren't any articles. When I subscribe to a magazine I'd like to be able to read it, not just look at pictures. The only thing I liked about it were the success stories..and even those seemed repetitive...are we only allowed fruit and grilled chicken??

Not worth the time

I was not impressed with this magazine, which is supposed to be dedicated to fitness, as the title would suggest... It does have fitness-related articles in it, but also has a mixing of articles on the correct way to apply make-up, fashion ideas and trends, etc. If I wanted Glamour or Cosmopolitan, I would have bought them.

lots of expired coupons

We subscribed to this for a school fundraiser. The first issue came November 13 with many useful coupons, ONLY they expired in October 2006! I wish I could get my money back on a useless magazine filled with alot of advertising. If you want a decent health magazine, try PREVENTION. They have alot more to offer than this rag. Save your money, I wish I had!Take the time to search around. I hope this saves someone from making the mistake I had.

Not impressed

articles weren't anything new. mostly fluff and cosmetic/clothes ads. better info and exercises in Oxygen and Women's M&F.

mind body and fitness my ass!!!

This mag is all hype. They don't give you anything other than a bunch of ads of beautiful looking people who lost weight on diet pills and a bunch of girlie advice on what to wear and how to feel and the exersize routines make you look stupid when you try them at the gym. I'm tried of magazines that make you think you won't be happy till you obtain a certain "dress size".