Reviews For Fitness Magazine

Inspiring & Motivational

I love FITNESS.While I am not one of the perfectly proportioned size 6 models they almost always use I AM a more fit and healthy person because of the motivation I have gotten from this magazine.I have gone from a size 14 to a 10 with the help of excercise and nutritional tips I'v gotten from this magazine.I love to read the inspiring success stories of others who have reached theyre fitness goals.
I finally realized that if I put in the effort I too could be strong and healthy even if I am not tiny like a super model.
FITNESS has excercise routines that you can do at home that don't require lots of expensive equipment or a gym membership.I like the make up and fitness clothing articles too.
Overall FITNESS is a magazine for those that need motivation and information on how to get and stay healthy and have fun while getting there.

Get ready to Get In Shape!

If you want to get in shape then Fitness can help.I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and love all the ideas and tips I get for excercise from this magazine.
It offers nutritional information,diet plans,workout gear and beauty advice plus always has a new excercise routine and tips on staying fit.The success stories are great too.I could send in my photo to be in one of the success stories since I lost over 40 pounds a year ago but I am too shy.(lol)
All I know is that this magazine reminds me how good it feels to be at my best and I have learned some really great information from it.
I don't think you will be dissapointed if you really are serious about losing weight.Just remember that nobody can do it for you and that a magazine can only give you the information but you have to do the work yourself!


FITNESS helps give good, solid workout and diet ideas that are realistic to my busy life. But unlike the rest of the health and diet mags out there, FITNESS does not motivate you through there articles and then bombard you with a ton of ads for Chocolate Cherry Pies and "recipes that can clog your arteries in 5 minutes". Instead, FITNESS really stays true to the reader. They provide instruction and motivation along side of advertisements that support a healthy lifestyle!

great balance: major fitness, minor fashion

I've gone through nearly every fitness genre magazine and found this one to really focus on it's namesake. With new exercise tips each issue and focus on both whole body conditioning and isolation techniques, there are great tips for people at just about every fitness level. there's also some nice fashion and style sections, but they don't bombard the mag. The cooking section is more than I can do, but the option is great. This mag covers just about everything to get you in shape and looking good-- I highly recommend!!

All Around EXCELLENT...

I really do love this magazine. I also subscribe to Shape - but I find I get more real-life use out of my Fitness subscription. It has countless tips, tricks, information, suggestions and tons of recipes each issue.
Sure, the gals in the magazine are thin - but most are muscular and FIT and make you want to strive and keep working hard toward your goals...
It's a REAL magazine for us REAL (and realistic) girls.
Add it to your cart (or your Wish List!) - you'll be very happy that you did.

great magazine!

this magazine covers four main aspects: physical fitness, food & nutrition, health & beauty, and mental/spiritual health. it offers something in each and always has new and interesting information that is easy to understand for a person that is just a beginner in the fitness world or experienced. the focus is on physical fitness, and food, and the information is valid and easy to transfer over into everyday life. workouts are easy to understand, with good photos to illustrate, and almost all can be done without making a trip to the gym.

i compared this magazine to self, and found this one to be superior in all ways. although self was almost twice as thick, when i counted the pages of usable information that i wanted to pull out and keep (whether for good recipes, work-outs, articles, or products), fitness had over three times the amount of pages than self. it also has a minimal amount of advertising, compared to magazines such as self that seem to be pages of advertising with a little fluff inbetween every once in a while.

Real women like me!

Each January I look to magazines for new ways to get motivated, eat better and lose weight. Fitness has got it right- and guess what? They are speaking to women like me; who have hips! I enjoy reading this magazine each month because it does not intimidate me- it INSPIRES me! It provides useful information to get me started and keep me going. Who can relate to celebrities? NOT ME!

An exceedingly pleasant surprise!

Never one to exercise of my own volition, it takes an extra kick to make me get up and burn calories--much less eat healthily. This magazine presents such a positive, real-world face to well-being that after one issue, I was totally hooked on fitness, in every sense of the word. Their editors and contributors seem like real people with sense and spark, and their advice is on the mark. That first edition I picked up a while back belonged to my sister, and I have continued to snag her copies as much as I can. The investment of a sound self, however, makes me think it's time to buy my own subscription.

I love Fitness

I get bored easily working out, so I especially like how Fitness suggests new workouts every month. Fitness also keeps me up to date on what's going on in women's health and, more importantly, how to tell the difference between a fad diet and what really works. I'm in my 30s, but Fitness is perfect for all women who care about their health, from teenagers to senior citizens. I've read all the other exercise/health magazines, and there isn't any other magazine like Fitness.

Real Women! How REFRESHING!

I am an avid reader of fitness and health magazines and what is so REFRESHING about Fitness Magazine is actually seeing healthy, fit REAL women of all shapes, sizes and diverse backgrounds. Sure, there are advertisements but every fitness and health magazine has adverts. What is impressive about Fitness is the overall informational content regarding women's health. I especially enjoy learning about various women athletes-from snowboarders to surfers. It is also nice to read about and see models who are healthy and fit and definitely NOT ultra-thin or malnourished! Keep up the GREAT work FITNESS and continue to keep it REAL!