Reviews For Fitness Magazine

Fresh & Informative

I've subscribed to Fitness for several years now. It's a well-rounded magazine that blends topics on fitness, nutrition, health, and beauty without seeming pedantic. I save every copy to read on the elliptical machine (I do this with other mags too) as inspiration to continue with my own fitness program. It's amazing how quickly 30 minutes goes by when you're reading this magazine!

Great Mag

I ordered this for my sister who is a gym rat. She actually called to thank me for the gift (which she never has done before) and said that the magazine is awesome and feels like it was made just for her. She is 22, an amateur runner and spinner.

My wife loves this mag!

I bought this for my wife and she loves it! She reads through it usually more than once and claims that it covers everything she's interested. A great buy if your looking for a great gift!

All around good magazine!

I am a current subscriber of Fitness and I LOVE the variety I get from each issue! As a matter of fact over the last 16 months I have lost 45 lbs by following the workouts, recipes, and helpful tips they give(I was clueless about health and fitness b4 being a subscriber). They also have somepretty cool stuff on their website

Best women's magazine out there

This is a great magazine for women that never gets too shallow, political or ridiculous. Great recipes, good work out suggestions, inspiring stories-- nice advice sections-- all around good magazine.

Chicago Personal Trainer gives review on fitness magazine

Mind, Body & Spirt Fitness Magazine is wonderful. I get a lot of exercise ideas from them and I try to incorparate them into my workouts for my clients in Chicago.
Thanks Fitness

fitness is so inspiring!

After searching through all of the health and fitness titles, I finally found one that actually spoke to me! I subscribed to Fitness a few months ago and absolutely love it! This magazine covers everything from beauty and fitness to health and nutrition - the recipes are awesome and remarkably easy to make! And the features on new gear and products are really cool. I am always "pumped" after each issue - it really is an inspiring read, more so than those other fitness titles where I have to see 98 pound celebrities on the cover. There are great stories about real women who started getting healthy (losing weight, exercising, eating right) that have inspired me to do the same. Lastly, this is a magazine for anyone who wants to live a healthy life - there are articles for everyone (the fitness enthusiast who works out all the time to the beginner who's just getting started). I can't wait for my next issue!

Fitness magazine organized and to the point

I like the way this magazine is laid out-it gets to the content that I want-specific fitness and exercise information and not too much on the other stuff that I don't necessarily care about. I also think they are at least trying to be real, for example with the people on the cover. They look more like real people than the other magazines.


I read lots of fitness magazine but each one has a meaningless part. But Fitness is different, it suggests different exercises each month, and its website is full of very useful information.

Been reading forever!

I have had a subscription to this magazine for about 7 years. Every new issue has something new to learn about fitness and exercise. I love all the healthy eating tips and new and challenging workouts they offer. This magazine will always be a part of my mail order collection!