Reviews For Young Rider Magazine


ok It is great i love it but it only comes once every other month. I read them in like an hour and then i have to wait 2 months 4 another one. There are lots of beautiful pictures and posters (which i love) but it is mostly for little girls (not boys) who own ponys. I own a horse but i still think they should write more things 4 girls who dont have ponys. I also think they should give more contests than they do they arleady give like 10 but what are the odds of u winning one and when a girl wins one they show her off and it makes u jellos .

now y u should buy it:
it has lots of beautiful pictures and posters. It also teaches u a lot about horses and ponys.

Fun for Awhile

This magazine is fun for young girls (7-10) who love horses, but it's not so great after the first year. The posters are great, but what does one do with them all? It's hard to throw away a poster of a horse! The information is good, but there is lots of advertising. Lots of great photos.

Pretty Good, for the price.

This magazine is pretty good for the price. The issues are big, there are lots of breed, show, and tack articles, along with contests and opportunities to donate to equine funds. There aren't many ads and there are a ton of pictures, and a lot of the articles are fun. However, I wish this weren't bi-monthly, and though the articles are fun they can get really simple and dull after a while for older readers. I'm fourteen, but the other form doesn't work. Back to the point, it is also more aimed to the show and horse-owning set, like the one reviewer pointed out. There isn't much on horse care and safe riding, or any assurance that the best horse isn't always that fluffy blue-ribbon pony. That's why it gets three stars.

Wrong shipment

Product is great, would be better if it went to the correct addressed person that i purchased it for as a gift.

Young Rider Magazine

Young Rider magazine is an interesting magazine for equestrian children. It provides information and tips regarding horse and pony care, and fun quizzes, puzzles, and posters. However, it is not a magazine that you can expect will teach you how to ride or care for a horse. It is mainly a supplement to help with the everyday reletionship between a rider and a horse, and is most useful when added to the input of a trainer, or equestrian instructor.

It's Pretty Good..

The magazine is great. It has articles on stuff to improve your riding no matter what discipline you do (english, western, etc.) It has wonderful posters in each issue which I loved. The thing I don't like, however, is that it only comes every other month. I got this magazine for a year, then switched to Horse Illustrated. But, if you're a patient person and can wait a month before you get the next issue, this is a great magazine for you. I also enjoyed the interviews.

Great for the beginner

Young Rider is a great magazine for the beginner- the articles are very simple and easy to understand. They have great posters, but there's usually an article on their backside. There are ads lining almost every page; there isn't nearly as much content as there used to be. The average YR magazine has about 60 pages/9 articles, which usually have half-page pictures. I'd reccomend a magazine such as Practical Horseman or Horse Illustrated for anyone over 13. But, for a young horselover, it's a very helpful resource. There's several pages displaying readers' pictures and stories, along with a few step-by-step articles. Things like coloring and markings are discussed in detail, and many famous events (like the Rolex Kentucky) are reported on. For the completely new English and Western rider, it would make a great gift.

Young Rider Full of Ads

I purchased subscriptions to both "Ask" and "Muse" for my daughter (9 years old) and am thrilled at the lack of advertising in those magazines. I subscribed to "Young Rider," as my daughter is very much a horse lover. I was dismayed to find it full of advertisements. And not only that, but poor quality ads, irresponsible ads perpetuating gender stereotypes (e.g., males do not wear pink) and blatant consumerism ("From hoof to toe, wear the brand.") While I'm using the magazine as a means for teaching media literacy, we certainly will not be resubscribing. As to the content, it does seem informative, especially for a beginning rider, though the writing is not particularly compelling. And the articles are hard to find amidst all the marketing, making it visually confusing. While my daughter picked up her first issue of "Ask," sat down and did not get up until she'd read it cover to cover, she picked up "Young Rider," glanced through it, tossed it back down and has not yet returned to her first issue. And this is a child who is horse crazy -- not much of a testimonial for a horse magazine!

Nice poster

When I was younger I use to go to barnes and noble and flip through young rider. Only reason why I bought it was if there was a nice picture for the huge center poster. Even at a young age the articles seemed ridiculously simple and never actually contained useful information. I ended up subscribing to Horse Illustrated as soon as my parents agreed to pay for it and continued for a few years. If you want nice posters get this. If you want good general magazine you will actually read and learn from that also has nice picture (and its own centerfold, though smaller), get Horse Illustrated.

Mommy and Daddy bought you a pony? This is for you!

I got this magazine a few years ago and flipping through it recently I see not much has changed. Lots of little girls on their pretty ponies in their perfect stables in designer riding gear...Another thing I dislike is, the absence of minorities like myself. Guess what? There ARE such things as Hispanic or African-Amercian riders. This magazine is obviously geared towards all those stuck-up, rich little girls with their own ponies. Why the 2 stars then? Cuz I loved the posters and there was some good information in it and the writers made it easy for younger kids to understand.