Reviews For Young Rider Magazine

excellent magazine for younger teens

This a great magazine for the younger teens, full of pictures and articles about riders they can relate to. The pull out posters are great! I highly recommend this for younger riders.

Great horse magazine for young people

This magazine is full of horse information geared toward young people. It has both English and Western information as well as great articles on horse care.

Perfect for horse crazy kids

I read Young Rider as a tween and love the magazine. It's a definite must have even for kids who don't own a horse.


This magazine is great especially for kids who want to become riders or riders that are already showing. I think it is a great all-around magazine.

YR is awesome

I reccomend Young Rider to any horse-crazy girl! I totally love it! There are great horse care tips, breed profiles, camp listings, pictures, book reviews, stories, interviews...and...enormous posters!! Young Rider is super. GET IT!


I think yong rider rocks!![.] It is my favorite magazine and I get it evry 2 months! I highly reccomend it to any horseaholics that at from 7 to 13.

My Nephew and Niece LOVE this magazine...

They race to see who can get it from the mailbox first and then immediately get busy entering contests and reading articles. Great job, Young Riders!

My daughter reads this cover to cover!

My 8 y.o. daughter loves getting this magazine. When it arrives she reads it cover to cover, and then asks me to re-read it with her. It's an excellent source of information, uncomplicated, not-too-long articles that can be very useful. She's so happy with it, she's going to give a subscription as a gift to one of her friends. It's too bad it's only a bi-monthly!

Wonderful gift

I bought this for my niece for her birthday and she loves it. She rides daily and is active in 4H, and was really excited to have a magazine about young people and horses.


Hi i LOVE this magizine its the best i read it all the time it gives you free posters too! I love horses and i love this magizine so any one whos loves horses should like this magizine too! It includes lots of tips, posters, contests, and facts too. Its kinda educational but its more for horse lovers!!