Reviews For Young Rider Magazine

Horses Rule!

Great Magazine for children. It teaches alot of stuff in it. My brother learned alot of things from these Magazines.

my favorite magazine

I get this magazine and I love it! It deserves 5 stars.

A Magazine for Rich Eight-Year-Old Pony Owners

Young Rider is a very easy-to-read magazine aimed for young girls who own ponies. It is assumed that the reader shows and rides often. The magazine does have valuable information, a quiz (usually including mistakes) and an entertaining short story in each issue, not to mention the big, pretty posters which cover the walls in my room. However, the posters are double-sided, and only one is a lovely Mega Poster (the other is your average magazine-sized pullout that tears out of the staples). The annual camp listing is a very valuable feature for those searching for a horsey sleep-away camp. I particularly like the Help a Horse section which features a different horsey charity in each issue. My biggest problem with this magazine is the happy-go-lucky, overly simple writing style. You know, too much enthusiasm sometimes. I think Young Rider would be much better if it had a little more mature writing. Although much of it is suitable for regular riders, the Horse & Pony Problems section is frustrating for those who only take lessons and don't have the opportunity to select and practice daily excercises; it is definitely assumed you have your own horse. The Me & My Horse photos and some of the articles are made for horse owners as well. Overall, though, Young Rider is a nice magazine which I really do enjoy, and if you're an eight-year-old girl who has a pony, you'll really love Young Rider. ;-)

2 little

This magazine is great, but as we get older and start puberty, we don't want to read a magazine for begginner riders. 13 and older, i'd reccomend Practical Horseman. When i did read YR, i always thought it needed to come every month instead of every other

Young Rider magazine

This is a great magazine for all riders. But, it includes more western riding than english, so I didn't find it extremely helpful. Plus, I've moved onto a higher level, so I know everything it talks about since I've read alot of the articles. I love the posters, though! I think that it's great that the mag includes pro riders, so we can work towards our goals and look up to them as role models every day when we see their pictures hanging on our walls! Thanks Young Rider!

My niece loves this magazine!

We purchased this magazine subscription for our niece as a birthday present. She called to let us know how much she loves the magazine. She said it has a lot of great information, but her favorite part of the magazine was the opportunity to get connected with a pen pal. Our niece is 11, so I think the magazine is pretty age appropriate.

Great 1st equestrian magaine!

I purchased a subscription for my granddaughter last year - and she enjoyed it so much that she requested another year ... says it is very
informative and touches on Western as well as English seat ... She is
eleven years old and does not own her own horse (yet) - rides a couple time a week at a nearby stable and takes a weekly lesson. The posters cover the walls of her bedroom and she is still in the 'dreaming' to own a horse stage.

Great Gift for my Horse-Crazy 8 Year Old

My 8 year old daughter is crazy about horses and loves to get mail -- which makes a subscription to Young Rider a natural! Plus, my stealth reason for the gift subscription is fulfilled as well -- to encourage her to read.

Young Rider is a high quality publication. Articles address English and Western riding, showing, horse care, horse-world celebrities, horse breeds, and more. The many, many high quality color photographs are beautiful. My daughter particularly enjoys the pull-out posters.

Great fo Kids Who Love Horses

My daughter loves horses and to ride and this gives her something to look foward to. She loves the posters.


This is a great magazine!!It is packed with helpful information,like how to avoid horse show hassles, and how to save money.They have great articals , and I don't zip through the magazine like I usually do.It even comes with 2 horse postars!!They have tons of ads though, and they once sent me the magazine 2 months before they should have.Overall it is a great product.