Reviews For Woman's Day Magazine

A quick, easy read

I love this magazine because it's cheap, it has great stories, recipes and tips.

"Woman's Day" has a lot of great stories with inspirational and educational messages including those on spirituality, health, family, parenting and marriage issues...stuff everyone can relate to at one time or another.

The recipes are wonderful, too. Normally, they call for ingredients you probably have in your pantry or are easily found in your neighborhood grocery store. The techniques are simple or are explained step-by-step, often with photos, so that anyone can complete them. Many of the recipes are geared toward families and children, offering wholesome, tasty and, often FUN food ideas!

There are often coupons included in the advertisements, and that's a plus!

"Woman's Day" also includes a lot of tip and how-to's including those for raising families, keeping house, storage problems, dealing with pets, buying new name it, it's been covered or will be!

Pick up an issue at the grocery store next time you're there and keep it in the car to browse through at your next doctor's'll be glad you did.


What women want can be found in Woman's Day

I recently began working two jobs and the second allows a lot of extra time for reading. I decided to purchase a few magazines and see which ones I like best. Out of them all, I enjoyed Woman's Day the best. I went ahead and signed up for a year's subscription. I have not been disappointed.

Woman's Day is a magazine that focuses on issues that concern women. However, it would be helpful for a few men that I know to take the time and read it. It gives great tips on cleaning anything imaginable, saving money, shopping on-line, dressing for less and so much more. There are recipes throughout the entire magazine. You can find that perfect dish for a formal dinner party or that great finger food for that last minute get together. There is a monthly calendar of dinner ideas to help save you time in the kitchen.

The articles in the magazine touch on topics that most women find important. There are articles on how to get in shape and improve your health. You can learn to improve the communication between you and your husband, children, co-workers, friends and family members. There are articles that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you think and make you take notice of things going on around you.

There is something for everyone in Woman's Day.


The Ultimate Magazine for Recipes

I love Woman's Day magazine because it has great recipes. If you want to learn to cook, this magazine is for you. It usually has a good variety recipes from easy to difficult, so even the most cooking dyslexic person will not feel left out.

Woman's Day also has some very good articles on health issues facing women. The best part is that they don't sugar coat the issues and not all articles have a 'happy ending'.

Often, the magazine has nice feature articles on fashion and makeup for the older female. Advice is offered on camouflaging figure flaws, weight loss, or finding the right bathing suit to suit your unique figure.

Whether, you're young or old, Woman's Day is an enjoyable magazine.


Longtime Subscriber

I have been subscribing to Woman's Day for a few years now. I really enjoy this magazine and look forward to finding it in my mailbox and getting to read it. I like that it has a lot of different topics that appeal to me. I also like that I can leave it on my coffee table and not worry that my children will look at it. Some women's magazines have offensive things written on the cover or risque photos, I appreciate that my children can cut out pictures and read the articles in Women's Day when I am done with it. I have found many helpful articles about finances, good recipes and child rearing tips. I would recommend Women's Day to all women, single or married, with or without children. You will be pleased with the articles and the things you learn.


need a few ideas?

I usually buy this magazine for my mom. But, I have to admit that recently I've been reading it befor I give it to her. I like the neat craft ideas. They have all kinds of ideas for the kitchin, holidays, seasons, and special occasions.
My mom especially likes the fitness articles. The one called "walk off the weight" was very helpful for her. I pretty much like all the articles in this mag, some of the family stuff with kids doesn't interest me though.
Other mags I've found enjoyable that are similar to this one is the Red Book and McCalls. However, I think that womens day is probably the best mag of its type.


Article Review

I would like to compliment the April issue of Woman's Day. There was an article written this month on Endometriosis. People do not realize the effect on millions of women with this chronic illness.
I have suffered from endometriosis for 10 years. I was diagnosed with it when I was 14 and I have been married for 4 years, and we have been trying to have a baby. I had my second surgery from the disease in Feb of 1999. Since then, we have been trying, and we have not succeeded yet.
My doctor says everything internally as far as endometriosis goes, looks good. I have been on Clomid for 2 mos and still not pregnant. My point to commend this, is because endometriosis is taken so lightly to people and to doctors, I think, yet so many women are affected by this. It is not an easy illness, and most especially to women who are trying so hard to conceive and have not.
Thank you Woman's Day for this article. It gave very helpful information, and great links to the internet for more information. I hope to see more people talking and helping everyone who is affected by endometriosis. For everyone who has a loved one or friend with this, the main thing I can tell you is to be supportive for them. You have no idea what they are going through. For all of us women who are with endometriosis, and trying to conceive, we all have to be strong for each other. The pain from endometriosis may subside, but the pain of wanting a child will never diminish. Take care.


Great reading material

I have to say that Woman?s Day is in the top 10 of the best women?s magazine. They have so many articles. This magazine covers so many different interests, and opinions. It is a definite source of entertainment.

They give you great fashion ideas and sound advice on dieting and medical tips. There was even a special Keepsake Issue this year.

Also I enjoy Woman?s Day because of their regular articles. I especially like Neighbors. In this section the readers get to write in with different ideas to just help make life go a little smother.

You can find all different kinds of articles that are sure to please. I am sure you will not go wrong by trying this magazine. If you like Ladies? Home Journal it can be a safe bet that you would also enjoy Woman?s Day.


More than just recipes

As an avid reader of Woman's Day for years,I finally started subscribing three years ago when I got married.I have found this magazine very useful-especially in finding new recipes to try for dinner.This magazine is full of useful information including health tips,advice on saving money(whether on groceries or bargains),and saving time doing ordinary things around the house.I especially find the craft section helpful when looking for a project to make for a friend or loved one.They are simple and easy to follow and not especially costly to complete.The sections on personal improvement,( tips)are the perfect pick-me-up busy moms need.If you haven't checked this read out for the recipes alone,I would.Check out the featured recipe pictured on the front cover.You won't be disappointed.


Working & Cooking? It works!

Before I had my daughter, I used to cook up a storm! Any mom knows that changes when a baby comes, especially if you are also working. I want my family to eat healthy, and have variety. My favorite part of Woman's Day are the recipes. They are quick, simple, yet tasty, balanced, and even show the approximate cost of each meal.

I also enjoy the household tips, and featured articles. There is always something new, and tips show products and things "normal" women with a "normal" budget can utilize. There is nothing worse than spending your money on a magazine filled with tips and ideas you can NEVER put into reality because they are shopping at DIOR! I must say that the home design section never interests me, since it gears towards the "Country" look and accessories.

An all-around great magazine for a good price!


A penny for their thoughts

Woman's Day has the stuff woman want to read!There is something in it for every woman. For the price you can't go wrong!

It is packed full of articles and helpful information. In every issue they have a how to section that gives good advice on how to do different things, such as shop smarter.There is also a section in every issue called neighbors. This is my favorite part of the magazine. Its written by the readers for the readers. Every issue offers a variety of recipes.

The magazine covers so many different subjects, from crafts to family issues to cooking and many more. This magazine is a great one for any woman who enjoys reading . If you love this magazine you will probaly enjoy Woman's World too. Its just as good but smaller and it comes out weekly.