Reviews For Vegetarian Times Magazine

Not just for vegetarians

I am not a vegetarian. I get this magazine and love it because it gives me creative ideas on what to do with vegetables. Some recipes use Soyrizo and other junk. I just adapt the recipe back to having meat.

great read

Love this magazine. Has great recipes and interesting articles. This and VegNews are my favorite magazines.

Great info for a new vegetarian

We recently chose to stop eating meat and have been trying to find great tasting, quick and easy recipes. Vegetarian Times has incredible recipes in each issue and also has lots of great advice. It has made our decision to not eat meat so much easier! With all of the great information and wonderful recipes, we don't miss meat one bit. A wonderful resource for anyone that has chosen a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and for those considering doing so.

Innovative and Delicious

This magazine is so innovative and has delicious dishes for people who want to enjoy vegetarian cuisine. Easy recipes, tasty results, and you get additional information on many subjects. Each edition is a keeper for your cookbook collections.

Excellent Magazine

I love this magazine - my husband is vegan and I have found fabulous recipes. I also love to see the wonderful pictures.

How To Eat

Vegetarian Times is a very helpful magazine for anyone who is making a change in their diet. I first subscribed about 7 years ago when I first became a vegetarian, and it helped me convince my parents (and various friends and relatives) that I wasn't going to starve to death any time soon. They provide lots of easy lacto-ovo vegetarian recipes that can be made quickly and with common ingredients. Now that I have made the transition to veganism (I know, some of you, even vegetarians, are rolling your eyes at me now, but it's actually a pretty easy lifestyle to adhere to now), Vegetarian Times has helped me with that switch too. They provide a nice vegan baking option at least every other month (baked goods are the real challenge for me), and they also have lots of vegan entrees in each issue. Sometimes these offerings rely too heavily on soy yogurt, soy cheese, soy every conceivable non-vegan product that could be included in the recipe, but other times the dishes are very nice and don't even mention weird health-food store-ish items like soy parmeasan.
The recipes tend to be fairly good, but watch out with their indian-style dishes as they tend to be under-seasoned.
Vegetarian Times is a great reference for anyone who wants to change their diet for the better, but I would not recommend following their health advice. Sometimes their supplement stories are inaccurate (creatine is recommended?) and sometimes not (yes, green tea is good for you). They also keep their readers up to date on veggie-related news tidbits and offer interesting ethics articles from time to time. There are also culinary horoscopes, a monthly reader recipe contest, and an index sorted by course, degree of vegetarianism, and fat content. The product updates are also good, especially on hard to find items such as stylish non-leather shoes and high quality vegan cosmetics. Some issues do not seem to have enough recipes and cooking articles, and the magazine focuses a little heavily on peri and post menopausal women but other than that, it is a great resource for both vegetarians and vegans!


Recommended For: Anyone

For the correct lifestyle

I like Vegetarian Times, but I have to -- I've never eaten meat, and sometimes it's nice to have somebody else reading the labels on products for me. But I like it because I'm pretty much forced to; anyone looking for a cooking magazine should probably look elsewhere.

It's been...six? years since Vegetarian Times taught me how to cook something. Most of the recipes are either obvious (make standard dish, do not include meat) or trendy: chai tea smoothie with tofu?! The recipes are relentlessly low-fat and healthy; they will never tell you how to better deep-fry a zucchini. The emphasis on health is nice, but a bit trying -- "vegetarian" is not supposed to automatically translate to "healthy, low-fat, and subscribing to whatever the current nutritional fad is," but this is how Vegetarian Times looks at it. Persons on slimming diets would probably appreciate the recipes more than vegetarians, assuming they can stomach every soy product around.

Along with this vegetarianism-as-lifestyle attitude comes a plethora of dubious other au courant advice: Saint John's Wort, hemp products and smoothies are both default objects of affection for the hapless reader. This is all very well if you really are trying to "tread lightly upon the earth" or similar, but most people will be left reeling with confusion at the Nth article on non-leather shoes.

Stretching itself like that makes the magazine suffer, too. Its health-related information frequently relies more on fad than science -- even for 'alternative' remedies, which aren't very often accurately reported on, it's lacking. It does have some advantage over other health or cooking magazines in that it manages to integrate the two reasonably well, though -- any ailment with a purported nutritional cure will be followed up by advice on how to incorporate the food in question into your diet.

The other advantage is that it has fairly solid product advice; it is the closest thing a vegetarian is going to have to a Consumer Reports. While I'm sticking to leather shoes, more 'ethical' vegetarians will appreciate the articles on 'cruelty-free' products, and they do a good job of pointing out mainstream companies that have made an effort to accommodate vegetarians. It's also one of the only magazines that reviews health-food-store-type products; much as I like Allure, they're not likely to tell me about the latest "all-natural" lipstick.

Vegetarian Times gets a four rather than a more deserved three just for being the best in its category: its competition (see Vegetarian Journal) is every objection I've made above and then some.


Recommended For: Hobbyists/Enthusiasts

Good Vegetarian Magazine

Vegetarian Times is a good vegetarian magazine. Sadly, other magazines throw vegetarian meals in as an afterthought. I often find myself sorting through the meat-based recipes and trying to figure out a way to substitute tofu or some form of "vegetarian chicken".

It's refreshing to see a magazine that actually CATERS to vegetarians. I'm still hoping to try to the Barbecued Tofu and Vegetables recipe I read in a recent issue.

In addition to some great-sounding recipes, Vegetarian Times also dabbles in the ethical issues surrounding vegetarianism. A recent issue featured an article called "Beauty With Compassion", a guide to cruelty-free makeup. Sure some vegetarians don't care about that sort of thing, but I sure do.

Unfortunately, most magazines are too heavily laden with advertisements, and this one is no exception. I don't mind the ads for vegetarian food (morningstar farms for example--good stuff!). I have to admit, though, I really couldn't care less about organic malt syrup. Just because I'm a vegetarian doesn't make me a malt syrup freak.

At about four bucks an issue, Vegetarian Times is a bit expensive for my taste (OK, so I'm cheap, but I like to pay two, maybe three bucks for a magazine!)Still, as an occasional buy, it's worth the price. And if you want to save money you can always subscribe.


New recipes for life

I buy Vegetarian Times because I am a vegetarian and I feel that I need to keep up with advances in vegetarianism. What do I mean by this? Well I actually like to read Veg Times for the advertisements. I like to see what new foods are out there that are both healthy and tasty. As most magazines, Veg Times is filled with ads targeted at the magazine buyer ... and for me that means I get bombarded with new veggie foods out there.

Vegetarian Times is also chock full of recipes. They are doing a series currently that gives you a week's menu plus the shopping list. The recipes are interesting and easy and take a short time to prepare.

They also generally have recipes for the current season. During winter they give recipes on warm heavy foods and during the summer they give recipes that are light and just right for a hot afternoon.

About every three issues they have an article on some vegetarian staple like grains, beans, or bread. These articles show you the differences between the different types, how to buy them and how to make them properly. I find these articles to be invaluable (mostly because I don't cook enough to know this stuff by heart yet).

They also have articles on health, on nutrition news, on animal rights news, and other things that in general concern vegetarians.

The one thing I do not like is the horoscope section. They just added that recently and from the letters I see in the Editor's section, many folks do not like it. I just find a horoscope to be an odd thing in a food magazine.

I recommend this magazine to anyone, even meat eaters. The recipes are good and good for you. The recipes alone are worth the cost of the magazine.

Good eating.


Recommended For: Anyone

A pretty decent read.

My girlfriend was given a subscription to Vegetarian Times as a Christmas gift and I as a meat eater enjoy reading through it as well. If you are a vegetarian, vegan, interested in the veggie lifestyle or just looking for some healthy recipes then check out the latest copy of this magazine.

The best part of the magazine is the fact that it's not preachy. Sometimes publications can go to far in promoting their lifestyle and actually go on the attack against meat eating more than promoting vegetariansim. That doesn't happen with the Veg. Times. They have more of a "This is our lifestyle, take a look." attitute which really makes it accessable for everyone.

If you are curious, I suggest you give the magazine a look.


Recommended For: Anyone