Reviews For Vegetarian Times Magazine

Good for Avid Vegetarians

I am always searching for new reading material on topics that I enjoy. I thought that a subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine would be perfect to me. After recieving a few editions, however, I found that I was a little disappointed. There was plenty of useful information in the articles, including nutritional information and tips that make living as a vegetarian easier. Each issue also includes a few different recipes. I have found that many of them just don't appeal to me, however there are always a couple that are simple enough that I could probably modify them for my tastes. If nothing else, there are always advertisements for vegetarian products that can really help new veggies get an idea of products to look for.

Over all, I must say that this magazine is pretty good. You can almost always find something useful in it. The only downfall is that sometimes it can see a little too concited or snobby for some readers.


Recommended For: Hobbyists/Enthusiasts

Okay, not great.

I've read and have been a subscriber for years. Vegetarian for most of my life.
The magazine goes through editors like we go through soy milk. They just can't find their way it seems.
These days, most recipes call for expensive and / or hard to find ingredients. Worse, some call for pre-made items that just can't be found. Case in point, the latest issue with the very yummy looking pizza on the cover? You will not find the recipe for the crust in the magazine. Funny, eh? Also, the magazine, for the most part, ignores the male reader.

After all this time, I'm saying farewell to VT. With a host of wonderful blogs on the net, and amazing cooks who generously share there "secrets", I'll save the trees it takes to produce this advertising biased magazine.

Not for the busy vegetarian!

I'm a vegetarian and I LOVE to cook meals at home. But I do not have the time or patience to spend lots of time, or the budget to spend lots of money.

The recipes in vegetarian times are not only time consuming, but require SO MANY (sometimes unique) ingredients, that by the time you've paid your grocery bill, you might as well have gone out to eat! In the latest issue, there were only 3 recipes that took "30 mins" or less, but upon review, they probably took a little longer, and they were all side dishes. A full meal would take you all day using this magazine!

The pictures are great, and everything looks very pretty, but the articles are lacking... they're usually not very interesting or substantial.

Lastly, there are about a million ads... in fact, it seemed like the whole second half of the magazine was ads, in addition to the ones smattered about among the recipes!

I'll give them props for a good idea, and some tasty recipes, but it's just not worth the time and money they take to prepare.

Temperamental and Unpredictable

Before ordering a subscription to "Vegetarian Times," it is important that you understand the publisher's definition of vegetarian. At least every couple months, there is an outcry in the editorial section that they "Don't have enough vegan recipes!" and that they should be more inclusive to all forms of vegetarians. There was even a time I recall reading an editorial along the lines of not providing enough raw food recipes! Before ordering the magazine, make sure you understand that this is a magazine that caters mainly to lacto-ovo vegetarians. I don't feel like the magazine does a well enough job addressing this when marketing the magazine.

Each month, the magazine is expected to contain a cosmetic section, a recipe section and some sort of Question/Answer section with an expert. This aside, some issues of vegetarian times are considerably more disappointing than others. For example, some issues have a well-constructed activism section called "Carrot and Stick," while other issues have articles completely unrelated to the realm of vegetarianism. Take a 3-4 page article that addressed the possible dangers of artificial sweeteners as one example. As pressing as the issue may be, I really don't have any desire to read about it in "Vegetarian Times."

In conclusion, when you remove all of the fluff and unnecessary articles that one generally wouldn't expect to read in a vegetarian-orientated magazine, you are left with less than half of the magazine you started with that you can actually utilize. You are just as well off, if not better, surfing the web and downloading classy vegetarian articles off the internet.

Informative Magazine

I've been a subscriber of this magazine for many years. It's an important tool for vegetarian cooking, but a good resource for non-vegetarians as well. It has limited recipes for vegans, but most non-vegan recipes can be altered. The price was right for this magazine, at full price I would not have ordered a subscription.

Way over the Top

I ordered this magazine because I wanted good vegitarian recipes to try out. I was not prepared for all the anti-meat, anti-killing animals, and anti-anything except for vegitarianism. The recipes are great, the content and editorial junk is not.

Maybe useful if you're brand new to vegetarianism and already have some cookbooks

I've been a vegetarian for over a third of my life at this point, and VT doesn't offer any info i didn't know when i was just starting to toy with the idea in my teen years. Now, i admit, i grew up in California, where vegetarianism is pretty commonplace, so maybe there's lots of interesting stuff in these magazines if you're from a less veggie-friendly region.

Worse yet, the recipes are awful. I tried a couple and they came out totally bland. Then i realized the recipes almost never call for salt. This is one of those 'if you're a vegetarian, you must be health-obsessed' oversights, maybe, so i started adding salt when it seemed appropriate. Turns out, all the recipes i tried are bland and boring, even with salt. Some other reviews suggest that the recipes are merely inconsistent, in that some are great and some are awful, but so far i've only tried the awful ones.

The only thing i've actually gleaned from this magazine in the past year is how to freeze a few veggies, but i'm sure i could have found that same information online when i needed it.

We won't be renewing this subscription.

Somewhat of a rip-off.

I've been a vegetarian for 14 years, and always saw this magazine in my local Whole Foods so I decided to give it a try, as I'm always looking for new recipes. I so very disappointed. The recipes are so-so, and the already thin magazine is LITERALLY half ads. I actually counted. Page of recipe/article, full page of ads....with the exception of a page or two, it was literally 50/50.

I'll stick to looking online for new recipes.

eating is not a religion

Vegetarian Times is an OK magazine. The recipes are expensive and time consuming. If your obsessed with your diet and being a vegetarian with a preachy, in your face, pin a medal on my chest attitude you will love the magazine. I simply don't eat meat, not practice an extreme religion.

Has gone downhill fast...

Vegetarian Times used to be a great magazine with lots of content and awesome recipes. Now it seems mainly a vehicle for ads, and each issue keeps getting shorter and shorter in terms of content. The first part of the magazine also reads like someone just copied and pasted press releases. I used to be able to pull tons of recipes from each issue and now I'm lucky if I just get one or two. When my subscription runs out, I don't plan to renew. There's really not much useful here...