Reviews For Vegetarian Times Magazine

I want to like this magazine...

I really do want to like this magazine. For one, the cover is almost so pretty and comforting, plus they cover many aspects that may be of concern to vegetarian lifestyle, such as environment, health, politics, etc.
However, the recipes are inconsistent. Some, like the readers' best, can be excellent. Many of their other recipes fall short though, some by glaring oversight (for example, forgetting salt). Also, their 'ethnic' recipes usually aren't that great. Their preoccupation with lowfat recipe also unfortunately lead to sacrific of taste. And seriously does anyone think PAM is healthier than olive oil??
VT is really best when it focuses on American classics done vegetarian. Things like chilis, pot pies, and casseroles.
I still give this 4 stars because I think except for the recipes, the magazine isn't all that bad, plus there aren't many other competitors for this market. Their CS has been very friendly when I called. If you aren't as picky as I am about getting the exact recipes right, then this is a nice magazine. As for me, once my subscription stops, I'm switching to buying time-tested recipes books instead.

Inspiration for a healthier lifestyle

The October issue of Vegetarian Times arrived yesterday and its already in use in the kitchen! Were they reading my mind? Opening the magazine and instantly inspired I quickly regretted not putting beans out to soak the night before. No problem! A handy little article by Mary Margaret Chappell - "Bean Basics" with four nicely illustrated simple recipes with shorter soaking times took me immediately to the kitchen. There were so many useful articles I can't wait to prepare and share: bistro-saavy gluten-free recipes to delight my friend with Celiac Disease who always has to drag baggies of alternative foods to dinner parties and Morrocan vegetarian recipes to surprise my friend traveling there next month. I carefully studied an insightful piece on headaches including foods that may trigger migraines along with a plan to test reactions. I was dazzled by the menu creativity in a piece about a vegetarian cruise. Wow! This is just what I was hoping for. I'm an accomplished cook and know the health food territory - but I like gorgeous and tasty food. I'm not a vegetarian now, but evolving naturally more and more in that direction. The food styling and photography is first rate - and yes, sexy! You would have to stretch your mind to notice the meat wasn't there. The text is meaningful and supplies just exactly what I want to know. The recipes are very accessible and perfectly express my wish for healthy art from my kitchen.

Good stuff, lots of ads

We look forward to every issue. As some of the other reviewers have stated, the recipes are not always perfect. However, we find enough good recipes and ideas in every issue to make it worthwhile. Also, I tend to modify the recipes to suit my own preferences and fit with the ingredients I have on hand. So, if they "forget" to add salt or seasoning I like, I just put it in. That's the great thing about making your own food, you can make it how you like it.

Some of the recipes are quick and easy to prepare and turn out very tasty. Others take longer and have too many ingredients. After you've been cooking awhile, you can usually look at a recipe and get a good idea whether or not you'll like it. We treat this magazine like a buffet, we use what we want to and leave the rest.

We also have gotten a lot of good ideas on how to prepare food over the years. My mom, who is not a vegetarian loves using the recipes as side dishes.

It does have a lot of ads. That I really don't mind, it keeps the cost of publication down and many of them are either informative or amusing.

If you are really hardcore vegan, you'll probably enjoy publications such as VegNews a little more. If you are a vegatarian or like to eat like one sometimes, this magazine has many good recipes and articles.

Great resource

I'm newly vegan (one year) and in looking for things I could cook, I found this magazine to have some winner recipes in every issue. Those that are not completely vegan are easily adapted. I look forward to it seeing it in my mailbox.

I enjoy this magazine

As a vegetarian, I appreciate a magazine devoted to the lifestyle. I sometimes find some good recipes. I wish more of the recipes used more common ingredients, and fewer of them. Many recipes want unusual (and often expensive) ingredients that I'd have to buy specifically for the recipe. More often than not, the recipes are good or at least decent. A couple of times they've been inedible. Still, I like the content of the mag and would recommend it.

Good Vegetarian Magazine If You Want Recipes

If vegetarian recipes are what you seek, look no further, this is the magazine to get.

Regards, Howard

Helpful Ideas

Okay, there are a lot of ads, but the pictures and recipes give me ideas every month. I appreciate VT's efforts to provide so many vegan recipes and alternatives, too. Of course, I'm not interested in every article, but I often find them interesting and helpful. All things considered, I think it's totally worth what I paid.

Great recipes!

First I will tell you I'm not a vegetarian/vegan. I really love the simplcity of the recipes in the magazine and the ideas it gives me of things I can also modify into non-veggie dishes. If you are looking for a food magazine that gives you a flare for something different I totally recommend this.

Really enjoyed this mag.

I haven't subscribed to a magazine of any kind in a long time but was very pleased to have done so with Vegetarian Times. I looked forward to getting it in the mail. There were a lot of recipes to try which was fun for me and I could see they are trying to reach a pretty broad group with vegan, raw, and conventional vegetarian recipes. I had trouble finding some of the products featured but that 's about the only complaint. I like the way they have an index at the back to easily find the recipes and I like having the nutritional information available. Good job!

Excellent Magazine

This magazine is a much read for vegetarians who are interested in new and interesting recipes and articles!