Reviews For Vegetarian Times Magazine

Vegetarian Times

I have subscribed to this magazine for years and I really enjoy it. With all the new products always showing up on the market this magazine really keeps you up to date on what's new. It has great recipes, and it's fun to read and look at.

My forever magazine

I have been getting Vegetarian times since I became vegetarian in 1981. There have been a lot of changes since then. I always like the articles and LOVE the recipes. I do wish there were still 12 a year instead of 9. I guess this is a subscription I will continue getting for many years.

Awesome magazine

This is an incredible magazine for recipes even if you are not vegetarian oe vegan. My family can hardly wait till it's arrival every month.

Love this magazine!

I am a vegetarian, and this is my favorite magazine. The only bummer for me is that there are only 9 issues a year. But the recipes are great and the articles are fun. Love it!

Among the best

I've been subscribing to this magazine for several years now, although I'm not vegetarian. The reason is not just because of the beautiful photography and creative recipes, which I would put among the best of the food magazines, but also because it's interesting to see the point of view. Some recipes are for vegetarians, others for vegans and lately there are some gluten-free suggestions to match the current trend. The magazine itself seems very open-minded, but some of the letters come from food police types who want everything in the magazine to meet their particular food rules. My only objection is to some of the questionable advice about health benefits of particular foods, and lately I find this in most magazines.

I can eat it all!

I love that I can open a magazine and EAT everything inside it. It's ALL vegetarian!! The recipes are clearly written out and the photos are incredible!

Great way to add vegetables to your plate.

I like vegetables, but for me they are the sides of a meal not the main dish. Vegetarian magazine has now moved vegetables to the level of being considered first before the meat dish. In addition my selection of vegetables has moved from frozen bags of precut mixed veggies to an actual dish that if meat was not present it could be eaten on its own. As far as the recipes go I have not encounter anything that is very difficult, for the most part they are pretty easy to understand and follow. A few reviewers mention that a few of the dish found in the magazine needed a little flavor and I did find this out on a couple of the more healthy dishes I made, but that is when you let your inner cook add a little more spice or a dash extra of salt. One should always sample as he cooks to create a meal that will be enjoyed when the cooking is done. I like the magazine and give it five stars.


I think the contents of this magazine continue to improve - look forward to each issue and share recipes with others.

Veggie Times

Gave this to both of my daughter in laws for Christmas. They love it!

There's a lot here for anyone who cooks!

If you love to cook (and eat!) and would like to add more healthy veggies and fruit to your diet, this is the magazine for you. There is no preachy-meat-is-evil stuff here -- just lots of healthy recipes and ideas that you can use to improve your diet.

This is a really good magazine. I'm sure you'll find yourself saving every issue!

Good stuff!