Reviews For Vegetarian Times Magazine

When Being Vegetarian Wasn't Cool I had Vegetarian Times

Vegetarian Times and I go way back to my college days. I was the only vegetarian in my dorm. At first people thought I was an oddball, then they were transformed by the sweet smell of sweet potato casserole! They began to love my cooking-may I saw Vegetarian Times' cooking! I always told them where I got the recipes so they could try them. Back in those days, there weren't as many vegetarian recipes in other magazines. With Vegetarian Times, I was able to get a good variety of foods with good protein combinations.
Now, I am no longer a vegetarian; however, I still buy Vegetarian Times and cook recipes every month. My father and mother are heart patients, so this healthy eating has transformed their life. I would greatly recommend it for both Vegetarians and meat eaters!


Recommended For: Anyone

Great Magazine

I love this magazine. Even though I am not a vegetarian I get great information from the magazine that greatly expand my cooking choices. I like the health tips. There are articles on many subjects. For beginner vegetarians each month there is an article which helps explain elements of vegetarianism that beginners might not know, like how to bake bread, what types of grains there are, what spices are essential to spice up vegetarian dishes, etc. There are many recipes in each issue which helps for the selection of new and interesting meals. I like the product reviews and the fact that the magazine is not filled with advertisements. I recommend it to everyone even if you have no wishes to become a vegetarian. The information provided in the articles is useful. The recipes can broaden meal planning with new side dishes if meat is the center of the meal. This is my favorite magazine.


Great for Non Vegetarians too

I got this magazine to help give me more ideas on how to cook more veggies. I absolutely LOVE it. They have such great recipes in every issue. I am never disappointed. And its not chocked full of ad's, as some of those other more well known magazines are. If you're tired of eating the same veggies, cooked the same way, then you should give this magazine a try.

mag review

My husband and I have been vegetarians for a year now and have loved every minute of it. We both feel healthier. With the recent meat recalls we are so glad we went "veggie". This process has been made easier with this magazine. Great receipes, easy to follow and taste good. Some you would not know you weren't eating meat, all you do not miss it. It would have been a lot harder going "veggie" without this mag. Lots of other info too, not just food.

Good magazine for a beginner

If you are a beginner vegetarian, or just want to reduce your meat consumption, this is a great magazine. Friends who are vegan weren't as crazy about this because a lot (though not ALL) recipes are ovo-lacto. Good lifestyle information and recipe re-dux.

Awesome, awesome, awesome...

This magazine offers great vegetarian options for people. The pictures of food are wonderful, but my favorite part of the magazine is that it gives informative articles on health and wellness. I really like to hear which companies are doing the right thing. I like all the articles on organic produce, bottled water, and other hot topics. A definite must read.

Anxiously awaiting each new issue

It's a good day when this magazine arrives in the mail. My daughter is a vegetarian and I am a vegan and the recipes in this magazine are just right for us and so delicious. We haven't had a bad experience yet with any of the recipes.

wonderful resource

I have subscribed to Veg Times for several years now. It is a great magazine if you are a vegetarian, considering going veg, or if you just want to expand your culinary horizons. Every recipie I have made has turned out well. Aside from just recipies, there are also articles about certain foods, dietary concerns, the environment, and animal welfare. I always learn a lot from each issue, but I have never found it to be "preachy" in regards to vegetarianism. In fact, my non-vegetarian mom gets the magazine too and she really enjoys it.

For Vegetarian Wanna-be's

I am 'practicing' to be a vegetarian. This is all new to me. I love reading through the recipes each month. I tear out pages with recipes that I want to try. I keep the winners. I think there is enough variety to satisfy many tastes. I look forward to each issue and have read it cover to cover before the next issue arrives. I bought a subscription for my daughter also. I highly recommend it.

Tasty recipes/beautifully presented

I can't wait for each issue to arrive. The recipe ideas are creative and I have never prepared one of their dishes that was not a success. I especially enjoy the somewhat more challenging recipes as the results are always worth the effort. This is a great source for my dinner parties for non-vegetarian friends. As a vegan, I am grateful for the abundance of recipes that will suit my diet (or others that are easily converted). I am only sorry that I waited so long to be a suscriber.