Reviews For Vegetarian Times Magazine

Must have...

This is a great addition to new vegetarians! My family loves to read this magazine and the recipes in it!

Veggie Yummy

I am becoming vegetarian. I needed some kind of resource of recipes. Vegetarian Times has that and more. It has vegetarian as well as vegan recipes. Happenings in the veggie world too. I like how most of the recipes in each issue tend to be seasonal. That way we don't use as many resources if we use seasonal and hopefully, local produce.

Great introduction

My husband and I are rather new to vegetarian and vegan cooking. This publication has made learning the tricks to make cooking easy, not to mention, enjoyable. Ninety nine point nine percent of the dishes I have cooked have been delicious. I always look forward to the next issue. Good work!

GREAT price on subscription to Vegetarian Times.

Great price on subscription to Vegetarian Times. Bought another
as a gift...It's a wonderful it

Veggie Times

This is just a great food magazine. ANyone with an inclination to healthy eating should subscribe!!!

Vegitrarian Times is Fantastic

I Love this magazine! I started subscribing about a year ago, and I have found every issue to be excellent. I am not a vegetarian, but I lean in that direction, and this magazines helps me find wonderful (and fast) vegetarian recipes to make for lunch and dinner. They label every recipe with nutritional information and include many 30 minutes or less recipes in every issue. I love both of those features. I also like their articles, they generally focus on one ingredient a month and do a feature on it, I look forward to reading it and learning more things I didn't know before. Overall, I think this is a great magazine for everyone. They include tons of healthy and tasty recipes and interesting food facts, what's not to like?

Vegetarian Times reviewed by a non-vegetarian

Vegetarian Times is a wonderful resource for finding fresh ideas for cooking vegetables. The recipes are healthy; most use fresh ingredients you can easily find at your grocers; the selections frequently combine vegetables I would not choose together to put together; the presentation of the vegetables delights your eyes before you even taste how good it is. I am not a vegetarian, but I can get such wonderful ideas for putting together a nice food presentation when I feed my family or friends.

Vegetarian Times

I love this magazine. I became a vegetarian less than a year ago and this magazine has really helped. The recipes are easy to follow, taste good, and are healthy. Even my husband (a part-time vegetarian) uses it.

Veggie Times

This is the best food magazine around, even for dedicated meat eaters. Y'all eat vegetables too! Good, healthy, easy, interesting. Great food and some interesting articles too. But it's mostly about the food.

Vegging Around

Vegetarian Times is a fun, user-friendly publication for those who'd like to eat healthier. The recipes are easy and budget-friendly. As the "green" frosting on the cake, there are environmental and eco-friendly tips for the everyday. Vegetarian Times succeeds because it's primarily focused on recipes rather than polemics. It also takes into account that there are more vegetarians (or occasional vegetarians) than vegans. MOST people don't completely eschew dairy and eggs. Vegetarian Times is realistic. It isn't preachy, nor does it bash those who like cheeseburgers and milkshakes. It simply offers a healthy alternative.

Vegetarian Times is good enough to eat!