Reviews For Sunset Magazine

A must if you live in the western states

Sunset is like a western states version of Saveur. Travel, recipes, interesting events... Plus some really good gardening and decorating articles. Its not preachy or pretentious, always informative and a joy to find in the mailbox.

Its also printed on paper that is easy to turn pages and read along as opposed to other magazines with a huge number of cardboard and foldout ads and static-y paper. It jumps around a lot less than some magazines too.

I read somewhere that they just had a big layoff and reorg, but the magazine is still as good as ever as far as I can tell.

If Noboby

The book itself is a great (and very different) story. The book was in very good condition and came on time.

Dreaming of the west coast!

Sunset magazine allows me to dream of the west coast while living on the east coast!There is always something of interest, great recipes and more! I look forward to getting my magazine, each month, and then pass it along to the local nursing home.

must-have mag

This magazine has been consistently good for many many years. Can't live without it

Bring back the good memories of living in Northen California

I moved to midwest a couple of years ago due to a job change. I am bored by the midwest life style. I dreamed of flying back to California all the time and every time I see California on TV, my eyes get wet in a second. Sunset brings the sunshine, color, food, garden and fragrance of California to my life. Everything in the magazine just looks so familiar.
I do hope the magazine report more exciting things I like about San Francisco and Napa Valley, like the county fair, small town July 4th celebration and fireworks, good Chinese restaurants, and organic farms. Oh, the peach at San Rafael's farmer's market is just wonderful. I fly there every year in September to catch the flavor king and flavor queen peaches, the sweet and fragrant grapes, the tender and crunchy cucumber, the lovely peapod, the new crop cashew nuts, and handsome harp player and the nice farmers.....I would call that a good life.

good mix of house and food and travel

like this magazine alot. my only request would be more architecture in it. maybe a bit less flowers. keep it up.

Perfect for the Northwest Gardner.

The best part of Sunset Magazine is opening it up to see if one of your neighbors are in it. A well done magazine that focuses equally on design, gardening and cooking, there are nuggets of advice to save for when you have the time/money to give it a shot. One downside is the advertising section of camps and spas that take up a middle chunk of the magazine, but overall a good NW resource and a nice way to daydream a wet Seattle afternoon away.

Don't let the Sun Set without reading this magazine!

I'm a California author and culinary historian of "CALIFORNIA PIONEERS", their stories, culutre and cuisine. Naturally, with a credit like that, I read the California/West Coast edition of SUNSET magazine. Here's what I like about it:

1. Articles about California history and culture are always well a California historian, I am very particular about this aspect.

2. The travel stories and section are the best: they offer the touristy side aa well as the lesser-known aspects.

3. Excellent advice on gardening (flowers, fruit and vegetables) relative to the actual climate where people live.

4. Food/Recipes section often offers ideas and recipes for doing something new with common ingredients, especially seasonal ingredients.

There are other features that represent a variety of interests: Entertainment outings, conservation issues and just about any thing else making the news on the West Coast. It is a good all around lifestyle magazine.

excellent magazine

I haven't got my first issue yet. I love this magazine and can't wait for it to arrive.

Great Resource

Since I always browse through it in the checkout aisle, I thought I'd commit for a year and subscribe. The first two issues haven't disappointed, with hidden gems in western towns and great backyard ideas.