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SUNST Magazine

I amnot sure if the SUNST Magazine has been delivered yet, it is a gift (address in CARLSBAD is different than mine in Redondo Beach)

Please let me know..thanks!
Jutta Manzo

Sometimes Great - Sometimes Boring

I like this magazine OK, but I wont renew. It will have some good travel spots in one issue and then be boring the next. Some recipes are ok - some home/outdoor ideas - but nothing has kept my attention for a re-order.

Great Magazine

This is a wonderful magazine for those who live out west or in the mountains. Good articles and columns on travel, gardening and decorating. Similar to Midwest Living and Southern Living. Makes a good gift for friends and family who live in the west.

Sunset is not what it used to be........

My Mom started her subscription to Sunset Magazine in 1950. I grew up with Sunset Magazine always being present. Then, in about 1995, she found that Sunset was not something she wanted to subscribe to any more. I did get my own subscription, but have let it lapse since about 2002, because I do not feel the recipes are what they used to be, and I use Sunset mostly for recipes.

I am aware that one can find anything (or just about) on the Internet, and it's usually faster than going through my Sunset Yearbook Annuals - I have them from 1987 until they stopped publishing them in 2004 (with the recipes for 2003). I really miss having this resource.

I also really, really miss Jerry Anne DeVecchio's columns. They were always so informative. I think that when she retired is when I started getting less enamored with the recipes.

Also, I think that many of the recipes are posted on the internet rather than being published in the magazine. That's okay I guess, but I would rather have the hard copy in the magazine. I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day doing my work as a medical transcriptionist, and frankly I don't enjoy having to look up things on the internet. It's handy when looking for a certain recipe, but I really do like to have the cookbooks to browse through, and I cherish my collection of Sunset Recipe Annuals. It's really interesting to note the way the recipes have changed and the way we eat has changed over the years since 1987.
(High protein, high carb, etc., etc., to now, where it seems to be more balanced over all).

Just Okay

This is just an okay magazine. Not REALLY entertaining and not really boring. All in all not really worth it.

Perfectly Controlled Western Dreamscape

California- it's got the largest population for a state in the U.S. Having lived elsewhere and now call this state home, Sunset magazine has quite a lot to work with, but they are content churning out boring, formulaic drivel. The whole magazine feels about as un-organic as something could be and seems to read and look like something from a focus group meeting. Let's see- an article about green living, a focus on a cute taqueria close to but not in the 'hood, the best small towns in the west (Just add Bozeman, MT, Jackson Hole, WY, Bend, OR, and a town by the redwoods and one in the desert 200 miles from Phoenix and blend well, stir, shake, re-use concept for 10 years). Then a few quick reader recipes for sushi breakfast bars. Don't forget an architectural piece on a five trillion dollar home in the East Bay with eco-friendly bamboo flooring, purposeful spaces, and mindful use of recycled materials. There is your year's subscription in a nutshell. Other magazines do the clutter-free life, contemporary fusion cuisine, and architecture and design better than "Sunset". It's like a hopelessly out-of-touch junior high school kid trying on every trend and fad with hopes of fitting in and being accepted. It doesn't work. Be original. It never fails.

Have not recieved it

I wish I could give you a review I ordered the magazine 11-08-09 and still have not gotten it.

No magazine yet

I ordered the magazine and was charged over a month ago. So far no first issue has been reviewed so I can't really review.

delivery takes way too long!

had i known before i ordered how long it takes to start getting the subscription, i may not have purchased...2-3 months! come on! automation should allow the most recent issue to go out within 3 wks and then the rest of the subscription should follow


I live in NYC and recognize the difference between East and West Coast cooking. I find that this magazine is more practical for West Coast cooks. Though different, both coasts can rest on their own merits.