Reviews For Sunset Magazine

Sunset: A Well Rounded Magazine

I've been a Sunset subscriber off and on for years. They are the most well-regarded magazine out here in California, for gardeners, cooks and do it your-selfers.

Each issue offers a regional spotlight, offering travel, lodging and special interest activities. It's a great resource for anyone looking for perhaps a different area to visit.

The cooks section is always great and usually I can find at least 4 recipes to use in my kitchen each issue. Sunset also offers their recipe annuals, which have become treasured favorites in my kitchen. These hardbound books are a compilation of all Sunsets recipes. For those that love bread baking, Sunset offers some simply awesome bread recipes. All recipes are tested first in Sunsets' kitchens, before publication.

Sunsets garden section contains monthly tips and reminders for doing seasonal chores. The planting guides are a novice gardeners best friend. Every issue devotes itself to between two and three garden projects-offered step by step, and again-only after being tested in Sunsets own gardens.

Add to that the many great home design feature and projects, you get a magazine worth 3 times the amount they charge. If you've never tried Sunset magazine, I can honestly say you're in for a treat.

Your Guide to West Coast Living

This magazine is an excellent reference. My wife and I frequently turn to the current and past issues looking for reciepes, weekend getaways, gardening, and ideas for design and decorating. The magazine's focus is on the west, so most articles relate to activities and places in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Western Montana. Sunset has great ideas for your life on the West Coast.

Great recipes

I finally subscribed when I realized that I was buying every issue! The recipes are great-- simple ingredients, quick prep, healthy. The featured gardens are an inspiration. The travel ideas are good too-- practical, and always with a range of costs for accommodations at each location featured. This would be great for someone new to the west who needs ideas about where to go and what will grow in their garden. For native westerners, it always offers fresh ideas.

Fantastic Travel and Gardening Information

Sunset really is a great source of information for Travel and Gardening. I have taken dozens of their recommendations on destinations in the West and have never been steered in the wrong direction. Sunset offers insight into not only where to stay and eat, but great hikes and off-the-beaten-track shops and cafes. Well-researched for sure. The gardening information is so thorough and right on that I adhere to it like gospel truth. It will tell you exactly what you need to do each month to keep your garden going, whether you live in southern California or Northern Washington. I wouldn't subscribe to Sunset for the recipes -- they are not that inventive nor are they very inspired. But, Sunset is second to none on travel and gardening topics.

Wish i still subscribed!

I have many years' worth of bound copies of this treasure of a magazine. I lived in Southern California for 3 years in the early 80s and it was a magazine I really became addicted to, even after moving back to the East Coast. I subscribed for years after. When I was married, this helped me so much with home ideas, not to mention fabulous recipes that really, for the most part, never seem dated. The ideas I got from this magazine! It really helped me grow and see things differently. I can't bring myself to get rid of the many years of bound copies that I have. Such a classy publication!

A must for any "home and garden" lovers in the Pacific NW

I like this magazine for it's features on everything Northwest. Since I live in the NW, I like that it has good ideas for vacations places that are nearby. I also love the photos of the homes and gardens they showcase. The magazine has great recipes as well. I have bought this magazine as a gift for friends who move to the Pacific Northwest and it is much appreciated.

Love it!

I enjoy everything about this magazine. Living in Northern California (about 25 minutes away from the Sunset gardens), I find all the tips and articles useful, relevant and long-lasting! That said, this is definitely a west coast living magazine. There are also special interest publications that come out 2-3 times a year and those offer great advice as well!

Dream Ideas

I enjoy looking at and reading the articles in "Sunset". We plan to retire in Montana and I save articles that have information on houses, yards, etc. Someday, we hope to use some of this information. Great, healthy recipes also included in the magazine.

Great source for food, travel and home ideas

Sunset magazine has great articles on topics ranging from travel in the West, to home improvement, gardening, food and more. The articles are well-written and have photos that convey the main points of the story. Highly recommend Sunset, especially if you live in a Western state or are interested in visiting this area of the US.

Sunset Has Held Up Well For Years

Sunset magazine does an excellent job of doing exactly what it claims to do. It epitomizes "The Western Lifestyle". It May Be a little square, but when you are looking for places Western to travel to or have to do something around your home Sunset has got you covered.